TechTV pays Tacoma a visit for segment

TechTV personnel came to Tacoma Friday to do a segment on why Tacoma is “America’s #1 Wired City.”

TechTV is the only cable television channel covering technology information, news and entertainment from a consumer, industry and market perspective 24 hours a day. It helps viewers improve their tech knowledge and participate more fully in the digital age.

Leo Laport, host of the show “The Screen Savers,” as well as producer Ken Marquis and Amy Lynn of Tech TV traveled to Tacoma to tape the segment.

While in Tacoma, they toured the Click! Network, the Institutional Network (I-Net) and the Tacoma Technology Center, and conducted an interview with Tacoma Mayor Mike Crowley.

Tech TV can be seen on the Click! Network, channel 163, through their new digital service called Click ON.

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