Green Malay Kratom Review: Why It’s One Of The Most Balanced And Euphoric Kratom Strains

If you’re looking for the best strain to get into kratom then Green Malay kratom will be one of the first strains you read tons of positive comments about.

In this Green Malay kratom review, I’m going to tell you exactly why it’s one of the most popular strains of kratom. If you want to just jump to get details about the best quality Green Malaysian kratom and buy some to try, then check it out here:

Kona kratom high quality Green Malay kratom

So what I’m going to do is give you all the details you need to know about the best kratom strain, vein colors, how much the actual strain matters, and how you should feel when using Green Malay.

I’ll also cover dosing, effects, side effects, and problems, Green Malay kratom Vs Maeng Da, and what super Green Malay kratom actually is.

Kratom Vein Colors Explained

When it comes to choosing the next best kratom strain (mitragyna speciosa) though, you have three vein colors, each with slightly different traits:

  • Red vein kratom strains are less energizing, more pain relieving, and more chilling
  • Green vein kratom is quite a euphoric feeling, and chilling, but still a little energizing
  • White vein kratom is more mood enhancer and energizing, with less chilling and pain relief

However, this is dose-dependent. The effects of kratom at a low dose are very different to a high dose, not just more intense versions of other strains of the same thing.

I always refer to kratom as a spectrum drug. At low doses, it’s more energizing, and the higher the dose, the more the predominant sedative effects kick in.

Then, at very high doses, all kratom’s effects start to merge into being overwhelmingly pain-relieving and sedating, and as more potency, the alkaloids become overwhelming agonists of the opioid receptors.

How Important Actually Is The Strain You Are Taking?

How relevant is a kratom strain? Is Green Malay any different to Green Borneo kratom strain?

This will depend on the vendor. Some of the less reputable ones just bag up kratom that is green as the different types. They don’t even really know it is, and can mix it together or blend it with green tea and herbs to make it go further.

You should get regional variations. But, just consider this example.

Borneo is an island that is co-owned by Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei. The Indonesian area is known as Kalimantan.

So, if you were to buy kratom wholesale from the island of Borneo as a retailer, is it Green Borneo kratom, Green Malay, Green Indo, or green Kalimantan that you are getting? How can it be Green Malay when it’s grown on the island of Borneo?

The truth is the same green kratom could be labeled up as all of those things because it’s just green kratom from Borneo.

On the upside though, if you get good quality green vein kratom or white vein kratom, from a reputable seller, you will notice more differences between the different strains than those from a poor seller.

A képen fa, kültéri, növény, levél látható Automatikusan generált leírás

Green Malay Effects & Benefits: The Traits Of Green Malay That Set It Apart

How do you know if you’ve got genuine Green Malay effects from a reputable seller?

Well, Green Malaysian kratom does have specific traits, and if you get the real deal, it will have certain effects as follows:

  • At moderate, small doses of sharpness with calmness
  • Lowering of anxiety
  • A positive increase in mood and determination/motivation
  • At higher doses (8 g or higher) increasing happiness and euphoria
  • At high doses a drifting detachment
  • Relieving pain at very high doses

Green Malay is often commonly referred to as the most euphoric kratom. This is a bit of a generalization, and all kratom can be euphoric at high doses, the trick is to not take so much that it tips over into sedation.

But if you get good quality Green Malay, then at lower doses you can expect to feel calm but sharp, at middle-range doses, you can feel happy and calm, but still be able to function, and at higher doses, a rushing euphoric high with a drifting calmness and detachment.

I will also mention that Green Malay seems to last a little longer than many other kratom strains, which seems to be due to its alkaloid profile.

Usually, the kratom effects start to taper off notably after three or four hours, but many Green Malay kratom users (including me) note that a good batch is noticeable for a longer duration of up to 6 hours.

Some people say it’s because it contains a higher percentage of the alkaloid mitraphylline, but I can find no relevant studies that can confirm this.

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Where Is Green Malay Actually Grown?

Green Malay is obviously grown in Southeast Asia, Malaysia. As I’ve already explained, it can also come from Borneo, a co-owned island.

So when people talk about buying and using Green Malay, you can’t just assume that you’re going to get the same experience. Kratom is different in each batch, during different seasons, with different processing methods, and is also dependent on the honesty of the seller.

Actual Green Malay from the heart of the growing kratom regions of Malaysia, with traditional processing methods delivering good quality, is where you will get the very best kratom experience. You’ll only get this from a reputable seller like Kona Kratom though.

How Is Kratom Harvested And Prepared?

Kratom is harvested simply by picking the leaves from the trees. The positions of the leaves on the tree, their size, the size of the tree, and the season they are picked, can all affect the balance of alkaloids.

Once picked, they can be prepared in several ways:

1. They are laid out in the sunlight to dry out. This is the “classic” kratom method of preparing the leaves for grinding into a powder.

2. The kratom leaves can be dried out under UV light, or even in complete darkness. This can produce slightly different balances in the alkaloids, but you won’t know which method of drying out has been done on the kratom leaf until you use it.

3. The same kratom leaves can also be dried out rapidly using heated blowers or other machinery. I’ve no idea how this changes things, but although a more rapid drying out makes processing quicker, I can’t imagine introducing artificial heat helps with keeping the kratom in good condition.

