Best Kratom Capsules: Complete Kratom Capsules Review

Especially if you’re new to kratom (mitragyna speciosa) , then kratom capsules are an awesome way of experimenting for several key reasons. You have to get the best kratom capsules to get the best experience.

So in this guide, you’re going to learn everything you need to know. This is a full kratom pill review, that will tell you how to spot premium kratom, decide what kratom is best for your needs, how to dose kratom capsules, store them, and if you can save money by making them yourself.

We will then conclude with three kratom capsule reviews of the top three USA-based kratom sellers who also package up the high-quality kratom they sell in capsule form for a reasonable price.

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Kratom Powder Vs Kratom Pills

When it comes to choosing between powder or kratom pills, it can be confusing if you are completely new to taking kratom.

Let’s just break down quickly by giving the pros and cons of kratom capsules over kratom powders.

Pros of kratom capsules:

  • Easy to get an exact dose without weighing
  • Convenient to take discreetly
  • Can be taken anywhere without provoking scrutiny
  • Kratom capsules stay fresh for longer than powder
  • You avoid the horrible taste of kratom powder

cons of kratom capsules:

  • Kratom caps cost considerably more than loose powder
  • It can be laborious to take lots of capsules if you want a higher dose

It’s that convenience and discreetness which is crucial to kratom capsules. You don’t have to worry about what dosage you’re taking, because each capsule will contain 500 mg (half a gram) of kratom.

It means it if you are using kratom for pain relief, you can dose through the day, even with people in front of you, because you can say they are pain relief medication.

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Which Type Of Kratom Should I Use?

Kratom mitragyna speciosa is a tree native to Southeast Asia. The locals have been using kratom leaves as a traditional medicine for a very long time. Many people new to kratom get overwhelmed with the variations possible. Not only do you get red, green, white, and yellow kratom colors, but you also have a myriad of strains (some real and some made up) under each vein color.

The important thing though is the quality of the kratom product. Any red vein kratom that’s good quality, and really rich in alkaloids, is going to trump agonizing over an exact strain of red kratom that is not as pure.

That’s because the variations between the different red, green, and white kratom strains aren’t actually that great.

But to break it down simply for you as a starting point:

  • White vein kratom has stimulant effects
  • Green kratom keeps you alert but also induces calmness
  • Red kratom can deliver great pain relief and calmness

So if you want the most energy without much sedation (unless you take a high dose), go for white kratom. Then it’s a case of choosing a strain.

Most have a very small variation between them, which is only really noticeable if you get premium kratom products. A great starting point is a classic like White Borneo, Green Malay, or Red Bali.

Kratom Capsules Dosage First Time

When it comes to discussing your kratom capsule dosage the first time out, my advice with kratom is always the same: be careful.

If you get premium kratom, it will be potent even at low doses. If you are particularly responsive to it, even a couple of grams can bring on quite significant effects.

Here’s the sort of ladder I would ask you to climb each time you try kratom pills:

· Beginners dose of 2-3 g (four capsules)

· Low full-spectrum dose 4-5 g (10 capsules)

· Strong full-spectrum dose 6-7 g (14 capsules)

· Very strong/potentially overwhelming dose 8 g and above

So the advice is if you’re new to kratom, then your first kratom capsule dosage should just be a couple of grams. See how you feel, leave it a few days, and then try 4 g, or if you found the effects really noticeable at 2 g, just go up a gram to 3 g.

Basically, for each experience you have, step up that ladder by a gram at a time, or roughly into the brackets I have outlined for you above.

But it’s always better to be conservative so that you don’t have a bad experience with a dose you can’t handle.

Storing Kratom Capsules

It’s brilliantly easy to store kratom capsules. Kratom capsules have the benefit of already being in an airtight environment. They also almost always arrive in capsule containers, which are also airtight. Occasionally they will come in resealable foil or plastic bags, but these are also airtight but just not as good as the plastic containers.

That gives you a double airtight layer. All you have to do then is make sure that they are kept away from sunlight, and kept cool. Also, keep them away from moisture; the bathroom cabinet won’t work.

Kratom capsules will last longer when stored correctly than loose kratom, just because of the fact they are exposed to air and other environmental conditions for less time.

Can You Make Cheap Kratom Capsules?

When people see the prices of kratom capsules, and they can be double the price of loose powder, they wonder if they can put kratom in empty capsules themselves, rather than trying to find kratom capsules for sale that are cheaper.

Cheap kratom capsules are going to contain cheap kratom. That’s an unavoidable reality.

