Lumigen Red Light Therapy Treatment Reviewed

Lumigen is an at-home skincare tool available exclusively online.

By using Lumigen daily, you can target wrinkles, dark spots, sagging skin, breakouts, inflammation, dry skin, and more. The device uses a combination of red and blue light therapy, massaging, and temperature changes to support your skin.

Does Lumigen live up to the hype? How does Lumigen work? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Lumigen today in our review.

What is Lumigen?

Lumigen is an at-home skincare technology that uses an all-in-one approach to tackle skincare concerns.

You place the handheld device over your skin daily to fight back against visible signs of aging, support skin smoothness and clarity, and enjoy other benefits.

As part of a winter 2022/2023 promotion, Lumigen is available at a 50% discount from its normal retail price. You can pay $99.99 for your Lumigen device when ordering online today.

The secret to Lumigen’s success is simple: the device has red light and blue light at specific wavelengths to support skin health. Each Lumigen uses red light to fight back against the effects of aging, for example, and blue light to target impurities in your skin.

In fact, Lumigen has 7 beauty tools in each single device, allowing you to support skin health and clarity in multiple ways and from multiple directions.


Lumigen Benefits

The makers of Lumigen advertise the device with all of the following benefits:

  • Target wrinkles, sagging skin, and other visible effects of aging with red light therapy
  • Use hot and cold therapy, blue light therapy, and more to target dark spots, breakouts, inflamed skin, and dry skin
  • Customizable, affordable, painless at-home skin treatments
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Easy-to-use, portable, and travel-friendly

Overall, Lumigen aims to be the ultimate at-home skincare tool, harnessing a range of therapeutic light technologies to help you look and feel younger.

How Does Lumigen Work?

Lumigen is a handheld electronic device anyone can use at home to enjoy powerful, at-home skin support.

You turn on Lumigen, select your desired temperature setting (hot or cold), then adjust the temperature as needed based on your desired level of heating or coolness. When Lumigen is hot, it uses a red light and warmth to target anti-aging effects within your skin. When Lumigen is cold, it uses a blue light and cool temperatures to cool down and cleanse the skin. The device also vibrates to gently massage the skin.

Lumigen works using a combination of multiple light, massage, and temperature therapies, including:

  • Red light therapy to support anti-aging effects
  • Blue light therapy to fight impurities
  • Hot and cold dual effect therapy to tighten and open pores
  • Gentle massaging to encourage your skin’s natural connectivity and blood flow

Red light therapy has surged in popularity in recent years. Today, many people undergo red light therapy at clinics or at home to support anti-aging benefits. According to the official Lumigen website, red light therapy promotes blood circulation, collagen regeneration, and skin elasticity while also helping to heal damaged skin and diminish the appearance of fine lines.

Blue light therapy is also a popular skincare treatment. According to the makers of Lumigen, blue light therapy eliminates bacteria from within the skin while lowering inflammation to prevent breakouts. Many clinics, hospitals, and sanitization technologies use blue light to remove bacteria. By removing bacteria from your skin, the blue light in Lumigen can target blemishes, acne, and inflammation.

Finally, the hot and cold dual effect uses two temperature settings to alternate between tightening and opening your pores. By swapping between these two temperature settings, Lumigen can augment skin adaptability, helping you look and feel younger.

The manufacturer recommends using Lumigen for 5 to 10 minutes at least 3 times per week. However, you may want to use Lumigen more frequently depending on your skincare needs (although you should not exceed more than 15 minutes of treatment per day).

Most customers use Lumigen on their face and neck, although you can use the deice all over your face and body (while avoiding your eyes and other sensitive areas of your skin).

Once you’re done using Lumigen, you can recharge it using the included USB-A charging cord. Each Lumigen should stay powered for around 45 days.

Lumigen Features

Lumigen is designed to be the ultimate at-home skincare tool. Some of the features that distinguish the device from others sold online today include:

Anti-Aging Red Light Therapy: Lumigen uses the power of red light therapy to stimulate the production of proteins – including collagen and elastin. Collagen and elastin are two crucial connective proteins within your skin. In fact, collagen is the most abundant connective protein within the body. As you get older, collagen levels drop, which can lead to sagging skin, wrinkles, and other visible effects of aging. Lumigen uses red light therapy to stimulate the production of proteins within your skin, helping with firmness while reversing fine lines and wrinkles and firming and plumping skin texture.

Fight Impurities with Blue Light Therapy: In addition to the red light therapy setting, Lumigen has a blue light therapy setting to fight impurities. The blue light penetrates the pores and eliminates bacteria while helping clear acne and prevent future breakouts.

