Superfood Bites by Badlands Ranch [Review] Real Beef Liver Treats?

Everyone wants to take care of their pets in the best way possible, allowing them to have a little indulgence now and then. Almost every dog owner’s house has a bag or a box of treats that they only give their dog on occasion. Most of these treats come with a warning label about the maximum number of treats their dog should have, and many people have learned the digestive consequences of exceeding them the hard way. Today’s dog treats are meant to be intermittent snacks, keeping dogs from having too many.

Katherine Heigl decided to launch Badlands Ranch as a way to change that narrative. Dog treats should be nutritious and tasty for dogs, making them healthier with each reward. Rather than attempting to change what other brands do, she developed Badlands Ranch to give consumers dog food and treats they don’t have to worry about. Superfood Bites by Badlands Ranch are dog treats that provide every pup with a delicious bite of beef liver, which is nutritious and helpful to their digestive system. The treats can be used for any purpose and are low in calories.

With all the healthy benefits of the Superfood Bites, consumers can give these treats to their dogs as a daily snack, a training reward, or a special treat. The treat is rich in protein, but users will still need to give their dog regular meals and should not use the Superfood Bites as a replacement for actual food. However, if the user wants to keep their diet balanced, Badlands Ranch also sells dog food that they can enjoy.

Consumers who want to learn more about the best way to support their dog’s health can check out the Badlands Ranch blog, which has many articles on dog nutrition and wellness.

How Are Superfood Bites Made?

Badlands Ranch chose to freeze-dry the Superfood Bites, which means that the food isn’t exposed to chemicals or pollution. Instead, the freeze-drying process preserves the food with all of its natural nutrients rather than condensing it into kibble or a bone-shaped biscuit. There are no fillers, preservatives, or byproducts to round out the treat, ensuring that dogs get the nourishment they need without any chemicals or preservatives. This method is so suitable for dogs that Badlands Ranch uses the same way to make their dog food.

All these efforts are made to preserve the highly nutritious beef liver in the package. This source is perfect for any dog’s digestive system, giving them real food with preserved nutrients (rather than a bunch of byproducts). After all, the beef liver is highly supportive for healthy muscles, keeping any dog at a healthy weight while they indulge.

Where Can Consumers Buy Superfood Bites?

Though this product is ideal for anyone, the only place users can get their supply of the Superfood Bites is on the official website. However, to ensure that users don’t run out of their Superfood Bites, consumers can choose from three packages with different quantities.

The packages include:

  • One bag for $19.99
  • Three bags for $50.97 (or $16.99 per bag)
  • Six bags for $95.94 (or $15.99 per bag)

While this transaction is not eligible for a subscription, users can place new orders anytime. All packages come with free shipping if the order exceeds $50. Every order comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee. You can contact customer service via email at support@badlandsranch.com or telephone at 1-888-872-4522 if you have any questions about the product or the refund process.


Other Customer Questions About Superfood Bites

Q – What’s the breakdown of the nutrients in Superfood Bites?

A – Each serving contains 58% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 3% crude fiber, and 7% moisture. One cup contains 186 calories.

Q – How should the Superfood Bites be stored?

A – These treats can be given to the dog straight out of the bag or after soaking with water. Users will need to provide plentiful water to their dogs to prevent dehydration.

Q – How is the Superfood Bites different from other treats currently on the market?

A – Other dog treats advertise themselves as healthy for pets, but the ingredients found inside them tell a much different story. Corn syrup, food coloring, and low-quality protein are the makings of most treats, which wouldn’t do for this treat from Badlands Ranch.

Q – How do Superfoods Bites support the health of dogs?

A – These bites are free of the additives and other compounds found in other dog treat brands that can cause the dog to become ill. Superfood Bites only include beef liver, providing users with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients their dog needs. Plus, they only contain a few calories, so that they won’t cause weight gain.

Q – Are the Superfood Bites treats?

A – Yes! They can also be used for training or rewards.

Q – Are Superfood Bites safe?

A – Yes. These snacks provide dogs exclusively with freeze-dried beef liver that is easy on their stomach and the rest of the digestive system. There are no side effects, and Badlands Ranch puts every batch through testing at a third-party lab to ensure safety and purity.

Q – Why can’t the Superfood Bites be used as a dog’s main food?

A – While the Superfood Bites are simple and healthy, they won’t provide the dog with a rounded diet. However, if users want to stock up on equally healthy dog food, Badlands Ranch is also home to Superfood Complete, a dog food with perfectly balanced nutrition.

Q – What’s the money-back guarantee?

A – If the user isn’t happy with the Superfood Bites for their pet, they have up to 90 days to get a full refund. The customer service team can be reached with questions or concerns by emailing support@badlandsranch.com or filling out the form at https://badlandsranch.com/contact/.


Superfood Bites by Badlands Ranch offer the easiest ways for consumers to give their dogs the support and nourishment they need. The treats are made exclusively with beef liver and are safe for any occasion. The brand only uses freeze-drying, and no preservatives are found in the production process. Visit the official website to order your supply of Superfood Bites today!



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