Lifeboost Coffee Reviewed – Is It Worth It?

Lifeboost Coffee is a high-quality coffee marketed as the healthiest, tastiest, and least acidic cup of coffee possible.

Available online through LifeboostCoffee.com, Lifeboost Coffee is available in multiple options and varieties, including medium, light, dark, and decaf.

Keep reading our Lifeboost Coffee review to find out if the high-quality coffee lives up to the hype.

What is Lifeboost Coffee?

Lifeboost Coffee is a premium coffee brand founded with the goal of helping you brew the healthiest, tastiest, lowest acid cup of coffee possible – all while using sustainable farming practices and protecting the planet’s wildlife.

Each bag of Lifeboost Coffee is tested by a third party lab for mycotoxins, heavy metals, and over 400 toxins to verify it’s free of mold and chemicals.

Plus, all Lifeboost Coffee is non-GMO, shade grown, fairly-traded, and single origin.

The company also pays its farmers a fair wage, and farmers use sustainable farming practices to protect the environment and surrounding wildlife. Plus, a percentage of all Lifeboost Coffee profits go towards protecting plants and animals native to coffee-growing regions.

Available Lifeboost Coffee options include:

  • Medium Roast
  • Light Roast
  • Dark Roast
  • Specialty beans and unique flavors
  • Gifts, accessories, and coffee making products
  • Supplements

You can buy Lifeboost Coffee ground or as whole beans. Bags are priced at around $27.95 apiece.

The Lifeboost Coffee Process

Lifeboost Coffee uses a four step process to source the best coffee in the world, including:

  • Step 1) Sourcing: Lifeboost Coffee sources the top 2% of coffee in the world from small farms.
  • Step 2) Roasting: Lifeboost Coffee is roasted fresh in small batches when you order.
  • Step 3) Testing: Lifeboost Coffee third party tests its beans for mycotoxins, mold, bacteria, pesticides, heavy metals, and 400 other toxins. Although the coffee is already USDA Organic certified, Lifeboost Coffee adds another layer of testing to verify it’s completely free of contaminants.
  • Step 4) Delivery: Lifeboost Coffee delivers coffee directly to your door, where you can enjoy it one delicious cup at a time.

Lifeboost Coffee is Recommended by Doctors

Few coffee brands in the world can claim to be recommended by doctors. However, Lifeboost Coffee has received the endorsement of multiple doctors.

One doctor praises Lifeboost Coffee for being extremely low acid and easy on the stomach; that doctor, a board-certified chiropractic physician and regenerative medicine expert, gives Lifeboost Coffee a 5-star rating

A board-certified dentist cited on the Lifeboost Coffee website praises Lifeboost Coffee for being “great on your teeth” because of its low acidity levels

Meanwhile, reviewers like Lifeboost Coffee for providing the benefits of coffee without heartburn, a racing heart, or other unwanted side effects. You enjoy great-tasting coffee with minimal side effects.

Lifeboost Coffee Features & Benefits

What makes Lifeboost Coffee unique from other coffees? Why pick Lifeboost Coffee? Here are some of the advantages of buying Lifeboost Coffee:

TrustPure Process: Lifeboost Coffee has developed a process for verifying the quality of coffee. It’s called the TrustPure process, and it ensures each Lifeboost Coffee provides clean, healthy coffee beans from the farm to your cup.

No Mold, Mycotoxins, or Pesticides: Many coffees are loaded with molds, mycotoxins, and pesticides, silently harming your health without your knowledge. Lifeboost Coffee, however, is third party tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, acrylamide, pesticides, and 400 other toxins. That means the coffee is mold-free, toxin-free, and pesticide-free, allowing you to enjoy the cleanest and healthiest possible cup of coffee.

Stomach & Teeth Friendly Beans: Lifeboost Coffee has low acidity, which makes it friendly on your stomach, digestive tract, and teeth. The natural acid in coffee can have significant health effects. Each Lifeboost Coffee batch is lab tested for low acidity at 6.0+ pH, which means it’s easier on your body – which is one reason why doctors and dentists love it.

Grown and Processed at High Altitudes in Central America: Lifeboost Coffee is grown to maturity and processed naturally high in the mountains of Central America at elevations over 5,700 feet.

Supporting People, Environment, and Wildlife: Lifeboost Coffee pays its farmers a fair wage, and farmers use sustainable farming techniques to protect the environment and native wildlife.

