InvestorPlace Select Reviews (Investor Place Select Weekly Updates)

Financial publishing company InvestorPlace has launched a new subscription called InvestorPlace Select.

Priced at just $1 per month, InvestorPlace Select lets subscribers access investment recommendations, reports, news, market, analysis, and more from notable InvestorPlace editors like Luke Lango, John Jagerson, Charlie Shrem, Eric Fry, and Louis Navellier.

Should you subscribe to InvestorPlace Select? How does InvestorPlace Select work? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about this subscription and how it works.

What is InvestorPlace Select?

InvestorPlace Select is a subscription from financial publishing company InvestorPlace.

Typically, InvestorPlace sells individual subscriptions to individual newsletters. Subscribers pay $100 to $200 per year for newsletters from Louis Navellier and Charlie Shrem, for example. These newsletters may focus on specific markets or investment strategies – like conservative investments or crypto investing.

InvestorPlace Select, however, is based on a different premise: what if InvestorPlace gave access to all experts for just $1 per month?

Here’s how InvestorPlace describes the decision to launch InvestorPlace Select:

“We don’t think money should be an obstacle in these uncertain times. Which is why we came up with a crazy idea. What if we let people into our world of elite market insights…A world that people pay as much as $4,997 to fully access…For just $1 a month?”

By subscribing to Investor Place select today, you get a top pick from one of InvestorPlace’s experts each month. You get their world-class analysis of each investment opportunity, why they believe you should take advantage of that opportunity today, and everything else you need to capitalize on the opportunity.

How Does InvestorPlace Select Work?

InvestorPlace Select gives you a minimum of one investment recommendation per month from a member of the InvestorPlace editorial team.

You might get a large-cap stock investment recommendation from Louis Navellier, for example. Or, you could receive a crypto investment recommendation from Charlie Shrem.

Each month, you receive a specific recommendation and complete analysis of that recommendation.

The InvestorPlace editorial team makes dozens of investment recommendations each month. Some of these recommendations are winners, while others are not. With InvestorPlace Select, you get one specific investment recommendation each month, giving you the chance to potentially earn huge returns on investment.

As an example of previous investment recommendations, InvestorPlace mentions picks like:

  • Louis Navellier recommended buying Apple at $1.49
  • Luke Lango recommended buying AMD at $1.96
  • Eric Fry recommended buying Ericsson, which rose 5,000% since Eric first recommended buying it
  • Charlie Shrem recommended buying Enjin Coin, a small cryptocurrency that gained 2,000% after Charlie’s recommendation

InvestorPlace doesn’t just throw recommendations at the wall and see what sticks: with InvestorPlace Select, the company aims to offer subscribers fully vetted recommendations from across multiple industries:

“These aren’t “throw-away” picks like the ones you’d find in a free article online or some YouTube video. These are fully vetted recommendations…Directly sourced from our flagship and premium services, which our readers pay as much as $4,997 to access!”

Typically, you need to pay $100 to $5,000 per year for investment recommendations like these. With InvestorPlace Select, however, you get access to a minimum of one investment recommendation per month, helping you capitalize on new opportunities.

InvestorPlace Select Experts

When you subscribe to InvestorPlace Select, you get a minimum of one investment recommendation per month from one member of the InvestorPlace editorial team.

People pay anywhere from $100 to $5,000 per year for investment recommendations from the InvestorPlace editorial team. Each member offers one or more newsletters featuring stock recommendations, investment analysis, model portfolios, and more.

Here are some of the experts included with your InvestorPlace Select subscription and what you can expect from each.

Expert #1: Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier currently holds the record for one of the longest winning streaks in Wall Street history. HE claims he never had a down year over a 15 year period. He also beat Warren Buffett, and Forbes called Louis Navellier the “King of Quants.” Louis Navellier also became known for being one of the first analysts to recommend buying Google.

According to a recent study, Louis Navellier is the sixth most accurate financial forecaster in history. Today, he leads several newsletters for InvestorPlace focusing on different areas of investing, ranging from large-cap stocks and conservative investments to short-term deals.

In Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits ($2,499 per year), for example, investors could have earned 266% gains from Louis’s recommendation to buy United Microelectronics Corporation, 203% gains on Enphase Energy, and 200% gains on XPEL Inc.

Louis Navellier also offers Breakthrough Stocks ($2,495 per year), which aims to identify breakthrough technology trends from across the industry. Louis has recently recommended buying stocks like Digital Turbine (for 257% gains) and Clearfield (for 153% gains), among others.

If you subscribed to all of Louis Navellier’s InvestorPlace newsletters at their full price, you would pay $9,288 per year.

Value of all Louis Navellier’s research: $9,288 per year

Expert #2: Charlie Shrem

An early bitcoin pioneer, Charlie Shrem offers several crypto newsletters for InvestorPlace. When you subscribe to InvestorPlace Select, you can expect to receive crypto and altcoin recommendations from Charlie Shrem and his team.

Charlie has been involved in crypto for over 12 years. He co-founded one of the world’s first bitcoin exchanges, BitInstant. He’s also a member of the Bitcoin Hall of Fame and a founder of Crypto IQ, a crypto education company.

Charlie Shrem and Luke Lango run Ultimate Crypto ($3,500 per year) for Investor Place. In recent months, the newsletter has recommended buying Binance Coin (for 1,601% gains), Cardano (for 1,135% gains), and The Sandbox (for 834% gains).

