Best Kratom For Energy And Focus (Top Strains To Feel Motivated) 2023

In this guide, I’m going to tell you how to use kratom for energy and focus boosts.

It’s actually quite tough because kratom tends to really chill you out and sedate you at higher doses. Finding the balance between dose, strain, vein color, and kratom type can be tough to get the exact effect you want.

I’m going to be talking about my Go-to kratom vendors where you can buy the best kratom for energy and focus:

  1. Kona KratomThe Absolute best quality kratom powder, extracts, capsules, and variety packs
  2. MIT45 Kratom Shotsthe strongest liquid kratom shots you will find
  3. BuyKratom (Kratora) – an incredible range of kratom powder and variety packs at good prices
  4. The Evergreen Tree large range of kratom with exact alkaloid content stated

Overall, in the next five minutes, you’re going to learn everything you need to know to get started with experimenting with dosing kratom at the right levels for energy and focus boosts, as well as helping to deal with anxiety, and where to start with types of kratom to use.

Kratom Vein Colors Explained

When it comes to using kratom for any specific purpose other than just chilling out, then the vein color is the most important differentiation between the types you can buy.

Using kratom for energy and focus is no good if you are just wanting to drop out and lay down, or you can’t focus your mind because it’s drifting. Therefore, you need to understand the differences between the vein colors, which are as follows:

1. White vein kratom – Boost Energy Levels

White kratom is the most energizing vein color. Kratom leaf contains hundreds of different stimulants, and lots of alkaloids, of which the two most predominant are Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy mitragynine.

White vein kratom leaves contain the most stimulants that are caffeine-like, which is unsurprising as kratom is a member of the coffee family.

At low to moderate doses, therefore, white kratom is lifting up your energy levels. As the dose increases, the same as with any type of kratom, it becomes more and more of a central nervous system depressant and relaxer, due to the two predominant alkaloids starting to overwhelm everything else. For me, the best kratom for energy is white Borneo or white Bali kratom, both are perfect for a quick physical energy boost.

2. Red vein kratom -Relieving Pain/Sedative effects

At low doses, red strains can give you an energy boost. As the dose increases, it’s not the best at achieving this.

The alkaloid balance of red vein kratom is a little different. As the dose increases it becomes more opiate-like due to the predominance of opiate-like alkaloids. You are more likely to feel warm, tired, happy, and sedated as the dose increases than energized and focused. Another use of red strains is relieving pain and it’s also often used for opiate withdrawals.

3. Green kratom strains – Focus And Mental clarity

Your third choice is green kratom. It’s a great middle ground between white and red, containing elements of both.

Not quite as energizing and focusing as white vein kratom, but not as sedating as red kratom. At moderate doses, it will keep you energized and calm, at higher doses it has stimulating effects.

How Much Does The Kratom Strain You Choose Matter?

I’ll be honest here, the actual kratom strain you choose is the least important factor behind the richness of alkaloid content and vein color. The reason is that you cannot trust what a strain actually is.

A company might say they have fantastically rich white Borneo kratom. That means it should be white kratom grown on the island of Borneo.

But the thing is, Borneo is covered in kratom plantations. Wholesalers buy from around the island mix it all up and sell it on to Western companies who bag it up and sell it to you.

The island of Borneo in Southeast Asia is owned by Indonesia, Brunei, and Malaysia. So kratom that is labeled as Borneo, Indo, Malay, or Kalimantan, could all literally be exactly the same kratom in different bags.

Generally, the different white, red, and green strains will feel pretty similar within each vein color. The vein color is what is vital for differentiating effects, especially dosing kratom for an energy boost.

You’re looking for white, or possibly green vein kratom to maintain energy and focus.

That’s exactly why in Indonesia, white kratom is known as “morning kratom”, and green kratom is known as “afternoon kratom”.

Red kratom is known as “evening kratom”. That tells you it’s not suitable for energy boosting.

Once you’ve found the perfect kratom dose you like of white and green kratom, then you can experiment with different strains from reputable sellers.

Green Malay and green Indo are good starting points for green strains, and White Borneo is the white kratom strain I would recommend. (because it can encompass different types).

Kona Kratom sells fantastic white Borneo kratom capsules and loose powder. Kratom capsules are incredibly convenient, and if you’re a beginner and you want to pop a few to get an instant energy boost.

350 capsules from the Kona Kratom of White Borneo, cost just $99, including free shipping. That’s affordable to experiment with, and you don’t have to mess around with the mess and bitter taste of kratom powder.