Green Malay Kratom Vs Maeng Da

Green Malay is a kratom strain. It’s kratom trees from a specific region that are picked and processed and labeled up as the Green Malay strain (if you buy them from a reputable seller).

Maeng Da is not a strain of kratom. It translates as “pimp grade”, and is therefore purely a marketing term that implies stronger kratom. It may not even be a single vein color or strain. It could be other strains blended together to make stronger kratom.

Or, it’s kratom that is batch tested for its alkaloid profile and found to be stronger than usual. It’s then labeled up as “Green Maeng Da”. It could be Green Malay, Green Bali, Green Borneo, or a combination of all of them.

So really, when it comes to trying to do a comparison of Green Malay kratom Vs Maeng Da, there really isn’t one.

Maeng Da should be stronger but isn’t always. It should be a single-vein color, but it isn’t always.

Truthfully, they are incomparable. If you want strong kratom, try Maeng Da. If you want the green Malay effects experience, then get that.


What Is Super Green Malay Kratom?

You’ll see Super Green Malay kratom for sale. You’ll also see the other types of kratom. But what actually is it?

Nobody actually knows. Some believe it’s just a marketing term the stronger Green Malay (or whatever the kratom strain is), in a similar way to labeling white kratom up as Maeng Da. So it could just be a way of making more money out of a slightly stronger batch of Green Malay.

However, some people claim that it is made from picking the largest leaves at the top of the kratom tree. The idea is that because they are bigger, more mature, and more exposed to sunlight, they have a higher proportion of alkaloids in them, and are therefore stronger.

Those leaves are kept separate and processed in the same way for drying out and powdering, with the result that Super-Green Malay kratom powder should be slightly stronger than normal Malay kratom powder.

How To Take And Dose Green Malay

If you buy Green Malay capsules from Kona Kratom then it’s really easy to take and dose them, as each capsule contains 600 mg of green malay kratom powder.

With a powder, it’s a slightly different story. You’ll need a micro-scale (which can be bought cheaply off eBay or Amazon) so you can get an exact dose in grams.

It’s very difficult to talk about the exact dosing for kratom because every type and batch is different, but rough dosage brackets you should use for dosing kratom are:

  • 2 g – 3 g is a beginner dose
  • 4 g – 5 g is a low full-spectrum dose
  • 6 g – 8 g is a small dose moderate full-spectrum dose
  • 9 g – 11 g is a strong full-spectrum dose (euphoric and very strong)
  • Around 11 g or higher is potentially euphoric and/or overwhelming

My advice to beginners is always to start with a couple of grams. Do it on an empty stomach, and in a good state of mind, and see how you feel. Don’t top up though. Wait a couple of days, and then do 3 g. Then 4 g. At 4 g, with good quality Green Malay, you should get all of the effects at a low dose. You’ll feel energized, and focused, but calm and chilled.

Work up until you find a dose that gives you good full-spectrum effects, but which is not overwhelming. That way you minimize overdosing, dependency, and expense.

How To Use Green Malay For A Euphoric High

Green Malay is one of the kratom strains, that is most closely and well being associated with a balanced euphoric high. At about 10 g of good quality green Malay, you should get a rushing and euphoric high where you feel deeply calm and happy, with a slightly spinning head and deepening detachment.

But just be careful, because the difference between a euphoric high, and a dose that tips rapidly over into sedation, can easily happen.

With good quality kratom, 8 g could be enough for some people. Experiment at eight, nine, and 10 g each time, to find where it happens for you.

Green Malay Side Effects & Cautions

When it comes to kratom use generally, the cautions are around tolerance and dependency.

If you are hitting high doses of kratom daily, you will become tolerant and need more and more, and you could introduce a growing dependency. It’s not a dietary supplement, so it’s important to use it responsibly because kratom withdrawal symptoms can be quite unpleasant.

Keeping your doses as low as possible and have breaks from taking kratom is the best advice.

Doesn’t matter if it’s red vein kratom or green or white kratom its true for all strains.

There can be some mild side effects, some people report feeling nauseous using Green Malay, especially on the comedown. It appears there could be something in its alkaloid profile that can make this more common than with many other kratom strains. Kratom and specifically green malay kratom doesn’t have serious side effects, it doesn’t harm your nervous system, no liver damage or anything serious like that.

Where To Buy Good Quality Green Malay

I hope you found this quick Green Malay kratom review helpful. It’s tough to be black-and-white about it, with kratom generally, you simply have to look for the best quality and then experiment with your dosages, strains, and veins.

If you’re looking for great quality kratom powder in capsules, then Kona Kratom is a fantastic recommendation.

I’ve used these people for several years. The kratom they sell is a beautifully fluffy and rich, not horrible, bitter, dry powder. This points to rich kratom, and good storage.

I always have a good experience using the kratom products they sell. They source direct from contacts in the Southeast Asia, kratom products wholesaling industry, so the kratom products you are buying are definitely from the regions stated and they back it up so.

If you’re looking for Super Green Malay kratom, then Kona also offered this in capsules and loose powder format.

Buy standard and super, and be safe in the knowledge that you have got the best quality, Green Malay, you can take around 5 g of each (into different experiences) to see what the real difference is for you.

They also do green Maeng Da. Now, they don’t state which green strains are in it, but it is genuinely stronger green or red kratom. It’s probably blended, but if you’re looking for that green kratom experience, rather than red kratom or white, then it’s a great option to experiment with.

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