Value of all Charlie Shrem’s research: $3,699 per year

Expert #3: Eric Fry

Prior to joining InvestorPlace, Eric served as a financial advisor to billionaires while also working with CEOs and Wall Street insiders.

In a 2016 Wall Street competition, Eric received first place, beating 650 other investors, including legends like Bill Ackman, Joel Greenblatt, and David Tepper.

Today, Eric Fry runs The Speculator newsletter for InvestorPlace. In The Speculator, Eric Fry shares investment opportunities across a range of speculative investments. Recent winners have included 407% gains from Karora Resources, 308% gains from Aviat Networks, and 306% gains from Ivanhoe Mines.

Value of all Eric Fry’s research: $3,000 per year

Expert #4: Luke Lango

Luke Lango was chosen as the world’s #1 stock picker in 2020 at just 25 years old. He has a background in technological innovation and hypergrowth investing.

In recent years, Luke Lango has recommended buying some of the biggest stock market winners, including AMD, Tesla, and NIO, earning his followers gains as high as 6,149%. Today, InvestorPlace describes him as a “futurist marvel”.

Luke Lango runs Early Stage Investor ($2,999 per year) for InvestorPlace. In recent months, that newsletter has recommended buying stocks like Fulgent Genetics (for 1,248% gains), EHang Holdings (for 634% gains), and Silvergate Capital (for 359% gains).

  • Value of all Luke Lango’s research: $2,999 per year

Expert #5: John Jagerson

John Jagerson is InvestorPlace’s options trading expert. Backed by 20 years of experience as a broker, money manager, private equity investor, and financial educator, John Jagerson has taught options trading to big-name firms like Nasdaq, TD Ameritrade, and the International Securities Exchange.

Over the last two decades, John Jagerson has also earned huge returns from options trading. He claims to have earned instant cash payouts like $3,400 from Walt Disney, $920 from Bank of America, and $15,075 from Adobe while options trading, for example.

Value of all of John Jagerson’s research: $2,000 per year

Bonuses Included with InvestorPlace Select

By subscribing to InvestorPlace Select today, you get a bundle of bonus guides, reports, and analysis from the InvestorPlace team.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to InvestorPlace Select today:

Monthly Subscription to InvestorPlace Select Investment Recommendations: Each month, all InvestorPlace Select subscribers receive one new investment recommendation from one member of the InvestorPlace team.

InvestorPlace Select Weekly Updates: Each week, InvestorPlace emails Select subscribers with updates on what’s happening in the market.

Bonus #1: Navellier’s Top 11 Stocks for 2022: 2022 has proven to be a rough year for investors. However, Louis Navellier has identified 11 stocks he recommends buying in 2022. Louis previously recommended buying Apple at $1.49, Microsoft at $0.38, and Amazon at $46. Now, he’s naming his most-recommended stocks for 2022, including his #1 stock pick for investors. This report also includes complete details about why Louis believes in each stock – even against rising inflation and other economic uncertainties.

Bonus #2: Lango’s Top 3 Cryptos for 2022: In this report, Luke Lango lists his 3 most recommended cryptocurrencies for 2022, including cryptocurrencies he believes will soar in value over the coming years. Crypto markets have been decimated since the start of 2022. However, Luke believes this is a “once-in-a-lifetime buying opportunity.” Luke and his team have identified 3 cryptocurrencies everyone should have in their portfolio. One of these cryptocurrencies trades for just $0.94. You get these three recommended cryptocurrencies for free when subscribing to InvestorPlace Select today.

Bonus #3: Fry’s Top 5 Tech Stocks for 2022: This report lists Eric Fry’s most recommended tech stock investment opportunities for 2022. Eric Fry, who has served as a financial advisor to multiple billionaires, has identified 5 tech stocks he believes will rise during the ongoing crisis. Eric has previously identified 41 stocks that have risen 1,000% or more, and any of his new recommendations could have the potential for similar gains. These 5 tech stock recommendations are included for free with your InvestorPlace Select subscription.

$100 Worth of InvestorPlace Credit: When you subscribe to InvestorPlace Select for $1 today, you get $100 in InvestorPlace store credit.

Advance Notice of Future InvestorPlace Promotions: If InvestorPlace plans to promote new InvestorPlace products in the future, then Select subscribers receive advance notice of those promotions.

InvestorPlace Select Pricing

InvestorPlace Select is priced at $1 per month.

You continue to pay $1 per month until you cancel. This is not an introductory rate: the rate is fixed at $1 per month, and you will continue paying $1 per month.

You can cancel your subscription at any time by contacting InvestorPlace.

InvestorPlace offers no refunds on the $1 per month subscription fee.

About InvestorPlace

InvestorPlace is a financial publishing company based in Baltimore, Maryland. The company employs a range of financial experts and investment analysts who offer several free and paid publications.

Notable InvestorPlace investment services include Louis Navellier’s Growth Investor, Crypto Investor Network, Investor Place Select, Louis Navellier’s Accelerated Profits, and Luke Lango’s Daily 10X Stock Report, among others.

You can contact InvestorPlace via the following:

Final Word

Financial publishing giant InvestorPlace has launched a unique new subscription service called InvestorPlace Select.

Priced at just $1 per month, InvestorPlace Select delivers one investment recommendation each month from one member of the InvestorPlace team.

Subscribers may receive a large-cap growth stock recommendation from Louis Navellier, for example, a commodity investment recommendation from Eric Fry, or a crypto recommendation from Charlie Shrem.

To learn more about InvestorPlace Select or to subscribe to the monthly service today, visit the official website.


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