Tacoma Bid Watch: Tacoma Power archaeologist, Hydrant Annex Building restoration, and surplus land sale

The Tacoma Daily Index often publishes the City of Tacoma's calls for bids asking contractors to meet the City's needs...

The Tacoma Daily Index often publishes the City of Tacoma’s calls for bids asking contractors to meet the City’s needs on a range of supplies, services, and projects. Here is a short-list of some recent and notable calls for bids issued from Tacoma City Hall.

First, Tacoma Power has issued a Request for Proposals seeking archaeologists and historic preservation consultants interested in assessing prehistoric and historic cultural resources at three sites providing hydroelectric power, according to a legal notice published this month in the Tacoma Daily Index.

Bid documents prepared by Tacoma Power staff show two aspects—archaeological services and historic preservation services—comprise the scope of work.

Architectural services include prehistoric archaeological field investigation; research; archaeological monitoring; curation of artifacts; laboratory analysis; collaboration with other cultural resource consultants; consultation with outside agencies; preparation of plans; preparation of information for the public; and report preparation.

Historic preservation services include planning and reviewing modifications and improvements to Tacoma Power’s historic hydroelectric project structures and their associated transmission corridors, as well as other historic structures associated with power production or distribution; inventorying and evaluating National Register of Historic Places eligibility; reviewing and assisting with maintenance determinations associated with properties listed on the National Register of Historic Places; aiding Tacoma Power staff in revising the Historic Properties Management Plan; providing Section 106 correspondence with the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation / Historic Preservation Office when necessary; research and report preparation; and preparing Historic American Building Survey / Historic American Engineering Reports documentation.

The facilities are the Cowlitz River Project (located in Lewis County), which includes Mayfield Dam (completed in 1963) and Mossyrock Dam (completed in 1968); the Nisqually River Project (located in Lewis, Thurston, and Pierce Counties), which includes Alder Dam (built in 1945), LaGrande Dam (built in 1945), and the original LaGrande powerhouse (built in 1912); and the Cushman Project (located in Mason County on the north fork of the Skokomish River), which includes Cushman Dam No. 1 (built in 1925) and Cushman Dam No. 2 (built in 1930).

The bid deadline expires at 11 a.m. on Tues., Aug. 4. The project budget is estimated at $250,000, with $100,000 for archaeological services, and $150,000 for historic preservation services. The contract would initially last for two years, with an option to extend the agreement for up to three additional years. More information is available online here.


Second, Tacoma Water is inviting contractors to bid on a project to pressure wash and paint the steel-and-wood Hydrant Annex Building (pictured below), located at 3420 S. 35th St., in Tacoma. The project budget is estimated at $25,000. The bid deadline expires at 11 a.m. on Mon., July 27. More information is available online here.

Third, the City is accepting bids from parties interested in purchasing a surplus parcel of land (pictured below). Bid documents prepared by City staff show the property, located at 7704 6th Ave., measures approximately 27,500 square feet (or 0.63 acres) and is valued at $35,000 based on an appraisal completed last year. The bid deadline expires at 11 a.m. on Weds., Aug. 26. More information is available online here.


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