Reduce Inflammation & Accelerate Skin Healing: According to the official Lumigen website, the device can reduce inflammation and accelerate skin healing. When you gently massage your skin with Lumigen, you increase blood flow and circulation to damaged tissues, helping to repair skin and reduce inflammation in the area. Many people use Lumigen to target redness, inflammation, and other visible skin problems.

Customizable Temperature Setting: Lumigen lets you customize your temperature setting based on how hot or cold you want the device to be. Cold therapy can reduce pore size, firm skin, and improve elasticity, while warm therapy can stimulate blood flow and oxygen. Switching between both modes can alternate between opening and tightening your pores, helping to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to the cells of your skin.

Heat Therapy for Blood Flow: Lumigen uses heat therapy (between 100 and 108° Fahrenheit) to relax pores, promote blood circulation, and improve skin healing.

Cold Therapy for Skin Moisture, Pore Tightness, and Elasticity: Lumigen also uses cold therapy (Between 43 and 50° Fahrenheit) to tighten pores, retain skin moisture, improve skin elasticity, and reduce swelling.

Gentle Massage Setting: Lumigen gently massages your skin as it operates, helping to gently release toxins within the skin. The high-frequency eliminates tension while supporting the connectivity and structure of your skin and boosting its natural radiance. Lumigen vibrates at 8,200 RPM for maximum effectiveness.

Compact & Portable: Lumigen is designed to be taken anywhere you go. The device is roughly the size of an electric razor, making it easy to fit into a hygiene kit or other bag for easy, on-the-go use.

Rechargeable: Lumigen should last for 45 days on a single charge (in standby mode), and you can use Lumigen dozens of times per charge. Once the device needs to be recharged, use the included USB-A charging cord to bring it back to full battery life.

Easy to Use at Home Daily for 5 to 10 Minutes: The manufacturer recommends using Lumigen for 5 to 10 minutes per day three times per week to support anti-aging benefits and other effects. You should not exceed 15 minutes per session. If you’re looking for an easy, at-home, time-effective solution for skincare problems, then Lumigen could be the right choice.

Use on your Face, Neck, and Anywhere Else: You can use Lumigen on your face, neck, and anywhere else. As long as you avoid your eyes and other sensitive areas, the device’s light therapies and temperatures can be effective anywhere on the body.

Fight the Effects of Aging: Lumigen claims to reverse signs of visible aging, including wrinkles, blemishes, age spots, and more.

Support Overall Skin Appearance & Health: Lumigen also claims to fight skin impurities, retain proper skin moisture, control inflammation, and improve the overall health of your skin, among other benefits.

Works with Any Existing Skincare Routine: You don’t need to adjust your skincare routine to use Lumigen. Instead, the device works with most serums and solutions, and there’s no need to change what works. You can even apply serums before using Lumigen. However, you should apply products that cause dryness or irritation (like acne solutions or benzoyl peroxide) after using Lumigen

Backed by Science: Scientific evidence suggests red light and blue light therapy can help support skin health in various ways. Although Lumigen and other therapy devices won’t help you look younger overnight, they can support genuine, science-backed skin-related benefits when used regularly over a longer period.

Avoid the Cost & Hassle of a Clinic: Instead of paying hundreds of dollars per session at a skincare clinic, you can enjoy powerful skincare treatment at home with Lumigen. You can find plenty of clinics offering red light therapy and similar treatments, but Lumigen gives you the power to perform the treatment at home.

Scientific Evidence for Lumigen

Studies have validated the use of red light and blue light therapy for combating inflammation and supporting overall skin health. We’ll review some of that evidence below to determine how Lumigen works and what the device does.

In a 2014 trial, researchers tested the effects of red and near infrared light on a group of patients. 113 subjects received light therapy or a placebo treatment. Researchers found volunteers in the light group experienced significantly improved skin complexion and skin feeling compared to the control group, finding the therapy was safe and effective while leading to meaningful improvements in skin health and overall skin quality.

Blue light therapy, meanwhile, has a long history of use in medical settings and similar environments to prevent infections and kill bacteria. Medical equipment is routinely sterilized by blue light, for example, because it disrupts microorganisms as the cellular level.

Lumigen uses more than just red and blue light therapy to support skin health. The device also uses hot and cold therapy to support skin health in various ways. In a 2022 review on the effects of skin temperature changes on skin tissue, researchers found temperature changes can impact vasodilation, changing the flow of blood and oxygen to your skin. By controlling temperature changes and alternating between hot and cold therapy, you could support your skin’s defense against damage while supporting other benefits.

Overall, Lumigen is a science-backed skincare device designed to support anti-aging benefits in multiple ways. By using Lumigen for a few minutes per day, you may be able to support powerful benefits, clear up skin, reverse the effects of aging, and more.