Percentage of Profits to Protecting Plants and Animals: Lifeboost Coffee donates a percentage of profits to protecting plants and animals living in the company’s coffee regions.

Free Shipping: Lifeboost Coffee offers free shipping on all orders over $50.

Easy Returns & Satisfaction Guarantee: Lifeboost Coffee offers an easy refund process and guarantees your satisfaction.

Recommended by Doctors & Dentists: Lifeboost Coffee has the endorsement of multiple doctors. Doctors praise Lifeboost Coffee for being easy on the stomach, while dentists praise Lifeboost Coffee for being easy on the teeth.

USDA Organic: Lifeboost Coffee is USDA Organic certified, which means the company must meet strict standards at all stages of growth.

Save Up to 48% with Subscriptions: Want to save money on Lifeboost Coffee? If you’re ordering regular deliveries of Lifeboost Coffee anyway, then consider signing up for a subscription. You can save up to 48% by signing up for automatic shipments.

Specialty Beans: In addition to offering ordinary roast levels (including dark, medium, and light), Lifeboost Coffee offers specialty beans, including caramel and vanilla flavors.

Available in Pods: You can buy Lifeboost Coffee pods to use in a Keurig or other instant coffee maker, making it easy to enjoy the same great-tasting, healthy coffee on-the-go.

Cold Brew Packs: Lifeboost Coffee also offers a lineup of cold brew coffees, including cold brew coffee packs that make it easy to make strong cold brew coffee at home.

Available in Bundles: Can’t decide which Lifeboost Coffee to buy? The company offers a number of straightforward and creative bundles. There’s the “Depends on My Mood” bundle, for example, which features a variety of options based on how you feel that day. You can also buy a Flavored Sample Pack to try out multiple flavors before committing to a larger order, a Holiday Flavored Coffee Bundle to enjoy multiple holiday-themed flavors, and other creative bundles.

Lifeboost Coffee Products

Lifeboost Coffee offers dozens of products, including variety packs, bags of coffee at different roasts, and coffee across multiple strains and varieties.

Here are all of the coffee products currently available through Lifeboost Coffee:

Amaretto ($23.95+): Lifeboost Coffee’s amaretto flavor features almonds, lightly toasted apricots, and more in a medium roasted, gourmet, Arabica single origin option, giving you a combination of romance, desire, and indulgence.

Biotics Cold Brew ($29.95+): Biotics Cold Brew is a single origin Arabica coffee that is elevation grown to full maturity. The company selects ripe coffee cherries by hand, washes them in spring water, meticulously processes them and roasts them to perfection.

Birthday Batter ($23.95+): Birthday Batter is a smooth, low acid, small batch roasted and clean option with a distinctive flavor.

Blonde Espresso ($20.20+): Blonde Espresso is a light roast sourced from Lifeboost Coffee’s small farm high in the mountains of the Nicaraguan rainforest.

Boston Crème Donut ($23.95+): Enjoy the flavor of a light, airy pastry filled with sweet, creamy, velvety vanilla custard and topped with chocolate icing – all while getting the distinctive Lifeboost Coffee quality.

Bourbon Barrel ($26.36+): Bourbon Barrel coffee goes from the hands of expert coffee farmers in South America to charred oak bourbon barrels in a small craft distillery in the Poconos Mountains. They age for 30 to 45 days, long enough to infuse classic bourbon flavors with the distinctive Lifeboost Coffee quality.

Caramel Macchiato ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Caramel Macchiato flavor comes from the rainforest mountains of Nicaragua and is a medium roast coffee. It’s also available in decaf.

Cherry Mocha Truffle ($23.95+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Cherry Mocha Truffle flavor is a combination of lush and luxury. Sourced from the dense rainforests of South America, the single origin coffee is grown on a small, family farm surrounded by rich, green mountains.

Chocolate Covered Strawberry ($23.95+): Described as “heaven in a cup,” the Chocolate Covered Strawberry option combines natural extracts of strawberry with low-acid, medium roast, single origin Lifeboost Coffee. It’s also available in decaf.

Chocolate Macadamia Truffle ($21.08+): Chocolate Macadamia Truffle is a medium roast blend combining low acid, premium coffee beans with chocolate-covered macadamia nuts to create a cup you’ll crave. It’s also available in decaf.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle ($21.08+): Chocolate Peanut Butter Truffle combines salty and sweet flavors with premium, specialty, Arabica coffee beans. It’s also available in deaf.

