Best Kratom For Pain And Anxiety: Recommended Strains, Dosage, Where to Buy

Kratom can be brilliant for managing pain and anxiety situations, but you have to get the dose right, the vein color right, and the strain right, and work at all of those combinations until you find what works for you. It can be confusing, so what we’re going to do is talk you through how to choose the best kratom for pain and anxiety relief.

This is a full guide to understanding how kratom can treat pain, which kratom is best for pain, and how to dose it. It’s also a complete guide to using kratom for anxiety relief, including which kratom is best for anxiety, and how to dose it.

Fused together, you going to get all the information you need to use kratom successfully to manage physical pain and anxiety problems all in one easy-to-read guide. Plus, we will also talk you through the best places to buy alkaloid rich kratom that won’t let you down.

How Does Kratom Work For Pain

It contains two main alkaloids that have calming and pain-relieving effects: 7-Hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine.

Both of these are opioid alkaloids. That means that they interact with the opioid receptors in the body.

Opiate medication, and some narcotics like heroin, are full agonists of the opioid receptors, which can create calm, reduce pain levels, and at higher doses create euphoria.

The opioids in kratom are not full agonists unless you take a very high dose, mostly they are only partial agonists of the mu-opioid receptors. That’s why kratom produces different effects the higher the dose is, and also why it’s not usually addictive unless you take consistently high doses that become full agonists of all three groups of receptors (mu-, delta-, and kappa-).

However, at a moderate-to-high dose, kratom acts like opioid medication in terms of its potency for relieving physical pain and creating a sense of calm. It also does this with far less risk of dependency than full agonists like heroin and most opiate prescription medications. That’s why kratom is often used for treating opioid addiction, and drug and alcohol dependence. A képen hó látható Automatikusan generált leírás

Which Kratom Is Best For Pain?

Talking specifically about using taking kratom for physical pain, it’s tough to answer the question of which kratom is best for pain.

People are looking for a specific strain, a specific type, and an easy answer to that question. However, kratom is not a straightforward drug (and not a controlled substance).

But what we can say is that the best pain relief comes from red kratom. It actually doesn’t matter very much which strain you use, red kratom is higher in the alkaloid profile that triggers pain-relieving and calming effects than white or green vein kratom, which both tend to be more energizing and focusing than pain-relieving.

What you’re really interested in is a good quality red with a good level of alkaloid content (1.5% or higher).

However, if you’re really looking for more direction, then the advice would be to stick to a “classic” red strain such as Borneo, Bali, or Thai.

You can use Red Maeng Da kratom for pain management, but because it’s not a strain (it’s a marketing term), it just means you’re getting a stronger kratom product. But what the profile of that kratom is, and even if it’s fully red kratom instead of different types being blended, you just won’t know. By all means, try it, but stick to the classics if you want the classic red effect.

A word of warning here: recently many vendors sell kratom extracts. Stay away from them!

The effects compared to normal kratom powder is overwhelming. Kratom addiction can develop more easily.

Kratom Dosage For Pain

At smaller doses, all strains stimulating. You might get very minor relief from pain, but it’s only as you get to moderate and higher doses that the two predominant alkaloids take over that you’ll get that calmness and relief, especially from red vein kratom.

That’s not universal though, and some people do feel slightly sedated even on just a couple of grams of kratom. It really depends on who you are, and the quality of the kratom. The benefits of kratom strains with red veins are good for pain management, opiate withdrawal, joint pain, muscle pain reliever, and even weight loss!

To get really good pain relief, you’re looking at a dose of around 5 g or higher. If it’s good quality kratom, you’ll feel the effects, the calmness, and the pain relief kick in significantly at around that level.

Around 7 g a good quality red kratom will completely deaden physical pain, and really chill you out. But for some people, 7 g can be unsettling or overwhelmingly sedative.

The best advice is to start with the first-experience dosage of around 5 g, and if you get significant pain relief effects, drop it a gram to 4 g. If you don’t, make your dose 6 g the next time, and experiment in that way.

If you’re not feeling significant effects at around 5-6 g then the kratom you have got isn’t good quality.

How Kratom Can Treat Anxiety

Finding the best kratom for anxiety is similar to using kratom for relieving pain.

At low doses, it is a stimulant, those are the alkaloids in the caffeine-like kratom leaves which predominate at low doses. So you’ll be wanting to take a slightly higher dose to get that calmness that will wash anxiety away.