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Maeng Da, Ultra Enhanced, And Kratom Extracts Explained

Once you’ve mastered white and green strains at the correct dose ranges to lift up your energy levels and mood without drop-off and tiredness, then you can look at the more extravagant and concentrated versions.

1. Maeng Da kratom

“Maeng Da kratom” is not a kratom strain. It translates as “pimp grade” kratom. It refers to strength, and it’s purely a marketing term. Maeng da kratom is usually the mix of the strongest kratom strains.

Here’s the thing. Maeng Da kratom should just be stronger kratom. So let’s say the US retailer gets some particularly strong (rich in alkaloids) White Borneo. They know they can make a bigger profit from it, so they label it as White Maeng Da kratom powder and sell it for more money.

They could also do that by blending one or more different types of stronger kratom powders, including white and red strains. You literally cannot be sure exactly what you are getting in bags labeled as “Maeng Da Kratom kratom powder”.

But it can be stronger and a single-vein color if you get it from good retailers. If they state the alkaloid content, will have a guarantee that it’s white, green, or red and stronger than standard kratom, then it can be a far better experience for any purpose, including energy and focus (white and green).

2. Ultra-Enhanced kratom

Ultra-enhanced kratom is created by boiling down a larger amount of kratom leaves to make the same amount of powder. So that for each gram of standard kratom powder, they could use five, or 10 times more to get the same amount of end volume.

It’s boiled down until it’s crystallized resin. This is then ground into a highly concentrated crystallized powder. The strengths are often debatable, and some enhanced kratom is made by other means, but this is the traditional method.

3. Kratom extracts

Extracts are literally that. Highly concentrated amounts of the alkaloids are extracted and then put into kratom to create a highly potent version. Sometimes, this is interchangeable with ultra-enhanced kratom, and there is some confusion over which processes are which.

But mostly, extracts are where additional alkaloids are added to standard kratom, hence the 25x and 50x designations of having that amount more alkaloids than standard kratom powder.

Best Kratom For Energy And Focus Explained

If I want an energy boost and focus on kratom I will go for a white strain. Basically, anyone will do, and if you can get the real deal, then you’ll get an additional kick from instead choosing ultra-enhanced, white Maeng Da, or white extracts.

Dosing is important, and I will cover that separately in a moment. Take too much, and you will start to get overwhelmed by the dropping out and getting detached feelings that all kratom gives you at higher doses.

Take too little, and you’ll gain a jittery focus like using caffeine, but without getting the full-spectrum benefits.

For me, the right dose of the right kratom, especially the most energetic strains like Borneo or Bali, can produce a boost in my energy levels and focus for a couple of hours without being overwhelming. You can also potentiate kratom with grapefruit juice, apple cider vinegar, or magnesium. This way you can keep your kratom dosage lower, but still, get the same effects.

I’ll also point you toward the MIT45 “Boost” kratom shot for a real energy boost. A good dose of liquid kratom and caffeine, it’s a hit that will get into your stomach and process quickly to bring your energy and focus up to another level in about 45 minutes.

Kratom Dosage For EnergyAnd Focus

It’s really tough to tell you how to dose kratom generally, let alone for energy and focus.

The problem is there are different kratom alkaloids in virtually all kratom supplements you will buy. So all we can do is give you some brackets:

  • Up to 2 g is a beginner’s dose where you will only feel very minor effects
  • Up to 4 g is a good beginner’s dose where you will start to feel the full-spectrum effects
  • Up to 6 g is a strong beginner’s dose where you will feel the full-spectrum effects
  • Up to 8 g is a potentially overwhelming dose, with euphoric or sedative effects
  • Above 8 g you are looking at dropping out and not being able to focus

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Using Kratom For Anxiety Relief

Using kratom for anxiety relief also ties into energy and focus use, and often people want them for both of these purposes. Again, you are looking at moderate doses. But, perhaps slightly higher than for energy boosting.

You’re looking to still function, but not be overwhelmed. So hammering large doses of extracts or ultra-enhanced kratom would be the wrong thing to do.

To really chill out, a few grams of good quality red standard leaf powder will really work wonders. For 5 g of something like Bali, or even a gram less of rich red Maeng Da.

Go lower, and you could get jittery. Go higher, and it could overwhelm you and you won’t want to do anything.

So, for both energy and focus, and to dampen down social anxiety, between 4 and 6 g is the dosage range you should be experimenting with using high-quality kratom products usually red or green kratom strains.

Always Buy Kratom From Trusted Vendors!