Yes, you could buy high-quality kratom powder and then put it into capsules yourself. You’ll need a micro scale, a small machine that puts the two halves of the capsules together, plus time and patience.

So yes, you can save yourself some money. However, if you are dosing 5 g, that is 10 capsules. At two minutes per capsule to create, that’s 20 minutes creating the dose. Add that up over a month, and have you got that time to spare, or would it be more cost-effective to actually just buy the capsules?

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Where To Find Quality Kratom Capsules For Sale

When it comes to finding high-quality kratom capsules for sale, you’re looking for the same places that have a reputation for selling premium kratom powder, as capsules are filled by the people who sell them.

These are the traits of a good quality kratom vendor:

  • kratom has high alkaloid content
  • The kratom products they sell are tested for the alkaloid content
  • Good kratom companies have full money back guarantee
  • If you look online the best kratom vendors have very strong positive feedback
  • You’ll pay a decent price because good kratom isn’t cheap
  • They will buy kratom direct from Southeast Asia rather than through an importer
  • Serious companies from the kratom industry have their own kratom plantation
  • Taking all the above into account, that actually knocks about 90% of the kratom sellers in the USA out of the running.

Kratom Capsules Review: Top 3 Premium Kratom Vendors

I want to finish this quick guide to the best kratom capsules by delivering three full kratom capsule reviews to you. The below three kratom sources have the absolute best kratom capsules for sale, and they also sell the same rich in alkaloid content kratom as loose powder as well at a cheaper price.

So if you really enjoy the kratom pills you buy from these guys, then you can always experiment with loose powder once you get more experience with kratom generally.

But in summary, kratom pills are an absolutely brilliant way of dosing on the move, dosing discreetly, and not having to worry about weighing your dose. Also, as kratom in powder form tastes revolting, so you don’t have to deal with the taste either (or buy flavored kratom).

1. Kona Kratom -Overall Best Kratom Capsule Vendor

If you’re looking for the best kratom capsules, then until recently you would have been disappointed if you’d looked at Kona Kratom’s website.

Although they are one of the most trusted kratom powder vendors in the USA, having been around for many years, and always supplying kratom that is imported directly from Southeast Asia, until recently they didn’t sell kratom pills.

However, they now sell all the great kratom in both powder and capsule formats.

For me, Kona sells the most potent Maeng Da kratom you’ll experience. It’s not actually a strain of kratom at all, it translates into the words “pimp grade”, and basically just means stronger kratom. So they will test the alkaloid content, and if it is stronger than normal they could label it as Maeng Da, you could be getting red Borneo, White Bali, or any strain that is just stronger.

Red Maeng Da kratom is consistently really potent and will deliver an incredible experience with just four capsules.

Kona Kratom has a great track record in delivering fantastic kratom rapidly across the USA and beyond. There’s a full money-back guarantee, and every batch they buy in from Southeast Asia is tested for its alkaloid content.

2. The Evergreen Tree

The big selling point of The Evergreen Tree is that they are one of the few companies out there that are very public about the potency of the kratom they sell.

Not only do they publish the alkaloid content on the product pages, but they do it in the format of being able to choose which potency you want.

If you want weaker kratom products, you choose a lower alkaloid content. Generally, you get three general brackets, up to 1.7% alkaloid, up to 2% alkaloid, and up to 2.4% alkaloid (although this can vary between the types of kratom and batches).

So not only do you get an incredible choice of capsules from The Evergreen Tree, with 25 different types of kratom strains available in capsules, but you can also choose the strength of the capsules you want as well.

If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend Red Borneo pills, or maybe Green Malay capsules, and if you want a bigger kick, the White Maeng Da kratom capsules. The pricing is pretty good. As an example, 100 red Borneo capsules of up to 2.4% alkaloid content retail at $59.50.

They are also one of the few companies I’ve seen who sell kratom extracts in capsules, although they only do White Indo at the time of writing. Kratom extracts are incredibly potent, and you have a choice of two alkaloid strengths: up to 4%, and up to 6%.

That’s incredible, and even a single capsule is the equivalent of around 3 g of standard kratom. However, you will pay, because 10 capsules of 6% alkaloid kratom will cost you $39.

3. Mit45

Mit45 is slightly different because they are not general kratom retailers. You can’t buy 20 different strains in capsules and loose powder format from these guys. Mit45 is actually specialized in kratom shots, but they also sell kratom capsules and powders.

But the kratom they sell is incredibly high-quality and suitable for anyone who just wants an easy choice of getting good kratom in an easy capsule format.

