7 Websites Where I Can Pay Someone to Do My Homework

It’s normal for a student to be overwhelmed with the volume of homework they receive within a limited timeframe. Everyone struggles to understand complex concepts. The academic pressure is real. In such situations, it’s natural to think about outsourcing. That’s where homework writing services come in.

Let’s explore a direct answer to your question: “How can I pay someone to do my homework?” Whether you need help with math, science, or literature assignments, there’s a range of options to choose from. We’ll suggest the best websites where you can pay someone to do your homework online, and we’ll answer the most commonly asked questions about writing services.

Top 7 Websites to Pay Someone to Do Homework

  1. EduBirdie

Founded in 2015, EduBirdie instantly gained a reputation for providing quality work and reliable customer support. Its main factor of attraction is that it caters to students of all levels. You can literally order any type of homework, from essays and elaborate research papers to math problems to sociology answers.

Here’s another factor that makes EduBirdie stand out from most other college essay writing services : you can choose your own writer. That allows you to find an author who’s the right fit for the exact task you have to mind (and your budget).

Students prefer EduBirdie for the convenience it offers. They can place an order in a matter of minutes, hire a writer, and have the homework completed by a pro writer by the deadline. In the team, you’ll find writers skilled in a variety of subjects. They can handle any assignment, no matter how complex or urgent it is.


  • High-quality assignments

  • Convenient order process

  • Gradual payment release (you pay the full price when you receive the final version)

  • Affordable prices

  • Timely delivery

  • Responsive customer support


  • It’s a busy service, so the best writers may not always bid on your project. But there are many great writers on this team, so students are usually happy with the choice they make.

The prices on EduBirdie vary depending on the student’s choice. With $13.99 per page set as the minimum, the writers are free to request a fair price above it. In general, the prices are affordable when compared to other services. That’s why EduBirdie is such a popular choice among students.

To conclude our brief EduBirdie review, we’ll agree that it’s a reliable homework writing service that offers great-quality work at an affordable price. The advantages outweigh the cons by far.

  1. StudyClerk

StudyClerk is a relatively new entrant in the homework writing services industry. It was founded in 2018. Despite the fact that it has just a few years of experience, StudyClerk is what students commonly recommend to those asking: “Who can I pay someone to do my homework cheap?”

Just like EduBirdie, StudyClerk also allows students to choose their own writer. You can order any type of assignment for high school, college, or university.

StudyClerk has a team of over 550 writers. They are trained to complete projects in various subjects. This ensures that students get high-quality work that’s unique and meets their expectations. The website is easy to use. You can place an order in minutes and track its progress through all stages. Direct communication with the writer is possible and encouraged.


  • Unique assignments of great quality

  • You choose your own writer

  • Track the project’s progress

  • Timely delivery of homework assignments

  • User-friendly platform

  • Non-stop available customer support


  • Limited information about the writers’ experience in their profiles

The prices vary depending on the writers’ estimations. They are free to place a bid at or above the minimum, which is set at $13.99 per page. In general, most writers compete with affordable prices of around $15 for a 10-day deadline.

StudyClerk is an excellent homework service for those looking for good quality at an affordable price. The ability to choose your own writer is a great feature. It means you can find an expert for any type of project.

  1. AResearchGuide

AResearchGuide is a comprehensive academic writing website that has been around since 2000. The platform provides a wide range of tips on how to complete different academic projects. You’ll find guidelines on how to complete research papers, use search engines to write unique homework, write footnotes, quote passages using different citation styles, and more.

If you’re willing to improve your writing skills, this is the right website to seek advice. But if you want to pay someone to do your homework, you can’t use AResesarchGuide. The advice is absolutely free of charge, but it doesn’t offer unique content that you would present as your own.

One of the main reasons why students respect AResearchGuide is the quality of tips it provides. All articles are detailed. They teach you how to complete assignments through practical steps. These guidelines are provided by professional and experienced writers, who know what can impress college professors.


  • High-quality tips on how to write homework assignments

  • All advice is free

  • User-friendly platform

  • Tips on how to reference using different style guides


  • You can’t hire a writer to deliver unique homework

Although the tips on this site are provided by professional writers, they don’t charge anything. You don’t have to subscribe and pay a fee. All content is free and available to access anytime.

In conclusion, AResearchGuide is a great resource for students who want to practice academic writing. When they feel stuck with a homework assignment, they can find tips on how to write it here. But if you need actual writing assistance, you can check the other services we suggest in this review.

  1. GradesFixer

GradesFixer is a homework assistance platform that’s been in the market for a few years. Similarly to some of its competitors that we mentioned above, GradesFixer also lets you choose a writer. However, this was initially established as a platform that offers free samples and writing tips for students.