Chocolate Raspberry Truffle ($23.95+): Chocolate Raspberry Truffle infuses low acid, sun dried, spring water washed Arabica coffee beans with sun-ripened raspberries to create a unique and flavorful sipping experience.

Cinnamon Apple Streusel ($23.95+): Cinnamon Apple Streusel features fragrant, freshly-ground cinnamon and fair-trade, single-origin, perfectly roasted coffee beans along with a hint of apples and vanilla.

Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Cinnamon Blueberry Crumble combines blueberries and cinnamon with a single origin, medium roast coffee. It’s also available in decaf.

Cinnamon Cappuccino ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Cinnamon Cappuccino offers bold flavors by mixing vanilla and cinnamon with single origin, quality coffee beans. It’s also available in decaf.

Crème Brulee ($21.08+): This flavor features a combination of low acid specialty coffee beans with natural extracts of smooth vanilla and caramelized sugar to deliver a unique crème brulee flavor. This flavor is also available in decaf.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle ($21.08+): Also available in decaf, the Dark Chocolate Coconut Truffle flavor features a combination of coconut, cream, coffee, and chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel ($23.95+): Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel is a medium roast flavor featuring a blend of subtle sea salt with creamy caramel.

Dark Roast Decaf ($20.20+): You can buy Lifeboost Coffee’s popular Dark Roast option in a decaf option. Also known as French or Italian, the Dark Roast Decaf features full-bodied flavor and a delicious aftertaste.

Double Dark Mocha ($21.08+): Double Dark Mocha features a collision of flavor between chocolate and coffee. It’s also available in decaf.

Eggnog Latte ($23.95+): Eggnog Latte is a unique, holiday-themed coffee from Lifeboost Coffee. Lifeboost Coffee lathers its coffee beans with a custard-like blend of sugared cream, eggs, vanilla, and rum, then dusts them with cinnamon and nutmeg to create a unique flavor.

Embolden Dark Roast ($20.20+): Embolden Dark Roast is a premium dark roast blend with full-bodied flavor and a delicious aftertaste.

English Butter Toffee ($23.95+): This coffee features a blend of natural extracts and oils of classic English butter toffee mixed with caramelized sugar, butter, and premium Arabica coffee beans.

Espresso ($20.20+): You can buy Lifeboost Coffee’s Espresso coffee to create a bold, rich, and smooth base for lattes, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. Even when adding milks, sugars, and flavors, the robust flavor will shine through.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Limited Collection ($43.95+): This limited release coffee is a medium-roast blend featuring rare, exotic coffee for true connoisseurs. It’s part of Lifeboost Coffee’s Luxe lineup.

French Vanilla ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee offers French vanilla flavor featuring a blend of single origin, shade grown, low acid coffee beans with vanilla flavor. It’s also available in decaf.

Frosted Carrot Cake ($23.95+): Frosted Carrot Cake features a combination of sweet carrot and vanilla with cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, all mixed with the clean, low acid, medium roasted Arabica coffee beans from Lifeboost Coffee.

Frosted Cinnamon Roll ($23.95+): Frosted cinnamon Roll is a single origin coffee bean mixed with the flavors of homemade frosted cinnamon rolls.

Frosted Sugar Cookie ($23.95+): Frosted Sugar Cookie mixes bold, robust, rich Arabica coffee with sweet, buttery, frosted sugar cookies to give you incredible flavor.

Gingerbread Latte ($23.95+): Gingerbread Latte features cinnamon, molasses, and ginger to deliver a unique twist on a sugary and slightly spicy holiday classic.

Half Caff ($20.20+): Half Caff is a half-caffeinated, half-decaffeinated coffee made via Swiss water decaffeination. The goal is to the provide the healthiest decaf coffee on the planet using the 100% chemical-free Swiss Water Process.

Hazelnut ($21.08+): Hazelnut is a medium roast coffee with flavors of rich, toasted hazelnuts. It’s also available in decaf.

Highlander Grogg ($21.08+): Highlander Grogg is a combination of vanilla, caramel, rum, and Arabica coffee beans to create a unique aroma and flavor. It’s also available in decaf.

Honey Lavender Latte ($23.95+): Honey Lavender Latte features sweet, smooth, all natural honey extracts and essential lavender oils to combine the smoothness of a latte with the sweetness of honey.