They mainly market blended white, red, and green kratom capsules. The alkaloid content is rich, and they even have a rebilling program if you want to be really lazy.

So what we are basically looking at is white, red, and green blended Maeng Da kratom capsules. If you’re lazy, just use red for calm and pain relief, green for calmness and a cognitive boost, or white for mental and physical energy increases, and you are good to go.

However, that’s not the whole story. Mit45 has recently started selling the same blended kratom at a cheaper price in loose powder pouches. So now you get the choice between the convenience of the capsules at a slightly higher price or the more difficulty to deal with kratom powder to the same quality standard.

You’ll get free shipping across the USA, and a full moneyback guarantee.

In terms of pricing from Mit45, you’re going to be paying around $25,97 for 125 capsules. Certainly not the most expensive, and it’s definitely great quality blended kratom.


How Much Does Kratom Cost?

The price of standard kratom products will vary wildly. However, there are various factors that feed into this. The amount of kratom the company purchases will lower the price. Bigger companies will have bigger buying power and can offer lower prices.

Also, poor kratom will often be cheaper. This could be just weaker kratom, or it could even be kratom cut with other things to make it stronger and cheaper. Do not buy kratom at gas stations or smoke shops, it’s never good quality. Always buy kratom online from trusted vendors.

From a good quality sellers like Kona kratom, The Evergreen Tree, Kratom spot, Kingdom kratom, or Kratora, for popular kratom strains like red Borneo, you can expect to pay around $12-$15 per ounce.

How Long Does Kratom Take To Kick In?

  • How long kratom takes to kick in will depend on a few factors:
  • Your age, health, and metabolism will affect the speed of it being processed
  • The dose of kratom can affect how long it takes to fully kick in
  • Whether your stomach is empty or full will dramatically affect the time to process it
  • Whether it’s a powder form, liquid or capsule form will affect the processing time
  • The amount and potency of the powder will matter (extracts or standard powder)

On average, to give you a ballpark figure, taking kratom on empty stomach as a healthy person using premium quality, you should start to feel kratom’s effects within 30 minutes, and be under the influence of the full spectrum of the dose within 60 minutes.

How To Make Kratom Extracts?

There are various ways to extract the alkaloids in kratom, including simply using water and citric acid (and sometimes alcohol). But these aren’t efficient and they aren’t the way they are made professionally.

Kratom extract is made using water and some extraction ingredients. It is boiled down until the water is highly concentrated and rich in alkaloids extracted from various kratom powders used.

This water becomes thick and rich with alkaloids as you boil more and more powder into it.

Then, you lay the resulting sludge out in a tray and bake it gently. This creates a potent dried resin which is then ground down to make a far stronger powder.

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How Hard Is Kratom On The Liver?

There is very little scientific evidence that kratom is hard on the liver. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not, it just means it has been studied.

There have been a couple of anecdotal cases where people have reported to the emergency room with liver problems as kratom users.

However, in both of those documented instances that I looked into, they had issues with other substances such as alcohol and other drug abuse, both of which could have caused the problem.

However, kratom is an opioid and does have to be processed by the liver. High doses of kratom use will evidently put some strain on the liver, especially if taken regularly.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In the System?

There are no detailed studies that have looked at how long kratom stays in your system. It’s estimated though that the half-life of kratom is between 12 and 24 hours.

Therefore, kratom can stay in your body for up to a day, and even up to 2 days. In fact, full elimination can take 5 half-lives, so it could be 2 ½ days, or even as long as five days to be fully eliminated.

Who Sells The Best Quality Kratom Capsules?

The best vendors in the kratom industry have a supply chain to Southeast Asia that is traceable, they do not just buy from wholesalers in America blindly.

The best quality kratom vendors in the USA right now are Kona, Kratora, The EvergreenTree, and if you want high-quality blended kratom and shots, MIT45 kratom.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Buy Kratom? Is Kratom Legal?

How old you have to be to buy kratom varies between US states. In many states there are no restrictions at all, meaning even a child could buy it.

Some states, like Arizona and Georgia, have an 18-age restriction on buying kratom products. Therefore, you really have to check the legality of kratom in your individual state.

How Often Can You Take Kratom?

Kratom ( mitragyna speciosa) can be taken daily. However, there is a word of caution here. Hitting kratom every single day at high doses can cause tolerance and dependency.

But moderate doses of kratom, 5 g or less, daily, don’t seem to pose much of a problem. The problem comes with needing an escalating dose due to tolerance, which then hits all of the opioid receptors, bringing on increasing potential for dependence.