For me, if you are looking to find the best quality kratom products from a USA retailer, then from my several year’s experience of using kratom, these are the top 4 kratom vendors you should be experimenting with buying kratom from:

1. Kona Kratom – The Absolute Best Kratom vendor

I discovered these guys last year and they are my absolute favorites now. They sell beautifully packaged and produced high-quality kratom products.

Kratom capsules, powder and even extract tablets, the range is very wide and very potent.

I love the simplicity of the ordering, where you can order different amounts of kratom powder, or capsules all from the same product page. For example, with red Bali kratom, you can order 250 g, 500 g, or thousand grams of powder, or choose 350 capsules, or even a massive jar of 700 capsules. I have tried 20+ kratom vendors in the last 5 years, and so far Kona kratom has the highest quality and purest kratom powder I have ever tried, truly fantastic stuff!

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2. MIT45 Kratom Shots

MIT45 kratom shots are the best on the market. They are highly potent and perfect if you don’t want to deal with kratom powder or anything else.

Kratom shots also great for being discreet and getting a good hit really quickly. Mi 45 gold is the best kratom shot for energy boosting.

You can even get a euphoric high if you pick their Super K Extra Strong shop drink, which contains an incredible 1300 mg of kratom that you can consume in 30 seconds.

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3. BuyKratom (Kratora)

Kratora have been around for a long time and I’ve used them successfully for many years. High alkaloid content, and a great range of products.

If you’re looking to buy kratom for energy and focus, they have a wide range of kratom types you can try. A good starting point is the various variety packs they sell, or you could pick easy-to-use capsules from the wide range they sell.

They even sell kratom gummies, which allow you to get started with kratom without dealing with powder, weighing things, or getting the taste of kratom at all.

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4. The Evergreen Tree

The Evergreen tree is a company not many people have heard of it’s a shame because they are a great kratom company. The crucial reason is that all of the kratoms they sell have its alkaloid content fully analyzed. These grades are then selectable when you buy.

So, you could buy 100 g of Green Bali kratom and choose between three different alkaloid percentage brackets, moderate, average, and strong. You’ll pay more, but it gives you great control and an idea of what you are actually taking.

Also, The Evergreen Tree has all the kratom varieties, the largest range of kratom capsules and powder you will see anywhere, and all at great prices. They have really good quality green maeng da kratom and green Indo kratom in powder and capsule form. Besides powders and capsules, they also sell kratom tea and crushed kratom leaf.

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What Is Kratom Best Used For?

Kratom has a variety of uses and can be best used for several different things at the same time.

It can help with anxiety. Moderate doses of red or green vein kratom can calm you down and chill you out just enough to take the edge off social anxiety.

Kratom can help with low energy and uneven mood. Moderate doses of green or white can lift your mood and your energy levels, and give you some focus while keeping you chilled out. The best kratom for energy boosting is definitely white Borneo and white Bali kratom. Other kratom strains such as Malay and white Sumatra are also excellent.

Be careful with those though, because if you take too much, then you will still have low energy because it will act as an increasingly sedative substance.

Kratom is good at pain relief. Higher doses of kratom, especially green and red kratom, can work at the opioid receptor sites to minimize pain, while also calming your mood down considerably.

Kratom can also help with depression. It has shown evidence of being not only calming at the opioid receptors but also as a partial agonist of the serotonin and dopamine receptors, potentially evening out and slightly lifting your mood as well.

Does Mitragyna Speciosa Help With Pain?

As an opioid receptor agonist, yes, kratom can help with pain relief. In fact, it is used by many people who do not want the addictive tendencies of full opiate medications.

At moderate doses, 5 g or less, good quality kratom won’t give you much pain relief. But above this, especially red vein kratom strains become increasingly effective at calming you down and removing most physical pain. The best kratom strains for pain relief are red malay, red bali and red borneo kratom, but you can also give maeng da kratom a try.

What Kind Of Kratom Do I Need For Withdrawal? (Opioid)

Yes, kratom works very well for easing opiate withdrawal symptoms. Red kratom strains have an alkaloid profile that most positively helps with withdrawal symptoms and pain relief. At higher doses, it is a full agonist of the three different opiate receptors.

Therefore, doses above 6 or 7 g of good quality potent strain will act as increasingly full agonists, removing most physical pain, calming you down and chilling you out, and at higher doses giving you a detached euphoric rush.

Which Kratom Strain Is The Best For Energy?

The best kratom for energy for me is White Borneo and white Bali kratom, but it’s different for every kratom user, so I highly suggest you to experiment with other kratom strains as well.

