Boston Blackout of 2023: The Big Secret on Wall Street Review (Porter & Company Research)

Porter & Company Research is warning of a major blackout that could hit Boston in 2023.

The Boston Blackout of 2023 will spread across the United States, harming people across the country while allowing certain individuals to profit. By taking action today, you can protect yourself and your family before it’s too late.

Find out everything you need to know about the Boston Blackout of 2023 and how Porter & Company Research aims to help today in our review.

What is Porter & Company Research?

Porter & Company Research is a financial publishing company founded in April 2022 by Porter Stansberry.

Porter Stansberry has spent 25+ years in the financial publishing space. In December 2020, Porter retired as MarketWise’s Chairman of the Board. Then, he founded Porter & Company.

Today, Porter & Company offers paid reports, subscription services, investment recommendations, and more.

As part of a winter 2022/2023 promotion, Porter Stansberry has uncovered details about Boston resorting to Russian natural gas to heat itself during the winter – and how this situation could provide you with a unique investment opportunity.

During the presentation, you’ll discover the best natural gas companies in the United States to buy, including one natural gas company that could deliver 10x returns on investment, according to Porter Stansberry.

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What is the Boston Blackout of 2023?

According to Porter & Company Research, Boston will experience a devastating blackout in the middle of winter 2023.

That blackout will force thousands of Bostonians into emergency shelters. Thousands more could freeze to death.

This blackout won’t be an accident: it’s caused by certain politicians in the United States who have pushed a left wing, anti-energy, environmentalist agenda over the past decade. These decisions are threatening America’s energy independence – and we’ll see the true cost of those decisions during the Boston Blackout of 2023 and the ensuing chaos.

You can learn more about the Boston Blackout of 2023 and how you can protect your family in a video presentation at Blackout2023.com. In that video presentation, Porter & Company Research explains why the blackout will occur, who will profit, and which actions to take to protect your family.

What Will Cause the Boston Blackout of 2023?

Porter & Company Research traced the Boston Blackout of 2023 to Russian gas. Since the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, the United States has enacted certain sanctions against Russian individuals and companies. Some of those sanctions will cause the Boston Blackout of 2023.

The United States has banned a company called PAO Novatek from selling gas to the United States. PAO Novatek is the largest independent natural gas producer in Russia.

PAO Novatek has been building a huge natural gas facility called Yamal over the last decade. It’s a $30 billion natural gas field, pipeline system, and liquefaction facility, and it’s the largest energy production facility in the entire world.

PAO Novatek’s Yamal is also located in a far flung corner of the planet: it’s above the Arctic Circle. In fact, Russia had to develop a whole new class of icebreaking ships to make the facility accessible – and trade its gas with the world.

For all of these reasons, Yamal is Vladimir Putin’s crown jewel energy asset.

Yamal came online in 2018, and PAO Novatek started to sell liquified natural gas (LNG) to the world.

However, people didn’t want to buy Russia’s natural gas. Because of Crimea, the invasion of Ukraine, and other Russian actions, Russian struggled to find buyers.

Nevertheless, the first client of PAO Novatek’s Yamal project was the United States government, which bought gas from the company for the city of Boston in 2018. At the time, Boston was in the middle of a huge and severe cold snap:

“Russian gas, produced in the Arctic, shipped to Boston, all to keep Americans from freezing. How could this be true? How in the world could it come to this?”

Why is Porter & Company Research telling you this? What’s the point of following this natural gas trail from Russia to the United States?

According to Porter & Company Research, a group of American political elites are to blame for this crisis. Their actions led to the 2018 crisis – and their actions will lead to the Boston Blackout of 2023.

Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren, and Maura Haley Have Blocked New England Energy Infrastructure

Porter & Company Research blamed the 2018 incident on Ed Markey, Elizabeth Warren, and Maura Healey.

Ed Markey and Elizabeth Warren are the two senators of Massachusetts, while Maura Healey has served as Attorney General since 2015.

The three have blocked any new energy pipelines from entering New England over the past decade. Now, Boston and other parts of New England are facing an energy crisis as a result – and they’re resorting to buying oil from Russia that has been shipped halfway across the world.

They canceled the PennEast pipeline, for example, and have blocked all other attempts at securing Massachusetts’ energy independence.

And yet, when Boston gets cold, these three politicians heat their homes with Russian natural gas. That’s where Porter & Company Research sees the hypocrisy: these politicians claim to be green, yet when crisis strikes, they’re forced to face the consequences of their decisions.

Porter & Company Research believes New England needs reliable access to fossil fuels to prevent future economic disasters – and greater reliance on Russia:

“…because without reliable access to fossil fuels, there’s no transportation, there’s no electricity, there’s no modern world. Without oil and gas, everything as we know stops. There’s no light, there’s no refrigerators…no one can travel anywhere. Everyone is cold or in the summertime, they’re hot.”

Over time, this leads to civil unrest. A single blackout – caused by poor energy infrastructure – can spread across the United States and threaten the safety of yourself and your family.

Russia Holds Increasing Power Over Europe and the United States

All of Porter & Company Research’s work leads to a simple conclusion: Russia has enormous power over Europe and the United States as soon as temperatures drop:

  • Russia produces most of the world’s energy
  • Over the last decade, left-leaning politicians with green agendas have reduced America’s energy infrastructure, making it harder to distribute, manufacture, and sell fossil fuels and their derivatives
  • Politicians have blocked pipelines, for example, that would make it easier to transport oil and gas to processing facilities, allowing the United States to maintain energy independence
  • We still rely on fossil fuels to heat our homes, which makes us vulnerable to cold temperatures and other extreme events
  • When cold weather struck Boston in 2018, the United States government was forced to buy Russian gas; during the Boston Blackout of 2023, Russia could have enormous leverage over the United States, and the people of Boston could freeze to death as they’re used as political pawns
  • Porter & Company Research predicts Europe will have huge demand for gas in early 2023, causing shortages across the world that will spread to the United States

How the Boston Blackout of 2023 Will Spread Across the Rest of the United States

Porter & Company Research believes the world will face energy shortages this winter because of poor natural gas infrastructure and over-reliance on Russian gas.