Because it interacts strongly with opioid receptors, it really can chill you out. But you still have to choose the right type of kratom.

What Is The Best Kratom For Anxiety?

When it comes to choosing the best kratom for anxiety, you don’t really want to be going near white kratom.

White tends to be more energizing both physically and mentally. If you want to calm down and chill out, then you don’t want to touch white kratom because that can be like taking a lot of caffeine, and make you really anxious.

Green strains are more relaxing and are a great middle ground if you still want to retain some energy and focus. Green Malay, Green Borneo, in fact pretty much any green strain will be great for inducing some calm but retaining energy levels physically and mentally.

If you really want to chill out, stay completely calm, and not have a care in the world, then a moderate dose of red strain is good. Something classic like Red Borneo, or even Red Horned kratom can offer the perfect alkaloid profile to really ease anxiety symptoms.

Kratom Dosage For Anxiety Relief

As with determining the correct kratom dosage for pain relief, it’s the same with anxiety, you need to experiment.

If we are talking about red kratom, which is strongly calming in nature, then you might want to just try a couple of grams to start off with.

As with pain, if you’re not feeling deeply chilled out on around 5 g of kratom, then it’s poor-quality.

I wouldn’t advise you to go higher than around 7 or 8 g of kratom unless you work up a gram at a time. Although kratom is great for anxiety relief, it can actually create anxiety in some people if you overload the dose.

So the best advice anyone can give is to start with a couple of grams and work up a gram at a time until you feel calm and positive without any reactions, concerns, or side effects.

Common Side Effects Of Kratom

There are several significant side effects of kratom that can catch up with you if you don’t really watch your dose and how often you’re taking it:

It can induce anxiety if you take too much white, or in some people if you take too much kratom generally.

  1. If you take big and frequent doses, or if you are dosing more days per week than not, then you can build up a kratom tolerance. This is where you start to get used to the effects and need more to get the same results. This can lead to a snowball effect where you end up taking very big doses to get lessening effects. Take a break for a couple of weeks if you can feel the effects diminishing.
  2. Kratom can create dependency. If you’re smashing big doses every day to cope with chronic pain or deal with mental trauma like anxiety, then you could get yourself into trouble. If you stop taking it after daily kratom use, most likely you will have withdrawal symptoms. It’s far from a real opioid withdrawal symptoms, but not something you want to experience. Stick to the lowest possible dose from your experimentation, and always have more days per week free from using kratom than using it.
  3. If you’re going to use kratom to deal with pain especially, where you might be taking quite a high dose for chronic pain, do not mix it with alcohol. Both kratom and alcohol our central nervous system depressants, which can make your breathing shallower and cause significant problems if you abuse both. Kratom’s overall health impact requires more research, but it’s nowhere close to pain medications and other drugs.

The Kratom And Xanax Interaction: A Word Of Warning

Kratom powder is derived from the leaves of the kratom tree of Southeast Asia, and contains a myriad of alkaloids. But the predominant one, Mitragynine, is very close to an opiate.

The thing is though, at low doses kratom isn’t really an agonist of the opioid receptors. But as the dose increases, kratom increasingly becomes an agonist of all four of the main opioid receptors, especially the -mu receptor.

Xanax on the other hand is a benzodiazepine. Xanax is actually a brand name for the generic benzodiazepine alprazolam.

It’s usually prescribed for anxiety disorders, along with depression and panic disorders as well.

Xanax is abused socially because of the fast acting nature of it, and how a larger dose can get you feeling very high and happy, as well as increasingly detached.

Kratom high doses have almost exactly the same effect. You’ll feel high, happy, and detached, and then drift down into increasing analgesic sedation.

Benzodiazepines are central nervous system depressants. That means they lower your heart rate, and make your breathing shallower. At higher doses, this can lead to collapse.

Xanax is responsible for more hospital admissions than any other central nervous system depressant medication every year.

Kratom interacts in the body in the same way as opiates when it’s taken at higher doses.

So in the body, regardless of whether it’s a genuine opioid or not, kratom acts as a major central nervous system depressant as well. That’s why you feel happy, detached, drifting, and then sleepy and peaceful.

But if you mix them, then the kratom and Xanax interaction you’re going to get is an enhanced, amplified, depression of the central nervous system.

