The Destiny City Film Festival returns February 23 – 25

The Destiny City Film Festival prides and centers itself on good storytelling. In this age of Hollywood blockbusters, full to the brim with special effects and huge budgets, the basics of storytelling (the keystone of filmmaking) often get lost. We encourage a return to the traditions of storytelling and have programmed each of this year’s films because they do well with creating a well-rounded story (beginning – middle – end), and not allowing the gimmicks to steal our attention from the meat of their film. That meat, friends, is the story. A story can be almost anything, and according to Merriam-Webster, it is “an account of incidents or events or the evolution of something” – which any film can *technically* do. But stories should also encourage reflection, education, empathy, AND entertainment. You’ll always remember a good story – whether it be a movie, or something your co-worker told you around the proverbial water cooler.  We have carefully selected our films for the very reason that they present a compelling story – an unbeatable experience, a chance to learn, grow, laugh, cry, think, and finally, to return to the reason we tell stories – to connect and relate with one another, to enlighten future generations, and to provide an experience for our peers that they wouldn’t otherwise receive. Long live the power of storytelling. See you at DCFF for some good old fashioned stories.

Our mission is to use the power of vibrant cinematic storytelling to curate an engaged community audience for independent film.     -  DCFF Mission statement
Our mission is to use the power of vibrant cinematic storytelling to curate an engaged community audience for independent film.   – DCFF Mission statement

Film Schedule for the weekend

at the Blue Mouse Theatre unless otherwise noted

Friday, February 23rd  

7:00pm The Song of Sway Lake

8:45pm Opening Night Party

Saturday, February 24th

11:00am FREE Family Shorts: And free donuts!

Coin Operated

Everybody Else is Taken

Catching the L Train

Sunny & Gerd in Spring Cleaning

All the Marbles

12:30pm Around the World in 93 Minutes:

Facing Mecca

Little Bird

Bon Voyage

Iron Hands

Au Revoir Balthazar

The World In Your Window 93 minutes total

1:00pm Free Screenwriting Panel Approx.

90 minutes, at Wheelock Library Meeting Room

This *FREE* panel discusses elements of storytelling through screenwriting, and what goes into crafting an impactful and effective cinematic story.

2:30pm  Monkey Business: The Adventures of the Curious George Creators

4:30pm  Gook(Audience Award,Sundance)

6:30pm  Becks

8:30pm  DCFF After Dark Shorts:

3 filmmakers present – including 2 from the PNW!

(Le) Rebound




Yes, God, Yes

Mixtape Marauders

Sunday, February 25th

12:30pm The Stories We Tell Shorts:

The Flood

Bayard & Me

My Nephew Emmett (Academy Award-nom.)

Edith+Eddie (Academy Award-nominated)


2:30pm  All the Wild Horses

4:30pm  42 Grams

6:30pm  Closing Night Party, at Peaks and Pints

Ticketing information here –

                                                                 – DCFF

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