How to Use Lumigen

The manufacturer recommends using Lumigen three days a week for around 5 to 10 minutes per session.

Here’s how to use Lumigen, according to the manufacturer:

Use Lumigen for 5 to 10 minutes at least 3 times per week

Depending on your skincare needs, you may want to use Lumigen more frequently; however, you should not exceed 15 minutes of treatment per day

Lumigen Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Lumigen is backed by strong reviews online, with many customers claiming they rapidly started to look and feel younger after using the device for a few weeks.


In fact, according to the official website, the manufacturer has delivered over 18,420+ devices to date while maintaining an average score of 5 stars out of 5 and being the #1 best seller in the anti-aging category. Those figures would make Lumigen one of the best-selling anti-aging products in the world.

Here are some of the reviews left by happy customers online:

Multiple customers are impressed with the build quality and overall feel of the device, claiming it feels nicely made and durable even after months of use.

One 44-year old customer was skeptical Lumigen would work as advertised, but she found it made her skin softer and tighter while reducing her fine lines.

Another customer claims Lumigen worked very well while having “a luxurious feel to it.” It feels like a therapy that would normally cost hundreds of dollars. Although the reviewer cautioned, “don’t expect any miracles,” she believes “it definitely works if you have realistic expectations.”

One customer claims her “skin is looking smoother and younger” after just 2 weeks of using Lumigen, and that her age spots have been reduced significantly. She also notices more color in her face “probably from the increased circulation” and is excited to continue using the device for additional effects.

Another customer used Lumigen’s red light therapy “to cure my psoriasis,” claiming she likes the warmth, soothing vibrations, and overall effectiveness of the device.

Other customers like choosing from multiple settings and therapies. If you want to cleanse your face, for example, you can use blue light therapy. If you want to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, you can use the red light therapy.

One customer claims her “bad acne scarring and facial redness” is fading after using Lumigen for a short period.

One 58-year old reviewer claims Lumigen’s red light therapy has helped firm and plump her skin. She likes the warm setting with the red light and vibration to help “depuff” her face.

Overall, most Lumigen reviewers are happy with the anti-aging device and how it works, claiming it worked as advertised to make them look and feel younger while being painless, easy-to-use, and high-quality.

Lumigen Pricing

Lumigen has an MSRP of $199.95 per unit. However, as part of a recent promotion, the manufacturer has reduced the price as much as 60% from its normal retail price. The more Lumigen devices you buy, the more you can save.

Here’s how pricing works when ordering Lumigen online today:

  • 1 x Lumigen Red Light Therapy Device: $99.99 + $8.52 Shipping
  • 2 x Lumigen Red Light Therapy Devices: $179.90 + Free Shipping
  • 3 x Lumigen Red Light Therapy Devices: $239.85 + Free Shipping

You can also add additional skincare products and tools to your order for a small additional, discounted charge, including:

  • Skin Rejuvenation Roll-On (Reduce Wrinkles, Smooth Fine Lines, Remove Blemishes, Tighten Skin, and Moisturize): $19.95
  • Jade Roller & Guasha Set (Rejuvenate Skin, Relieve Stress, Relieve Muscle Tension, Reduce Puffiness, and Lift & Firm Skin): $9.95

Lumigen Refund Policy

Lumigen is backed by a 30 day moneyback guarantee. If you’re unhappy with Lumigen and how it works, or if the device did not deliver the benefits you expected, then you can request a complete refund on your purchase within 30 days.

Contact the manufacturer at support@mizmuse.com to initiate the refund process.

Returns Address: FDC Returns PO Box 61553, Savannah, GA 31420

About Serenity Concept LLC

Lumigen is made by a company named Serenity Concept, LLC. That company is based in Middletown, Delaware.

You can contact Serenity Concept and the Lumigen customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-800-587-3597
  • Email: support@mizmuse.com
  • Mailing Address: 364 E Main 1325, Middletown, DE 19709

Serenity concept is best-known for its Miz Muse beauty brand (MizMuse.com). The company sells popular products like the Muse Silk Eye Mask ($8.95), Gua Sha, Jade Roller, and Lumigen Light Therapy device through the Miz Muse online store.

Final Word

Lumigen is an at-home skincare device that uses red light therapy, blue light therapy, hot and cold temperatures, and gentle massaging to provide powerful skincare effects.

By using Lumigen for 5 to 10 minutes daily, you can purportedly reduce the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, blemishes, fine lines, and more.

To learn more about Lumigen and how it works or to buy the anti-aging skincare device online today, visit the official website.


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