Velocity Trader Review (Investing Daily) Jim Fink and Phil Ash

Jim Fink has launched a new promotional campaign for Velocity Trader.

By subscribing to Velocity Trader today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and guides to help you make huge potential returns on investment. In fact, one trading strategy claims it could “double your money by Friday.

What is Velocity Trader? Should you subscribe to Velocity Trader today? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Jim Fink’s Velocity Trader and how it works today in our review.

What is Velocity Trader?

Velocity Trader is a weekly financial newsletter led by Jim Fink.

Each Tuesday, Jim sends investment ideas, market analysis, stock recommendations, and more to subscribers.

Subscribers receive two stock recommendations each Tuesday morning. You follow the instructions in your email, make the recommended trade, and potentially earn huge returns on your investment.

Jim claims to have a 97% success rate over the past 8 years, indicating he has made money on 97% of his recommended trades. Out of 647 total trades, 626 have been winners.

In fact, Jim claims his unique investing strategy can help you potentially double your money every Friday. By following Jim’s investment recommendations on Tuesday and selling by Friday, you could make huge returns on your investment.

Jim also claims to have identified 24 triple-digit winners in this year alone, according to the official Velocity Trader sales page.

An annual membership to Velocity Trader is priced at $1,495. As part of a special 2022 promotion, all purchases come with a bundle of bonus reports, tools, and guides to help you maximize the value of Jim’s investment recommendations.

How Can You Double Your Money by Friday?

Jim bases his trading recommendations on a unique investment philosophy. Jim claims to have identified a market phenomenon that has allowed him to enjoy a 97% trading success rate while doubling his money within just four days in certain weeks.

Each Tuesday morning, Velocity Trader subscribers receive an email and text alert (optional) with the two latest trading opportunities identified by Jim based on his unique system.

As mentioned above, Jim claims to have a 97% success rate with his trading system, which means 97% of his recommended trades have earned money. Because of these impressive results, Jim claims his trading system “is the absolute easiest way to make money in the stock market.”

Skeptical? Jim backs his claim with a guarantee: if he does not recommend at least 24 trades in the next year that deliver returns of 100% or more (i.e. double your money), then you receive a free second year subscription to Velocity Trader.

How the Velocity Profit Multiplier System Works

How can you double your money in just a few days? How did Jim Fink pick multiple triple-digit trades this year alone?

The secret to Jim’s investing success is his Velocity Profit Multiplier system. Jim relies on this system to inform his trade recommendations. The system spots certain movements in stocks before they take off. by timing stock trades based on this system, investors could earn huge returns on investment.

Here’s how Jim explains the benefits of his Velocity Profit Multiplier System:

“…I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I tell you that Velocity Trader is the ultimate solution to beating the market. Because I built Velocity Trader around my proprietary Velocity Profit Multiplier system, which pinpoints five clear signals stocks send out—BEFORE they move.”

In the past few months alone, Jim’s Velocity Profit Multiplier System has helped Jim make trade recommendations and returns like:

  • 428% on Apple in 2 days
  • 317% returns on Twitter in 6 days
  • 1,800% returns on Broadcom
  • 324% on Wynn Resorts
  • 208% on Amazon in 1 day
  • Other impressive results

Because of these results and others, Jim claims his Velocity Profit Multiplier System helped him personally transform his life savings of $50,000 into $5.3 million. Today, Jim is wealthy because of his unique trading system.

By subscribing to Velocity Trader today, you get the same trade recommendations from Jim’s Velocity Profit Multiplier System, helping you potentially make similar returns on investment.

Jim Uses Options Trading to Multiply Returns

Obviously, Amazon’s stock will not rise 208% in 1 day. So how does Jim make such impressive returns on investment while maintaining a 97% success rate with trading?

The secret to Jim’s success is in options trading.

Jim uses options trading to multiply returns and amplify gains. By picking the right side of an options trade, Jim is able to make winning trades with a 97% success rate while earning huge personal returns on investment.

By subscribing to Velocity Trader today, you get access to an 8-part video series led by Jim Fink that explains his unique approach to options trading.

Jim claims his options trading success comes from a Wall Street loophole: Jim has identified “where Wall Street is putting their money in the options market,” allowing him to consistently make winning trades using his system.

Why Options Could Generate Huge Returns With Limited Risk

Jim is a big believer in options trading. He claims his unique options trading system can actually be safer than conventional stock trading – and his 97% success rate speaks to that.

Options trades have another benefit: a built-in expiry date. That expiry date is always on a Friday.