Kona, Kratora, and The Evergreen tree also sell variety packs. It’s a great way to experiment with different kratom strains without spending much money.

If you are new to kratom and you are looking for the best kratom for energy boosting I would buy a variety pack that contains: white borneo, white bali, green malay, green indo, green maeng da kratom powder, and other strains of white as well.

Wherever you shop make sure to buy good quality kratom, that is fresh and pure.

Does Kratom Increase Depression?

Kratom is a central nervous system depressant. If used well, it can relieve pain symptoms, calm you down, and even give you a euphoric high. White kratom especially, at moderate doses, can even increase your energy and focus levels.

But yes, if you take high doses of kratom, which acts as a strong central nervous system depressant and full agonist of the opioid receptors at high doses, then over time it can increase depressive feelings and think. However, it doesn’t create these, quite the opposite in fact, so it’s something that can happen if you are already feeling this way.

Used sensibly though, and knowing yourself, there is no reason why kratom would increase depressive tendencies. If you notice that you are taking kratom frequently, try to lower your dose, try to take a little bit less day by day, till you reach a “normal level” again, it’s called tapering.

Does Kratom Help Mood?

Kratom not just boosts your natural energy levels, but undoubtedly helps with lifting your mood. If you’re anxious, good doses of green or a good red vein kratom strain varieties can calm you down.

If you are feeling down and blue, with depressive feelings, moderate doses of green or white strains can lift you up, and give you energy, and stimulating effects, while still minimizing any dull feelings you have. I would give white maeng da and green maeng da a try.

This is partly due to the fact that alkaloids in kratom have been shown to have an affinity at the serotonin and dopamine receptor sites, helping to improve and even out your mood.

Just be careful if you’re anxious you don’t take lower doses of white vein kratom which can make you jittery, and if you are depressed, be careful with high doses of kratom which can overwhelm you and lead your mind to wander into dark places.

Is White Maeng Da Better Than White Borneo?

Maeng Da is not a kratom strain. It translates to “pimp grade”. So, it’s just a social and marketing term to describe stronger kratom.

White Maeng Da may not even fully contain white strain kratom, it just means it predominantly contains white strains that are stronger than normal, but some of this strength could be made by blending it with stronger green or red kratom.

Therefore, all you can ascertain is that from a good quality vendor, White Maeng Da should be stronger and more energizing than standard white strain powder. But as it can be blended, that’s not always the case.

So it should be stronger, but is it better? That’s subjective, and I’d advise you to try both to make your own decision for experimenting because kratom can affect people differently between batches and strains.

What Is The American Kratom Association

The American Kratom Association is a voluntary organization that kratom companies join. It has a set of standards for its members for buying kratom, testing it for alkaloid content, safety standards, purity, and freshness.

Does Quest Diagnostics Test For Kratom?

Quest Diagnostics does not test for kratom on its standard drug tests. This is the same with LabCorp, and every other drug testing company.

So if you are facing a standard drug test, then kratom shouldn’t be on it. But you do have to be a little careful as the person commissioning the test can swap out the standard panels for others as they wish. This costs more money though and is very rare.

If you are going for a pre-employment drug test or some sort of standard drug test for any purpose, you should never be screened for kratom use though.

Is Kratom Legal In California?

Kratom is legal in California, although completely unregulated. However, the exceptions to this are the city of San Diego and Oceanside County. In both of these areas, kratom is illegal.

How Is Kratom Harvested?

The kratom tree grows widely across Southeast Asia, both naturally and on kratom farms. It’s the leaves of the tree that are important, with the vein colors mattering. Some trees have green-veined kratom leaves, others white, and others red.

This matters because it means the alkaloid profile of those types of kratom trees are slightly different (there is another variant called horned kratom, which has jagged-edged leaves with white, red, and green veins).

These leaves are picked by farmers. They are then laid out either in the sun, in the dark, or under UV light, to dry them out and produce slightly different strains and effects.

Once dried out, the leaves can be ground down into a powder for traditional kratom. But alternatively, nowadays, those leaves are boiled down until a resin is formed.

It’s that resin that is then dried out and ground into powder. Kratom is harvested and processed in Southeast Asia and sold in the USA and EU.

Is Just kratom, Kraken Kratom, Original Harvest Kratom USA, and Golden Monk good kratom companies?

All of those 4 kratom brands are good. They all have a relatively good reputation. I’ve tried all of those kratom brands, and compared to the top four I recommend, they just don’t match. But It’s just my personal opinion. You should always check the feedback of each kratom vendor.

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