It will start in Europe, then spread to cold parts of the United States – like Boston. Then, it will continue spreading across the United States.

Here’s what Porter & Company Research expects will occur in winter 2023:

High energy demand in Europe will push natural gas prices higher

This demand will spread to the United States, with places like Boston and other cold weather cities increasing gas prices even further

Because of our poor natural gas infrastructure, Russia will have a near-monopoly on the world’s natural gas, and they’ll be able to charge whatever they like because people will freeze without gas

High natural gas prices will push inflation even higher than it already is, spreading the energy crisis across the United States and around the world

For all of these reasons and more, Porter & Company Research believes you need to take action today to protect yourself and your family.

America Needs to Produce 50% More Natural Gas – And Only a Handful of Companies Can Help

The point of Porter & Company Research’s presentation is to tell you about an investment opportunity in the natural gas space.

“America needs to produce around 50% more natural gas (only a handful of companies can make this happen)…”

Producing 50% more natural gas would require America to produce around 50 billion cubic feet more of natural gas every day.

Fortunately, America has the capability of increasing natural gas production by that amount. We have the infrastructure in place. America can produce enough gas to help itself and its allies – and avoid the devastating effects of expensive natural gas from Russia and the resulting inflation.

Porter & Company Research has created a report disclosing which energy companies hold the right cards for natural gas production – and why those companies could make fortunes for investors.

By investing in the right energy companies today, you could potentially earn huge profits over the coming winter and beyond as these companies rise to address demand for natural gas.

However, none of these things are going to happen, according to Porter & Company Research, until Joe Biden’s administration reigns in America’s “radical environmentalists” like Ed Markey and Maura Healey. These politicians and others want to reduce America’s natural gas production and distribution.

ESG Investing is Ruining America’s Energy Independence

Porter Stansberry believes ESG investing is ruining America’s energy independence. ESG investing involves implementing Environmental, Societal, and Governance into your investing strategy.

ESG investing is leading some of the world’s largest hedge funds to sell oil and gas companies, for example, and buy green energy instead.

Porter also cites an example where a small hedge fund purchased a small stake in ExxonMobil, then demanded the company – the world’s second largest energy company – change significant parts of its operation to support green energy. That hedge fund also wanted to elect new members to the 12-person board. The effort worked – and ExxonMobil was forced to change certain aspects of its operation.

These ESG investing strategies and others are harming America’s energy independence. However, they can present a good opportunity for investors. As large hedge funds are forced to sell profitable companies in lucrative industries, ordinary investors – not bound by ESG investing requirements – can take action and make money.

Best 3 Natural Gas Stocks to Own Today

Certain natural gas companies are in a good position to heat America this winter and in the future. America has some of the world’s largest reserves of natural gas, and many companies are in a perfect position to heat American homes, power America’s allies, and secure America’s independence from Russian energy.

America’s natural gas companies have the infrastructure to produce enough natural gas to heat the country and the world. America has invested enormously into pipelines and other infrastructure.

Today, however, that infrastructure is under-utilized. America hasn’t built a new major natural gas pipeline since 2008, according to Porter & Company Research. America is ready to process its large natural gas reserves – but because of politics, that natural gas is not being used.

Making things worse is that high European gas prices will drive natural gas companies to Europe. Instead of selling natural gas to Americans at discount rates, companies will send their gas to Europe to take advantage of high prices.

All of these factors will converge to make this winter devastating for people in Boston and surrounding areas:

“It’s now virtually certain that Boston, and possibly other parts of New England and New York, will be plunged into the dark and cold during the chilliest days of the winter.”

Fortunately, Porter & Company Research have found a solution: by investing in the right natural gas companies today, you could potentially make huge returns on investment.

3 Brothers Built the Largest Natural Gas Producer in America

One of the natural gas companies Porter Stansberry likes was founded 15 years ago by three brothers. Today, it’s the largest natural gas producer in America.

Porter recommends investing in this company today because investors could make huge returns on investment. In fact, Porter believes someone who buys stock in this company could earn 10x returns over the coming months.

“Over the next decade, I expect investors in this company to make over 10 times their money.”

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Final Word

Porter Stansberry has launched a new subscription-based financial publishing company called Porter & Company Research.

As part of a winter 2022/2023 promotion for Porter & Company Research, Porter Stansberry has created a presentation warning of the Boston Blackout of 2023.

Boston has previously relied on Russian gas to heat the city during cold winter months. Although America has plenty of natural gas, left-wing politics and environmentalism have made it hard for Americans to access that gas, forcing America to rely on natural gas from Russia and other bad actors.

Porter Stansberry believes winter 2022/2023 will be an awakening for America: cold temperatures and skyrocketing gas prices will force America to rethink its green energy strategy, pushing the country back towards natural gas.

By subscribing to Porter & Company Research today, you can discover some of the best natural gas companies to buy today – including companies that could skyrocket in value after the Boston Blackout of 2023.

To learn more about the Boston Blackout of 2023 and which natural gas companies to buy today, visit the official website.