Because options always expire on a Friday, Wall Street does everything possible to make sure they cash in on that day. Options are an enormous cash cow for Wall Street, and Fridays are crucial for milking that cash cow.

In fact, according to Jim, Wall Street firms have a $10 trillion larger stake in options than they do in the stock market, making the options market larger than the NYSE, the Nasdaq, and other stock markets.

By timing the market and perfecting his system, Jim claims to beat Wall Street at their own game while earning consistent returns on investment.

Jim’s System Helps Him Time the Market Perfectly

Jim doesn’t claim to be able to predict the future. However, he does claim his system allows him to time the market, making it easy for him to earn huge returns on investment.

“I’m no astrologist, and I don’t claim to have a crystal ball. But the simple fact is, that hidden amid all the random and chaotic market gyrations we’re familiar with… there are sets of price moves that aren’t random, but instead, are deliberately created.”

Jim developed his system with the goal of spotting those consistent price moves and separating them from that chaos. After years of work, Jim finally found the key.

As one example, Jim claims his system told him when CME Group Inc’s (CME) share price would increase – and by how much:

“For instance, on this particular Tuesday, my system indicated that CME’s share price was primed to go up by the end of the week, in three days… In fact, my system — which is the key behind the massive triple digit winners I’ve been able to put out — not only told me when it would go up, but also by how much.”

CME’s stock had been dropping for several days in a row, allowing Jim to make the trade at a discount price. He sent instructions to followers on Tuesday. Any subscribers who followed his instructions “would have had the opportunity to possibly double your money by Friday,” according to Jim.

How Jim Times the Market

Jim claims to time markets by paying attention to predictable signals. There are plenty of unpredictable reasons markets move. However, Jim pays attention to predictable movements to make smarter trades.

Here’s how Jim describes the predictability of markets:

“…what if I told you the some of these moves are not only not random… but completely predictable. They are so predictable, in fact, I’ve designed my system to pinpoint them with incredible accuracy before they happen…”

Jim claims to have uncovered the predictable causes behind some of Wall Street’s biggest moves. Although not all stock market movements are linked to these predictable movements, many moves are.

Each Friday, as options trades expire, Wall Street does everything in their power to maximize profitability from those options trades. Jim has identified where Wall Street’s money goes, and he uses that information to make smarter trades.

Jim has identified another predictable price signal he uses to time markets. That second signal allows him to time trades in both bear and bull markets. Here’s how he explains the second signal:

“Just like the first one, it also tracks prices that appear to be random, but really aren’t. The difference is that these price moves repeat virtually every year… regardless of whether we’re in a bull market, bear market, or anywhere in between.”

Because of Jim’s research into predictable market movements, he’s able to give subscribers the best possible chance of earning huge returns on their investment – including the potential to double their money every week.

What is Jim Fink’s Accelerated Video Seminar?

By subscribing to Velocity Trader today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and videos highlighting Jim’s unique approach to trading – and how it could help you get rich quick with weekly trades.

Across the 8-part video series, Jim covers topics like:

  • How to setup your account to use options if you haven’t already done so
  • Exactly how Jim discovered where Wall Street is putting their money in the options market – and how you can use this information to make huge potential returns
  • Why Jim’s options strategy is safer than standard stock trading
  • Jim’s secret to rolling an options trade, allowing you to make even more money when the stock market makes an unexpected move
  • How Jim’s three trading “keys” have worked together to give him an unparalleled win streak and 97% success rate
  • Jim’s “trade extender” that allows you to add more time to a trade
  • Overall, the 8-part video series walks you through options trading and how it works, explaining everything you need to know about getting started.

Once you’ve completed the 8-part video series, you’re ready to follow Jim’s weekly trading recommendations. You can make Jim’s two recommended options trades every Tuesday, potentially earn money by Friday, and repeat every week to potentially make huge returns.

How Much Money Can You Make with Velocity Trader?

Jim Fink and his team are careful to explain that past results don’t guarantee future outcomes. However, the Velocity Trader website and presentation are filled with testimonials from customers who have earned huge returns by following Jim’s investment recommendations.


Jim also claims to have a 97% success rate, which means he has made money on 97% of his recommended trades. Out of 647 closed trades in total (made once a week going back the past 8 years), Jim has made a winning trade 626 times.


Here are some of the testimonials shared by clients on the official Velocity Trader website:

One inexperienced investor followed Jim’s investment advice and earned enough that she is “planning to retire very soon” after making “close to $200,000.” That woman “didn’t know much about investing” prior to following Jim’s advice, but she earned huge returns by following Jim’s step by step guide.