This is going to lead to an incredible lethargy at least. For some people irresistible drowsiness.

But in others, it can lead to extreme confusion. It can lead to panic, and it can even lead to seizures.

These things can happen with high doses of Xanax on its own, so mixing strong doses of Xanax and kratom together is creating a situation you just cannot predict. You cannot work out how they will interact in advance, and you will struggle to deal with the consequences if they start spiraling out of control. My advice is not to mix kratom with prescription drugs or other psychoactive substances.

Where To Buy The Best Kratom For Pain And Anxiety

So, before we move on to tell you where to buy the best kratom for pain anxiety, let’s a recap:

  • Red kratom is perfect for physical pain management
  • Red kratom and green kratom are good for relieving anxiety (red is better)
  • For pain relief, you’re usually looking at doses of 5 g or higher
  • For anxiety, you will usually need a dose of between 4-7 g
  • Always step up your dose a little at a time to find what works for you
  • Classic red strains like Borneo and Bali, or green strains like Malay are perfect

Used in moderation, with a minimal kratom dosage for pain, or anxiety, kratom can be exceptional for chronic pain and keep you deeply calm but still focused. Kratom users also use it for opioid withdrawal

There are two places that are easy to get high-quality kratom powder delivered from within the USA in just a few days.

1.Kona Kratom

Usually number one on every kratom seller list you’ll see online, Kona Kratom has been around since 2015 and has always delivered exceptional quality. Their pedigree, user reviews, and track record online are better than any other kratom seller.

They have relationships with exporters in Southeast Asia, so there’s no middleman, basically, they import directly to sell to you.

They sell all the major kratom strains, and I would recommend their Red Borneo as it’s exceptional for pain relief, and even Green Malay can have relaxing effects and pain relieving while keeping you energized for several hours.

Kona Kratom also sells kratom in capsules as well as loose powder. Especially for dosing to alleviate pain relief throughout the day, just a couple of capsules of red kratom every few hours can take the edge off pain significantly.

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2.The Evergreen Tree

These guys are relative newcomers to the kratom marketplace, but they have an incredible range and have built up a great reputation in a short space of time.

They sell kratom capsules, crazily more than 25 types, and they sell the same 25 types in loose powder format as well.

Just like Kona Kratom, the quality is exceptional and guaranteed. However, one difference I’ve never seen with any other kratom retailer is that you can choose the alkaloid content.

Basically, they have an alkaloid content of around 1.7%, 2%, and up to 2.4% (although this can vary for the various types of kratom you look at on their website). You can choose between capsules and powder in each of these alkaloid brackets, and then pay a higher price for richer alkaloid content.

It’s brilliant because it means you can choose the strength of the kratom you are buying, and regulate the quality. This should mean a lower total dose in terms of physical powder or capsules.

I thoroughly recommend their Red Sumatra, either in capsules or powder. It’s really rich and potent, and at a dose of around 5 g, you should experience almost total pain relief and a deep calm which will alleviate all symptoms of anxiety. Very high quality products from a trusted vendor.

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Kratom For Pain FAQ

Is Kratom A Central Nervous System Depressant?

Yes, it is a central nervous system depressant. It is a partial, and sometimes full, agonist of the three opioid receptors, which are linked to regulatory responses in the human central nervous system.

At lower doses, kratom is only a partial agonist of the opioid receptors. This is why it doesn’t have the same addictive and full-spectrum effects and addictive tendencies that full agonist opioid medications and drugs like opium and heroin produce.

However, at serious doses, it has been shown to be a full agonist of opioid receptors and it has an analgesic effect. That is why higher doses of kratom have similar effects to opioids and can interact across the spectrum of responses interacting with the opioid receptors.

Does Mitragyna Speciosa Help With Pain?

As an opioid receptor agonist, yes, kratom can help with pain relief. In fact, it is used by many people who do not want the addictive tendencies of full opiate medications.

At moderate doses, 5 g or less, good quality kratom won’t relieve much pain. But above this, especially red strains become increasingly effective at calming you down, and removing most physical pain.

What Kind Of Kratom Do I Need For Withdrawal? (Opioid)

Red kratom has an alkaloid profile that most positively helps with withdrawal symptoms. At bigger doses it is a full agonist of the three different opiate receptors.

