Neuropathy No More Reviews (Blue Heron Health News)

Neuropathy No More is a digital program that educates consumers on what they need to do to alleviate nerve pain, rather than taking another dose of medication or going through physical therapy. The program is published by Blue Heron Health News, allowing users to access the content instantly after their payment.

What is Neuropathy No More?

Neuropathy, or nerve pain, is common for diabetics, but it can impact people of all ages and medical conditions. In fact, according to current research, at least 8% of adults have some amount of neuropathy by the time they reach 65 years old. The complications associated with neuropathy are overwhelming, leading to blood pressure issues, poor digestion, and even sexual dysfunction. Some people endure pain that gets so bad that amputation seems like the only solution.

Most people with this type of pain believe it is their lifelong fate to battle against it as the problem worsens. However, the creator behind “Neuropathy No More” decided to find the best ways to get rid of this problem. Neuropathy No More focuses on using natural remedies to improve the body, safely reducing the severity and onset of neuropathy. Though it cannot be advertised as a cure, author Jodi Knapp’s work as a natural health practitioner has already helped many people.

This program centers around dealing with the underlying causes of neuropathy so consumers can feel healthier and free themselves from pain. So far, over 7,000 people have already tried these methods to handle their neuropathy a little easier.

Why is Neuropathy No More Effective?

The whole point of the Neuropathy No More guide is to help consumers get rid of the pain they endure consistently with this condition. However, to get rid of the pain, consumers need to understand how it develops in the first place.

The reason that most consumers get neuropathy is due to another illness. Neuropathy is a symptom, only showing up when other things are wrong. Fluctuations in blood sugar levels, struggling with the immune system, and even experiencing inflammation are all contributing factors to neuropathy. Most people don’t figure out the cause of neuropathy before their doctor treats it, even though it is the top indicator of other diseases.

By dealing with the underlying cause, consumers can get rid of their neuropathy, and the content available in Neuropathy No More helps with that progress. The program cannot directly manage neuropathy, but they deal with the underlying causes. Knapp explains in Neuropathy No More that medical scientists have linked these illnesses to an unhealthy gut.

The gut is home to hundreds of different types of bacteria, and they all have important roles. A healthy gut reduces inflammation and protects the user from problems like high blood sugar, kidney disease, heart disease, mood dysregulation, and more. The gut must be healthy for the entire body to thrive, but consumers must be deliberate in their treatment of the gut.

Western lifestyles put the gut through a lot, and most people don’t have the right dietary habits to keep the gut healthy. Most people don’t even get a fraction of the nutrients that their body needs daily, which means that the gut is in a constant state of struggle over finding the necessary support. Eating a healthy diet is not the same as eating for a healthy gut; switching priorities is the best way to improve users’ health. In Neuropathy No More, consumers will learn about the best foods they can give their gut.

With this program, Jodi educates readers on:

  • The cause of neuropathy.
  • The best foods to buy at the grocery store for the gut.
  • The foods that users need to refrain from eating.
  • The best combinations of healthy gut foods.
  • The best way to prepare the food.

The program is broken down into multiple steps, making it easier for consumers to change over time and reduce their pain.

How to Access Neuropathy No More

The only way consumers can make a purchase is through the official website, BlueHeronHealthNews.com, offering the guide for only $49. Users will not have recurring charges with this payment, but they will constantly get updates if Jodi writes anything new. The report is available in the form of a PDF file, and users can print it out if they need a physical copy of the content, or they can pay the cost of printing to be sent this guide.

To get a hold of the customer service team, fill out the form on the official website.


Neuropathy No More provides users with a way to alleviate substantial pain by targeting the gut. The program is available for anyone, ensuring that users of all ages can ease the pain. While this program isn’t exactly a diet, it will require the user to make some dietary changes to improve gut health. It also shows users what they should avoid to protect themselves from worsening pain. Visit the Blue Heron Health News website to learn about Neuropathy No More.


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