Irish Cream ($23.95+): Irish Cream combines creamy, buttery Irish cream flavors with single origin Arabica coffee beans to deliver the perfect cup of coffee.

Java Blue ($43.95+): Part of the Luxe lineup of premium coffees, Java Blue is a delicious, rare, and exotic coffee for true connoisseurs.

Lifeboost Africa Dark ($20.24+): Lifeboost Africa Dark is a dark-roast blend sourced from Africa.

Lifeboost Africa Light ($20.24+): Lifeboost Africa Light is a light-roast blend available in grounds or beans and sourced from Africa.

Lifeboost Africa Medium ($20.24+): Lifeboost Africa Medium is a medium-roast blend for those who want the best of both worlds, using non-GMO, low acid, single origin, USDA Organic certified coffee sourced from Africa.

Light Decaf ($20.20+): Lifeboost Coffee uses the Swiss Water Process to remove caffeine from coffee while retaining its distinctive flavor.

Maple Cinnamon French Toast ($23.95): Lifeboost Coffee’s Maple Cinnamon French Toast flavor is a medium-roast coffee with added custard-like French toast flavors, real cream butter, cinnamon, and maple syrup.

Medium Roast ($20.20+): Medium Roast is made from a blend of mature coffee cherries sourced from local farmers in Nicaragua. It’s also available in decaf.

Midnight Roast ($20.20): One of Lifeboost Coffee’s darked blends, this dark roasted coffee is an organic, midnight roast coffee made from beans expertly roasted at high temperatures for longer lengths for bolder flavors.

Mint Cookies ‘N Cream ($23.95+): This flavor combines single origin, specialty, Arabica coffee beans with a crisp mint flavor and sweet chocolate.

Mocha Caramel Latte ($21.08+): Mocha Caramel Latte features a combination of rich caramel with single origin, specialty, low acid coffee beans. It’s also available in decaf.

Moon Drops Bourbon Infused Coffee ($29.95+): Moon Drops Bourbon Infused Coffee is made from Moondrops Single Barrel Bourbon, which is crafted over five years in Indiana using Midwest grain products. By infusing the coffee with bourbon, you get a blend of caramel and vanilla flavors, smoky cocoa notes, and a nutty rye-spice finish.

Nueva Granada Geisha ($50+): Part of the Luxe lineup of premium coffees from Lifeboost Coffee, Nueva Granada Geisha is a rare, exotic coffee designed for true connoisseurs.

Optimist Light Roast ($20.20+): Optimist Light Roast is a bright and slightly-more-acidic version of Lifeboost Coffee, delivering true flavor notes of premium Lifeboost coffee beans.

Pacamara Limited Collection ($43.95+): Pacamara Limited Collection is a combination of bourbon mutation Pacas and Maragogype, which are two different strains of Arabica coffee beans. It’s a unique, exotic coffee that is part of the Luxe lineup from Lifeboost Coffee.

Patriot ($23.95+): Patriot features raspberry, blueberry, and white chocolate flavor mixed with low acid coffee beans.

Peppermint Mocha ($23.95+): Peppermint Mocha has a combination of rich, creamy chocolate with peppermint leaves and single origin, medium roast coffee. It’s also available in decaf.

Pineapple Upside-Down Cake ($23.95+): Enjoy the unique flavor of pineapple upside-down cake with Lifeboost Coffee’s signature quality. You get vanilla cake, pineapple, and buttery flavors mixed with medium roast coffee.

Pistachio ($23.95+): Pistachio mixes pistachio nut flavor with low acid, nutrient-dense coffee to create a smooth and creamy experience. It’s also available in decaf.

Pumpkin Spice ($21.08): Lifeboost Coffee offers a pumpkin spice coffee with medium roasted beans blended with organic cinnamon, cooked pumpkin, nutmeg, and cloves to deliver a taste of fall with every sip. It’s also available in decaf.

Smoky Butterscotch ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee offers Smoky Butterscotch with a mix of dark brown sugar with cream to create high-quality, Irish cream butter flavors with single origin coffee beans. You can also buy it in decaf.

Smores ($23.95): Enjoy memories of childhood with the Lifeboost Coffee Smores flavor, featuring a blend of marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers with medium roast coffee.

Southern Pecan ($23.95+): Southern Pecan has notes of buttery, nutty pecans with chocolate and caramel undertones – all with medium roast coffee.

Toasted Chestnut ($23.95+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Toasted Chestnut features earthy, buttery, and subtly sweet flavors mixed with medium roast coffee.

