PawSafe Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes Reviewed

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are ear cleaning wipes designed to remove dirt and ear wax from dogs.

The professional-strength, alcohol-free wipes are safe for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old, and they condition and moisturize the ears without depleting the natural lipid barrier.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about PawSafe’s Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes today in our review.

What Are PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes?

PawSafe’s Ear Cleaning Wipes are specially-designed ear cleaning wipes for dogs.

Using a naturally-derived formula, the wipes easily eliminate built-up ear wax, dirt, and odors while keeping your dog’s ears itch-free. You can condition and moisturize the skin without depleting your skin’s lipid barrier.

Each wipe is designed to be safe for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old.

You can exclusively buy PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes through PawSafe.com. PawSafe offers a range of pet products, including seatbelts, harnesses, tear stain removers, and more. The company is best-known for its PawSafe Dog Seatbelt, which over 200,000 dog owners have used to protect their pets.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Features

PawSafe markets their Ear Cleaning Wipes with all of the following features:

  • Naturally-derived formula to easily eliminate ear wax, dirt, and odors
  • Keep your dog’s ears itch-free
  • Professional-strength formula for maximum cleansing and removal without harming your dog’s skin
  • Alcohol-free formula to condition and moisturize without depleting the lipid barrier of the skin
  • Safe for dogs and puppies over 12 weeks old
  • Made in the United States

How Do PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Work?

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes feature a natural, plant-based solution to keep your dog’s ears clean and healthy. By wiping your dog’s ears regularly, you can help your dog look and feel its best while avoiding ear infections, dust and mites, dirt, and other build-up in the ears.

Your dog’s ears can fill up with unpleasant compounds. If you don’t clean your dog’s ears, then this build-up can lead to discomfort and infections.

Have you ever noticed your dog scratching at its head and ears? While some scratching is inevitable, other scratching can indicate discomfort within the ears. Unlike humans, dogs cannot easily reach the inside of their ears, making it difficult to dislodge built-up compounds.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes work using natural ingredients to clean dirt, ear wax, and odors from your dog’s sensitive ears. Instead of using harsh medications, you can clean your dog’s ears easily – all while supporting the natural lipid barrier of the skin.

How to Use PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are designed to be easy to use. Just pull and wipe in a single motion, then use as needed to help your dog look and feel great.

Here are the specific steps recommended by PawSafe:

Step 1) Shake the container. Hold the container upside down and shake vigorously for a few seconds to activate the formula and re-saturate the wipes for optimal results.

Step 2) Wipe away residue. Pull away a wipe from the container and gently wipe the inside of the ear flap. For excessive build-up or more infrequent cleanings, you may need to use a second wipe.

Step 3) Use regularly over time. You can continue to wipe the ears once a day for 3 days until all of the residue is gone and odors have disappeared. You can continue to use the wipes once or twice per week to maintain hygiene and prevent infections.

If there’s any remaining liquid in your dog’s ears after using the wipes, then wipe away the leftover liquid using a towel. The leftover liquid will not harm your dog’s ears or skin; instead, it moisturizes without depleting the skin’s natural lipid barrier.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Benefits

Some of the benefits of using PawSafe’s Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes include:

Remove Wax: Dogs get ear wax like humans. Unlike humans, however, dogs cannot easily reach into their ears to remove this wax. Each soothing wipe can remove ear wax to give your dog fresh, healthy ears.

Clean Dirt: You can clean dirt from your dog’s ears using the Ear Cleaning Wipes. Even if your dog isn’t rolling around in the mud all day, it’s still easy for dirt to build up within the sensitive skin around the ears.

Remove Odors: Do your dog’s ears smell? Dog ears can smell due to toxin buildup over time. The PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes can remove odors from ears to give your dog fresh, healthy-smelling ears.

Prevent Infections: PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes can prevent infections, allowing you to regularly clean your dog’s ears while protecting them from itchy skin and ear infections.

Alcohol-Free: PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are alcohol-free and made from plant-based surfactants derived from palm and coconut. Instead of using harsh chemicals to clean your dog’s ears, you can use natural oils and other naturally-derived ingredients.

Sensitive & Safe: The PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are fragrance-free and made from non-toxic ingredients, making them safe for dogs over 12 weeks hold.

Backed by 200,000+ Happy Customers: PawSafe has sold products to 200,000 dogs and customers over the years, selling products like dog seat belts to help dogs stay safe – while giving their owners peace of mind.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Ingredients

PawSafe ear cleaning wipes include three broad ingredients, including water, plant-based surfactants derived from coconut and palm, and a preservative.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Reviews: What Do Dogs and Owners Say?

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are backed by strong reviews online. Most customers like the reasonable price of the wipes, the natural formula, and the effective cleaning power, among other perks.

Here are some of the thoughts shared by customers on the official website:

One customer claims the wipes are “really saturated” with liquid, which makes them ideal for removing gunk from dog’s ears.

Many pet owners claim their dogs don’t scratch their heads as much since they started using the wipes regularly. Some dogs used to whine and paw at their face and ears because of the discomfort, for example, until their owners started to use PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes.

Other customers like how easy the wipes are to use. It’s easy to get the wipes deep enough into the dog’s ears to clean the area without dripping more liquid.

Multiple customers praise the PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes for being some combination of “gentle” and “effective,” claiming they’re strong enough to effectively clean their dog’s ears without being so strong they’re worried about harming the dogs.

Overall, PawSafe’s Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes have a perfect 5 star rating with 15+ reviews on the official website. Because they’re one of PawSafe’s newest products, reviews are still relatively new.

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Pricing

PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes are priced at $19.95 per tub, with each tub containing 100 wipes. You can also save 35% to 41% by buying multiple tubs online today.

Here’s how pricing breaks down through PawSafe.com:

  • 1 Pack: $19.95 + Free US Shipping
  • 2 Packs: $34.95 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Packs: $47.95 + Free US Shipping

You can save 10% by subscribing to an autoship subscription. You receive 1 to 3 new packs every month. You can cancel or pause your subscription at any time.

All purchases include free shipping to addresses in the United States via USPS, UPS, or FedEx.

You can bundle other popular PawSafe products in your order to save money. PawSafe also offers Dog Eye Wipes with Tear Stain Remover ($19.95) and Dog Mouthwash ($29.95), for example, making it easy to support your dog’s overall health.


PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes Refund Policy

All PawSafe products, including the Ear Cleaning Wipes, are backed by a 90 day full refund guarantee.

If you or your dog do not like the Ear Cleaning Wipes for any reason, then contact the company within 90 days for a full refund.

About PawSafe

PawSafe is a pet product company that launched with a single flagship product: the PawSafe Seat Belt. Today, the company offers a range of products for dogs, including seatbelts, harnesses, tear stain removers, and ear cleaning wipes.

PawSafe, LLP is registered in Wilmington, Delaware. The company also lists an address in London, UK.

You can contact PawSafe and the company’s customer service team via the following:

  • Email: support@pawsafe.com
  • Registered Address: 3 Germay Dr, Unit 4 #2337, Wilmington, DE 19804
  • Office Address: 32 Kinburn Street, London, SE16 6DW

Final Word

PawSafe has launched a new lineup of ear cleaning wipes for dogs. The PawSafe Ear Cleaning Wipes use a blend of natural ingredients, including plant-based oils, to effectively remove dirt, debris, and buildup from your dog’s ears.

To learn more about PawSafe’s Dog Ear Cleaning Wipes and how they work, or to buy the wipes online today, visit the official website at PawSafe.com.



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