Another customer, a retiree from Florida, made $22,000 in the first 2.5 months of using Jim’s system. He started with $40,000, growing it to over $62,000 over the last 2.5 months.

One new subscriber claims he paid for his Velocity Trader membership with two trades in just four days, suggesting he earned over $1,495 within the first few days of signing up for Velocity Trader.

One customer claims he started his journey with $5,000 and made $20,000 “within 4 months by following your [Jim’s] recommendations.”

One customer claims this year “has been my best year so far” with trading, claiming she has earned $95,858.75 in net gains. Now, she claims she’s “hooked for life” and is able to live off the proceeds of her trading without touching her retirement funds.

Another Velocity Trader subscriber claims he makes around $5,000 per month with trading because of his subscription.

One reviewer claims he made 100% returns this year with Jim’s advice, earning over $400,000 and doubling his account value.

What’s Included with Velocity Trader?

Velocity Trader includes a bundle of bonus reports, videos, guides, and more. As part of a 2022/2023 promotion, all new subscribers receive a bundle of bonuses.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Velocity Trader today:

Weekly Velocity Trader Newsletters: Each Tuesday, Jim sends an email and text message (optional) to subscribers with his two recommended options trades of the week. Jim claims to have a 97% success rate with trades over the past 8 years – including 24 trades with triple-digit returns and higher this year alone. In fact, traders could make Jim’s recommended trades on Tuesday and double their money by Friday, according to the official website.

Jim’s Accelerated Video Seminar: In this 8-part video series, Jim walks you through his unique approach to investing. You can discover how Jim’s investing strategy works, how he’s able to have a 97% success rate with options trades, and how he turned $50,000 into over $5 million through options trading. Whether you’re new to options trading or looking for more information, this course can help you make the most of your subscription. Once complete, you’re ready to follow Jim’s two recommended weekly trades.

Access to Online Trader’s Clubhouse: This clubhouse is a subscribers-only platform where you can interact with other members, ask Jim questions, and share results with like-minded traders.

Seasonal Velocity Scanner: Your subscription includes access to a software called the Seasonal Trading Scanner. This software is optional, but it brings additional trading opportunities to the table. You can download it to your computer, install it (after following the instructions), and potentially “make even more money,” according to Jim, in addition to the trading recommendations he sends every Tuesday. The goal of the scanner is to tell you about the most dependable, recurring trading opportunities throughout the year.

Jim’s Two Current Trades: As soon as you subscribe to Velocity Trader, you get access to Jim’s two latest trade recommendations. Each trade comes with step-by-step instructions, allowing you to take advantage of the opportunity immediately.

Velocity Trader Pricing

Velocity Trader is priced at $1,495 per year. Your subscription automatically renews at the listed rate, and you can cancel at any time:

Annual Subscription to Velocity Trader (Weekly Issues + Bonuses): $1,495

Velocity Trader Refund Policy

Your Velocity Trader subscription is non-refundable.


However, Jim offers a “double your money guarantee.” If Jim does not provide you with at least 24 trades with 100% returns over the next year, then you receive a complimentary annual subscription to Velocity Trader (i.e. a free second year). Contact the Investing Daily customer service team.

About Investing Daily

Velocity Trader is published by Investing Daily, a financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid subscription services.

In addition to Velocity Trader, other popular premium services from Investing Daily include Wealth Society, Income Forecaster, Investing Daily Insider, Jim Fink’s Inner Circle, and Mayhem Trader.

Investing Daily’s analysts include Jim Pearce, Jim Fink, Robert Rapier, Stephen Leeb, Scott Chan, John Persinos, and Joe Duarte.

Investing Daily is led by Phil Ash. The company is a division of Capitol Information Group.

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Investing Daily’s customer service is available Monday through Friday from 830am to 6pm ET.

Final Word

Jim Fink and the Velocity Trader team have launched a new promotional campaign advertising Jim’s 97% success trade and history of recommending winning trades.

By subscribing to Velocity Trader today, you get an 8-part video series and bonus reports explaining everything you need to know about Jim’s trading philosophy, how it works, and how you could use this trading system to potentially double your money every Friday.

All Velocity Trader subscriptions come with two trade recommendations every Tuesday morning. Jim uses his trading system to identify trades with the best possible chance of doubling your money, and he recommends those trades to subscribers

To learn more about Jim Fink’s Velocity Trader and what you’ll learn, or to subscribe today, visit the official website.