Therefore, doses above 6 or 7 g of good quality red kratom will act as increasingly full agonists, removing most physical pain, calming you down and chilling you out, and at higher doses giving you a detached euphoric rush.

Does Kratom Help Mood Enhancement?

It undoubtedly helps with lifting your mood. If you’re anxious, good doses of green or red kratom can calm you down.

If you are feeling down and blue, with depressive feelings, moderate doses of green or white kratom can lift you up, and give you focus and energy, while still minimizing any dull feelings you have. This is partly due to the fact that alkaloids in kratom have been shown to have an affinity at the serotonin and dopamine receptor sites, helping to improve and even out your mood.

Just be careful if you’re anxious you don’t take lower doses of white kratom which can make you jittery, and if you are depressed, be careful with bigger doses of kratom which can overwhelm you and lead your mind to wander into dark places.

What Is Kratom Best Used For?

It has a variety of uses, and can be best used for several different things at the same time.

Taking kratom can help with anxiety. Moderate doses of red or green kratom can calm you down and chill you out just enough to take the edge off social anxiety.

It can help with low energy and uneven mood. Moderate doses of green or white kratom can lift your mood and your energy levels, and give you some focus while keeping you chilled out. Be careful with those though, because if you take too much, then you will still have low energy because it will act as an increasingly sedative substance.

Kratom is good at pain relief. Bigger doses of kratom, especially green and red kratom, can work at the opioid receptor sites to minimize pain, while also calming your mood down considerably. Kratom was recently also used in addiction treatment. It can successfully treat drug and alcohol dependency.

Kratom can also help with depression. It has shown evidence of being not only calming at the receptors, but also as a partial agonist of the serotonin and dopamine receptors, potentially evening out and slightly lifting your mood as well.

What Does Kratom Do To The Heart?

At moderate doses, kratom will not do anything to your heart. However, that’s not the whole story if you are a regular, high-dose user.

If you abuse kratom, then it can affect your heart rhythm. In the long term, it can give you an irregular heart rate.

When you use kratom, as a central nervous system depressant, it will also lower your heart rate. You should therefore not use kratom with other strong central nervous system depressants or with any prescription drugs as it can lower your heartbeat to a dangerous level.

How Do You Deal With Severe Physical Pain?

If you want to use kratom instead of pain medications to deal with severe physical pain, then you should be looking mostly at red kratom.

Red strains have many potential benefits but are mostly used for pain management. It has the strongest alkaloid balance that works at the relevant opioid receptor sites that deal with numbing pain. This is followed by green kratom, with white being the best for mood enhancement, but less effective for pain management.

A good dose of really high-quality red kratom, 6 g or higher, will start to numb the physical pain significantly. Be careful at really big doses though, because this can also cause increased levels of sedation.

For relieving pain relief, red kratom capsules or powder form are perfect. Any strain of good-quality red kratom will do for this. Simply take three or four capsules, three or four times per day, for a total dose of around 6 – 8 g, to take the edge off physical pain.

How Much Kratom Helps With Pain?

It depends on many factors including the quality of the kratom product, your body weight, metabolism, etc…I suggest you start small, let’s say 3-4 grams of high-quality kratom products. If you don’t feel the effects of kratom just raise your dose 0.5 each day, till you find the sweet spot.

Does Quest Diagnostics Test For Kratom?

Quest Diagnostics does not test for kratom on its standard drug tests. This is the same with LabCorp, and every other drug testing company.

So if you are facing a standard drug test, then kratom shouldn’t be on it. But you do have to be a little careful as the person commissioning the test can swap out the standard panels for others as they wish. This costs more money though and is very rare.

If you are going for a pre-employment drug test or some sort of standard drug test for any purpose, you should never be screened for kratom use though.

Does Kratom Increase Depression?

Kratom is a central nervous system depressant. If used well, it can relieve pain symptoms, calm you down, give you a mood enhancement, or even a euphoric high. White strains especially, at moderate doses, can even increase your energy and focus levels.

But yes, if you take high doses of kratom powder, which acts as a strong central nervous system depressant and full agonist of the opioid receptors at high doses, then over time it can increase depressive feelings and think. However, it doesn’t create these, quite the opposite in fact, so it’s something that can happen if you are already feeling this way.

Used sensibly though, and knowing yourself, there is no reason why kratom would increase depressive tendencies.

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