Therefore, it’s safest to take kratom at the lowest dose possible and to only use it when necessary. If you use it regularly, try and have a break of at least a day between taking it, and aim to use it only three or four times per week.

Which Kratom Strains Are The Most Potent?

There is no such thing as a most potent kratom strain. What really matters is the vein color and the dose you take. At low doses, kratom is very similar, and usually has some stimulant effects, and as the dose gets very high, all kratom starts to become overwhelmingly sedating.

There are differences between the strains, but they are very minor compared to the differences between the vein colors and the dosage level you choose. In addition, what’s even more important is you get good quality kratom.

Some kratom users claim Maeng Da kratom is the most potent strain of kratom. But, it’s not a strain of kratom at all. It translates as “pimp grade”, and is simply a social marketing term that refers to stronger kratom.

So, Maeng Da kratom powder could simply be a white vein kratom that is stronger than normal, so it’s packaged up under the name White Maeng Da. Therefore, it’s probably the most potent type of normal kratom, but it’s not a strain, and it could even be blended between several different strains.

What Is OPMS Kratom?

OPMS is a brand of kratom. It’s widely known because the company got it into local stores across the USA. It’s also sold online by third-party non-specialist sellers widely as well, giving it high visibility. Backed up by marketing, it’s become the most well-known brand of kratom.

The problem is that it’s low-quality kratom and it’s hideously expensive. You are far better off buying from specialist online kratom vendors such as The Evergreen Tree, Kratora, Kona kratom, or MIT45 for high-potency kratom shots.

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How Many Kratom Capsules For Anxiety?

The best kratom for dealing with anxiety is slightly stronger doses of red and green vein kratom, which have a higher balance of alkaloids that can calm you down.

A moderate dose of kratom is around four or 5 g. So you should be looking at around five, six, or 7 g to dampen down anxiety and still function. Obviously, the exact level of dose will be dependent on your reaction to kratom, the result you want, and the quality of the kratom product.

Kratom capsules are usually 500 mg each, so 5 g of loose powder would be the equivalent of 10 capsules.

How Many Kratom Capsules Should I Take?

How many kratom capsules you take is completely depends on the kratom user. They are dosed mostly at 500 mg, so two kratom capsules are a gram of powder.

Therefore, if you are going to take 5 g of loose powder kratom, you would take 10 kratom capsules for exactly the same dose. If the kratom quality is low you will need bigger doses to achieve the same effects.

Always make sure to buy kratom capsules that are of premium quality, and always buy kratom online from trusted vendors. The kratom products sold in smoke shops and gas stations are always low quality and not fresh.

What Is The Best Kratom For Pain?

All kratom strains are good for pain at higher doses. However, red vein kratom has pain relieving properties.

Therefore, if you are looking for good kratom to relieve pain, then high-quality red strains like Thai, Borneo, Indo, and others are perfect for to alleviate pain.

Red Maeng Da is another option as it’s meant to be stronger kratom. But it’s not a kratom strain, it’s either a single type of stronger kratom that is just labeled as Maeng Da, or it’s blended kratom. But if you are looking for a strong red vein mix that has pain-reducing effects then Red Maeng da Kratom is an excellent choice.

What Is The Best Kratom Strain For Opioid Withdrawal?

The best kratom strains for opioid withdrawal symptoms are red vein strains. Kratom interacts with the opioid receptors in the human body in a similar way as opioids do, but it’s far less addictive.

There is not a single red strain that is the best for opioid withdrawal symptoms and addiction treatment. You can use Red Borneo, Red Bali Kratom, or even kratom extracts.

Make sure to keep your dosages as low as you can, because your body can build up a tolerance. It’s not a dietary supplement!

Is Kratom Addictive? Yes, kratom can be addictive, If you take huge amounts daily uncontrollably. Kratom addiction is a real issue, and kratom withdrawal is very “unpleasant” so make sure to don’t go overboard.

How Long Does Kratom Stay In Urine Drug Test?

Just as with other drugs, the length of time the kratom is detectable in urine will depend on the frequency and dosage with which you have taken leading up to the test. As a regular user, it could be as long as five or six days before your test negative.

However, don’t avoid kratom! it’s important to note that no standard drug testing in the USA looks for kratom use. Don’t start doing a detox program because you consumed kratom recently. It’s a very rare additional panel added onto a panel drug test, and very, very few people commission drug tests with a kratom panel.

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