GradesFixer is mostly known for its huge database of essay samples. Sample grading is another service that makes the website interesting. If you’re done with your homework and you want an evaluation on how it would be graded, the writers from GradesFixer will grade it as a professor would.

The website also offers a free citation generator, conclusion generator, and plagiarism checker. Academic writing services are an option, but they are in the shade of all other services that GradesFixer offers.


  • Wide range of services in addition to academic writing

  • Timely delivery of homework assignment

  • Resourceful platform that you can use to learn to write your own homework

  • Affordable prices


  • No info about the writers’ background

  • It takes longer to hire a writer when compared to EduBirdie

If you allow the service to choose a writer for you, the minimum price will be $9.99. If you post a project for the writers to bid on, you can expect slightly higher offers.

In conclusion, GradesFixer is a nice change in the homework writing industry. In addition to offering professional writing assistance, it also offers free samples and great writing tips. Its customer support team is also great, so you can ask any question before hiring a writer.

  1. EssayVikings

Since EssayVikings was founded in 2016, it quickly gained a reputation as one of the best platforms where you can pay to do your homework. Students can choose their own writer here, ensuring that they receive work tailored to their needs.

The most important feature that sets EssayVikings apart from its competitors is that it’s a professional editing service. Although writing assistance is available, it’s not the type of service they focus on.

This is one of the few services that allow you to hire your own editor for assignments. If you don’t have time to interview those who bid on your project, you can choose the option for EssayVikings to assign an editor. The price will be more affordable that way, too.


  • Variety of services available, including writing, editing, and paper grading

  • Choose your own editor

  • Experienced editors and writers, with skills and knowledge in different subjects

  • Timely delivery

  • Affordable editing help


  • Although you can hire a writer, EssayVikings focuses on editing services

If you want to choose your own editor or writer on this website, the bids will depend on the complexity of your project. In most cases, they request around $10 for editing with a deadline of 10 days. The prices for writing assistance are higher.

In conclusion, EssayVikings is the perfect choice for students who need their homework edited. Although you can hire a writer here, the website is less popular for its custom writing services. The quality these editors deliver is superb! They improve the quality of a student’s work without affecting their unique voice.

  1. SameDayPapers

SameDayPapers is a great writing service for students who are overwhelmed by close deadlines. The company was founded in 2016, with a focus to offer affordable homework assistance under urgent notice. You can choose who will write your assignment. The writers have their profiles, which inform you about their experience and education.

SameDayPapers offers a variety of homework help, including essays, math assignments, coursework, and more. The writers are knowledgeable in various subjects. They only bid on projects they can complete with the required skills and by the needed deadline.

The platform has a user-friendly interface. It makes it easy for students to place orders and communicate with their writers.


  • Knowledgeable writers with many years of experience in the industry

  • You can choose your own writer

  • Students can safely set a short deadline

  • Easy-to-use website

  • Communicate with your writer


  • Some customers have reported issues with the customer support. They are available non-stop, but it’s best to rely on direct communication with the writer to solve any issues with your project.

SameDayPapers sets a starting price of $12.99 per page. The writers usually bid higher than that, especially for extremely close deadlines. The team includes hundreds of writers, who compete to get your project with fair prices. If you need an affordable homework assignment of good quality, this service is a great option.

Let’s conclude this brief review with the fact that SameDayPapers is a reliable homework writing service with many years of experience in the industry. Its prices are more affordable when compared to most competitors. The company has hired many experienced writers. They have a reputation for delivering decent quality under short notice. The ability to quickly choose your own writer is a great feature for students who want to collaborate on their assignments.

  1. Eduzaurus

Eduzaurus is a popular homework writing service. It specializes in offering high-quality coursework, and it’s perfect for students who face tight deadlines.

One of the standout features of Eduzaurus is the great number of free samples it provides on the website. You don’t need to create a profile to access these materials. If you want to get inspired for your assignment, you can use those samples. But make sure to use them only for inspiration. You cannot submit them as homework, since they aren’t unique and customized.

“Does Eduzaurus allow me to pay to do my homework?” – Yes! You can post a project and choose a writer from those who bid on it. They will deliver custom-crafted work that’s 100% unique. The team includes writers with different backgrounds, so you can choose one that best suits your academic requirements.


  • Many free samples that inspire you to write

  • Choose your own writer for custom-crafted assignments

  • Secure payment options

  • Transparent and affordable pricing


  • Limited ability to communicate with your writer

The pricing system at Eduzaurus is transparent. You’ll know how much your project will cost as soon as you choose a writer. The price per page usually starts at $13. However, the offers depend on your assignment’s urgency and complexity. When compared to most other services, Eduzaurus is usually more affordable.

In conclusion, Eduzaurus is special for the huge volume of samples that students can access for free. It’s also a trustworthy homework writing service. The writers bid with low prices, but still deliver decent quality by any deadline.

