Notice of Public Hearing-2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program

Notice of Public Hearing-2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program

City of Tacoma

Notice of Public Hearing


October 14, 2020

On Tuesday, October 27, 2020, and Tuesday, November 10, 2020, the City Council will conduct the first and second public hearings on the proposed 2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program and 2021-2022 Capital Budget. The hearings will be held during the City Council meeting and will begin upon completion of the regular agenda items, no earlier than 5:15 p.m. For additional details, please see the attached information.

The City Council meeting will not be conducted in-person and will have telephonic and virtual access for the public to attend. The meeting and public hearing can be heard by dialing 253-215-8782 or through Zoom at, and entering the meeting ID 848 3423 3126 and passcode 349099, when prompted. Oral comments will be taken at the City Council meeting. Sign up to speak by clicking the ‘Raise Hand’ button at the bottom of the Zoom window or press *9 on your phone. Those wishing to submit written comments may do so by email to the City Clerk’s Office at or by mail at 733 Market Street, Room 11, Tacoma, WA 98402, by 4:00 p.m., on Tuesday, November 10, 2020. Written comments will be compiled and forwarded to the City Council.

Resolution No. 40662, which set the public hearing date, can be viewed in its entirety on the City’s website at by clicking on the link for October 6, 2020, or by requesting a copy from the City Clerk’s Office at 253-591-5505. For more information, please contact Katie Johnston, Budget Officer, at or 253-591-5063.

Doris Sorum

City Clerk


City Council Public Hearing

2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program and 2021-2022 Capital Budget

October 27 and November 10, 2020

A. SUBJECT OF HEARING – Adoption of the 2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program and 2021-2026 Capital Budget


The 2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program (CFP) is an implementing strategy of the Capital Facilities Element of the Comprehensive Plan and provides information on capital facilities in the City of Tacoma. It is both a planning and financial document as it prioritizes the capital improvements the City intends to build in the next six years and provides a plan for paying for these improvements. The Program does not appropriate funds, but rather functions as a budgeting tool, supporting the actual appropriations that are made through adoption of the Capital Budget. Each year providers of publicly supported capital facilities submit information about projects relative to type, size, location, financing (including anticipated cost and funding sources), and impact on existing levels of service. Consistent with requirements of the Growth Management Act, the Comprehensive Plan, and the Municipal Code, this information is compiled into a draft document and presented for public review and comment through the public hearing process prior to consideration by the City Council for adoption or amendment concurrently with the City’s operating and capital budget. [RCW 36.70A.130 (2) (a) (iv)].

Resolution No. 36914, adopted on July 11, 2006, reinforces the City’s commitment to public involvement and ensures consistency throughout the public review process by prioritizing the projects to be included in the 2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program and requiring public hearings by both the Planning Commission and City Council. The draft 2021-2026 Capital Facilities Program was presented to the Planning Commission on June 3, 202,0 and the public hearing was held on July 1, 2020. The public hearing notice was distributed to individuals and entities on the Planning Commission’s mailing list that included the City Council, Neighborhood Councils, business district associations, civic organizations, environmental groups, the development community, the Puyallup Tribal Nation, adjacent jurisdictions, major employers and institutions, City and State departments, and other interested parties. A City of Tacoma News Release was issued on June 17, 2020. An online advertisement was placed on The News Tribune, running from June 25 to June 30, 2020. A legal notice was published on the Tacoma Daily Index on June 17, 2020. A “Notice of Intent to Adopt Amendment 60 Days Prior to Adoption” was sent to the State Department of Commerce (per RCW 36.70A.106) on June 17, 2020. A similar notice was sent to Joint Base Lewis-McChord (per RCW 36.70A.530(4)) on June 17, 2020, asking for comments within 60 days of receipt of the notice. A letter was sent to the chairman of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians on June 17, 2020 to formally invite the Tribe’s consultation on the proposed CFP update. The proposal was posted on the website of the Planning Services Division at

The first two years of funding outlined in the Capital Facilities Program form the basis for the City’s 2021-2022 Capital Budget. Comments and edits are actively being solicited on the Capital Budget as well per RCW 35.34.100 and RCW 35.34.110. The 2021-2022 Capital Budget will be adopted concurrently with the 2019-2020 Operating Budget.

For more information, contact Nick Anderson, Office of Management and Budget, at 253-591-5847.


October 15, 16, 19, 2020