Toasted Coconut ($21.08+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Toasted Coconut features a blend of single origin Arabica coffee beans with light flavor and slightly nutty toasted coconut. It’s also available in decaf.

Vanilla Almond ($23.95+): Lifeboost Coffee’s Vanilla Almond flavor has a combination of single origin, premium coffee beans grown high in the mountains of Nicaragua.

Vermont Maple Crème ($23.95+): This medium roast coffee features maple syrup with single origin Arabica coffee beans.

Whiskey Barrel ($26.36+): Lifeboost Coffee harvests premium coffee cherries at peak ripeness, then ages them for 30 to 45 days in charred whiskey barrels at a craft distillery in the Poconos Mountains.

White Chocolate Mocha ($23.95+): Lifeboost Coffee’s White Chocolate Mocha features a blend of white chocolate with inviting aromas and single origin, medium Arabica coffee.

White Russian ($23.95): Lifeboost Coffee’s White Russian is a single origin, shade grown, gourmet coffee with added Kahlua extract to indulge your senses and deliver the sensation of a White Russian cocktail with every sip.

Wild Fermented Wine Infused Coffee ($29.95+): Lifeboost Coffee offers wine-infused coffee, featuring a blend of wild wine with perfectly roasted coffee to create a unique, wild, and wonderful pairing.


Lifeboost Coffee Supplements

Lifeboost Coffee also offers a small lineup of supplements, including supplements that have little to do with coffee. The company describes these products as “health boosters” and has designed them to support your health in various ways.

Available Lifeboost Coffee supplements include:

Lifeboost Fuel

Lifeboost Fuel is a “health creamer” you can add to coffee, smoothies, yogurt, and more. Each single-serve, 10g packet includes 4.7g of medium chain triglycerides, 4.7g of hydrolyzed bovine collagen, 500mg of dried yeast fermentate, and 140mg of L-tryptophan to deliver targeted benefits.


If you already mix MCT oil with your coffee, or if you’ve been curious about the benefits, then Lifeboost Fuel may be the right choice for you.

Price: $30 to $39


Inflamega is an encapsulated omega-3 essential fatty acid formula designed to support inflammation with no fishy aftertaste.


Each 3 softgel capsule serving of Inflamega includes 3.5g of fish oils, including 1g of EPA and 670mg of DHA. You also get an added serving of 220.5mg of palmitoleic acid, an omega-7 fatty acid blend.

Price: $27.95 to $49.95

HPAdapt Adrenal Drink

HPAdapt Adrenal Drink is an energy drink formula designed for adaptogenic adrenal support.

The caffeine-free blend can work to complement coffee, giving you the sustainable energy you need throughout the day without the crashes and peaks of caffeine.

Price: $34.95 to $49.95

EverLo Coffee Drops

EVerLo Coffee Drops support gut health using a specific blend of vitamins and minerals. These same nutrients can replenish your body, encourage hydration, and ensure your coffee doesn’t leave you feeling drained.


Coffee is a diuretic, and it depletes your mineral stores and dehydrates you. When you pour extra creamer and syrup into your coffee, it can dehydrate you even more.

EverLo Coffee Drops are designed to counteract these effects, allowing you to enjoy a morning cup of coffee without dry mouth, coffee crash, or dehydration. Each EverLo Coffee Drop serving contains a small dose of magnesium, chloride, sodium, and potassium.

Price: $24.95 to $29.95

Lifeboost Coffee Accessories, Gifts, & Coffee Making Products

You can also buy coffee making products, accessories, and more through Lifeboost Coffee, including:

  • Alkaline filtration pitchers and filter replacements
  • Air-sealed coffee containers
  • Candles
  • Milk frothers
  • Mugs, glasses, tumblers, and thermal changing mugs,
  • Coffee scoops

You can also buy gift boxes, variety packs, themed flavor packs, holiday packs, tasters, and more.

Contact Lifeboost Coffee

You can contact Lifeboost Coffee, LLC via the following:

Final Word

Lifeboost Coffee is a coffee company offering an extensive selection of flavors and varieties. The company offers pure organic, USDA certified, single origin specialty coffee beans made via sustainable farming practices.

Plus, Lifeboost Coffee is specifically designed for low acidity, making it easier on your stomach and teeth.

To learn more about Lifeboost Coffee or to buy Lifeboost Coffee online today, visit the official website.



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