Takeaway: How to Choose a Homework Writing Service

Almost all students wonder: “How can I pay for someone to do my homework?” There are a variety of websites that offer writing help. When you’re struggling with tight deadlines and a huge workload, your instincts will tell you to choose the first service that comes to your attention. But don’t do this in such a hurry!

When choosing a writing service, there are several factors to consider:

  • The age and reputation of the website

  • The quality of work the writers provide

  • Reviews from students who have already used the service

  • Independent reviews written by our team

  • The level of customer support the website offers

  • The pricing structure and the ability to choose your own writer

Reasons to Trust Our Recommendations

Each of the websites reviewed above offers a unique set of features and benefits to students.

  • EduBirdie, for example, is a well-established service with a wide range of experienced writers to choose from.

  • StudyClerk offers a user-friendly platform and a large pool of qualified writers.

  • AResearchGuide provides an extensive library of free resources and materials to assist students with their assignments.

  • GradesFixer offers unique AI-powered services that help you generate ideas for homework assignments, cite resources, and improve the structure of your papers.

  • EssayVikings offers a personalized approach to writing services and a user-friendly platform. It’s great for professional editing of your own homework.

  • SameDayPapers stands out with fast turnaround times and a large pool of experienced writers.

  • Eduzaurus offers a free plagiarism checker, a great base of free samples, and affordable custom-writing help.

All our recommendations are based on detailed reviews. We start by identifying the website’s unique features. Then, we compare its prices and services to competitive websites. The most important fact about our reviews is that they are based on real experience. We order homework, communicate with the team, and test the customer support in a real-life scenario. After a detailed evaluation of the terms and services, we also check how the revision and money-back guarantees work in practice.

You can safely rely on our reviews to find a reliable writing service. We suggest different options because each of these websites has its own set of pros and cons. Some students may prefer a service with more affordable pricing, while others may value the ability to choose their own writer. Ultimately, the best service for you will depend on your individual preferences.

In conclusion, if you’re a student who is struggling with your workload, academic pressure, or low grades, there are a variety of homework writing services available to you. By carefully considering the factors outlined above and choosing a service that fits your needs and preferences, you can ensure that you receive high-quality, timely assistance with your assignments.


  1. Can you pay someone to do your homework without being caught?

Yes, it is possible to hire a pro writer through a homework writing service without getting caught. Reputable writing websites take the privacy and confidentiality of their clients seriously. They have strict policies in place to ensure that students’ personal and academic information remains private.

These services employ qualified and experienced writers who are well-versed in a variety of subjects. They deliver high-quality assignments that are custom-tailored to your requirements. When you explain what your professor expects to see in the homework, the writer will stick to those guidelines. The work they complete will be 100% unique, so plagiarism detection engines won’t find any issues with it.

When you choose a top-rated writing service, it’s not possible for professors to discover it’s not your own work. That being said, the best way to use these services is for help with your projects. You can use their work as a sample to improve your own writing skills. That’s how you’ll benefit from them the most in the long term.

  1. How can I pay someone to do my homework online?

There are dozens of services offering to deliver homework for students. One way to choose a website is to search for it on Google and make a random choice. That’s not what we recommend. It’s best to rely on independent reviews, which tell you exactly what to expect from some of the best options in this industry.

When you make your choice, you’ll need to post the details of the assignment you need help with. You’ll also provide a deadline for the assignment and any other specific instructions.

If the service allows you to choose your own writer, the payment will usually be progressive. This means that the funds will be reserved from your account. However, you’ll release them in installments as the writer completes different parts of your project. They will receive the full payment when you’re fully satisfied with the content.

It’s best to check the profiles of the writers who bid on your assignment. That’s how you’ll ensure a good fit. You need someone with expertise and experience in the subject matter. We recommend services that share detailed profiles of their writers. You can get info on their education, as well as evaluations from previous customers they worked for.

It’s important to note that these services allow you to communicate with the writer and discuss any further details or requirements. Once the writer completes your homework, you can review it and request any needed revisions.

  1. Are there any guidelines on how much to pay someone to do your homework?

Yes, there are some general guidelines on how much to pay someone to do your homework. In most cases, you can pay around $15 per page for services that let you choose your own writer. But keep in mind that this is an average price for a 10-day deadline. Some writers will bid at higher prices. Don’t ignore them; they might have the best level of experience for your type of assignment. You don’t have to hire the most expensive author, but check everyone’s qualifications, and don’t be guided solely by the price.

You should expect to pay more for urgent assignments, complex subjects, and experienced writers. It’s always a good idea to research and compare prices among different homework writing services before making a decision. Remember that while cost is important, you should prioritize quality and credibility when choosing a homework writing website.

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