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HimEROS is a dietary supplement that works wonders for male health, as per several HimEROS reviews and testimonials by customers online. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing this male health supplement in detail. We will talk about its formulation, ingredients, dosage, health benefits, working, pros and cons, pricing, refund policy, and user reviews.

So, let us begin with the supplement overview table given below.

Supplement Overview Table
Supplement Name HimEROS.
Supplement Type Dietary Supplement
Supplement Description HimEROS is a dietary supplement that helps improve the sexual health and function of men.
Who Can Use This Supplement? HimEROS is designed especially to boost the libido of males.
Retailer Of The Supplement BuyGoods
Manufacturer Of The Supplement Olympus Premium Health
Supplement Features
  • Natural formula
  • 100% pure
  • Doctor formulated
  • Free from artificial additives
  • Free from negative side effects
  • Manufactured in a GMP-certified facility
  • Supplement Ingredients
  • Pasak Bumi
  • Alholva and Urtica Dioica blend
  • L-Citrulline and Barrenwort blend
  • Supplement Form Capsules
    Capsules Per Container 60 capsules
    Servings Per Container 30
    Daily Serving Size 2 capsules
    Supplement Dosage Guideline Take two capsules of HimEROS either first thing in the morning or before going to bed in order to improve your overall health.
    Supplement Benefits
  • Helps boost libido.
  • Helps increase testosterone levels naturally.
  • Helps reduce the risks of erectile dysfunction.
  • Helps increase energy levels and endurance.
  • Helps improve mood and behavior.
  • Supplement Pricing
  • Buy the one-month supply at $59 per bottle + additional shipping charges
  • Buy the three-month supply at $39 per bottle + additional shipping charge
  • Buy the six-month supply at $29 per bottle + free shipping for the USA
  • Supplement Refund Policy 100% satisfaction 180-day money-back guarantee
    Where To Purchase The Supplement? You can purchase this supplement from the official website of HimEROS.

    Supplement Description – What is HimEROS?

    HimEROS is a dietary supplement available on the market in the form of easily consumable capsules that support male health naturally without the use of injections, shock wave therapy, surgery, or those little blue pills.

    This male health supplement can be consumed by men who are 40 or 80, men with high testosterone or low testosterone levels, men who have been sexually inactive for years, or men with dead bodies or skinny bodies.

    The HimEROS formula helps target the root cause of male health issues, that is, low testosterone levels as they grow old. So, the consumption of these non-habit-forming HimEROS capsules by improving testosterone levels helps in boosting libido and reduces the chances of erectile dysfunction.

    What Is The History Of This Supplement?

    David Morgan, 53 years old a few years ago started looking for a solution to help him and other men like him dealing with low sex drive and erectile dysfunction issues. He contacted several health professionals, urologists, psychologists, doctors, etc., in this regard.

    Then later, he got to know from a male health specialist that the root cause of these issues is low testosterone levels. Thereafter, he got to know about the ‘Malaysian Miracle Root’ that helps keep men sexually active even in their 80s.

    Then, both of them together found natural blends and prepared one of the best and most powerful erectile dysfunction and libido formulations – HimEROS.

    What Are The Natural Ingredients In HimEROS?

    Now, before we get to the detailed benefits of this amazing dietary supplement, let us understand what ingredients contribute to the extensive list of benefits offered by HimEROS in the first place:


    L-Citrulline is an amino acid that is found naturally in some foods, such as watermelon. It has been used for centuries to treat a variety of medical conditions, including erectile dysfunction.

    It works by increasing the production of nitric oxide in the body, which helps relax blood vessels and improve circulation. This can lead to improved sexual performance and increased libido.

    In addition to its role in sexual health, L-Citrulline also has other benefits. It can help reduce fatigue and muscle soreness after exercise, improve heart health, and even boost the immune system.

    Studies have also shown that it may help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    Finally, it may also help with weight loss by increasing energy levels and reducing appetite.

    Urtica Dioica

    Urtica dioica is an herbaceous plant species in the family Urticaceae native to Africa and Asia. The plant has dark green heart-shaped leaves and small yellowish flowers when in bloom. This herb has been used for centuries as an aid for many traditional medicine applications such as skin problems, arthritis, and allergies.

    The active component of this herb responsible for its activities includes phenolic compounds which play an important role in providing health benefits. Studies suggest that compounds derived from the stinging nettle root have anti-inflammatory properties, which have a beneficial effect on reducing pain caused by conditions such as fibromyalgia or osteoarthritis.

    This can consequently improve circulation and enhance the sex drive. In addition, research suggests that the plant’s extracts can help treat ED by improving muscle relaxation around blood vessels, thus increasing the oxygen-rich blood flow needed for erections.


    Barrenwort, or Epimedium, is an herbaceous plant of the family Berberidaceae native to China and other countries in Asia. It has long been used as a medicinal herb for improving libido and sexual function in both men and women.

    In traditional Chinese medicine, barrenwort is commonly known as “yin yang huo,” meaning “licentious goat plant,” due to its reputation for boosting sexual desire in goats when they ate the plant.

    The active components of Barrenwort are icariin (an alkaloid), irisontin A (a flavonoid), wogonoside (a flavonoid glycoside), etc.

    Pasak Bumi

    Pasak Bumi, also known as Eurycoma Longifolia or Tongkat Ali, is a plant mostly found in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. It has dark brown roots, which contain therapeutic properties and have been used for centuries in traditional medicine to treat various conditions.

    Pasak Bumi primarily works as an aphrodisiac — meaning it increases one’s libido and enhances sexual pleasure when taken on a regular basis. It works by boosting testosterone levels in the body while simultaneously reducing stress hormones like cortisol — ultimately improving physical and mental vitality.

    It has multiple other benefits aside from enhancing one’s sex life, too; for instance, it can help to stimulate the immune system resulting in improved energy levels and immunity against common ailments like colds or flu-like symptoms.

    Additionally, it helps improve bone health by increasing bone density, making them less vulnerable to fractures or breaks.


    The ancient Aztec superfood alholva (sometimes also referred to as ‘dolichos biflorus’ or ‘Lupinus Amygdalus) has been used for centuries to support overall sexual health. This plant-based food is rich in antioxidants and other active compounds, making it an ideal natural treatment for enhancing sexual performance.

    Alholva works by targeting several key processes involved in sexual activity, including blood flow and hormone levels.

    The unique combination of bioactive compounds found in Alholva can help enhance circulation throughout the body, encouraging increased blood flow to the pelvic region and increasing sensitivity in arousal areas.

    It can also boost serotonin production, which can improve mood and reduce the anxiety that might be holding your libido back.

    How Does The HimEROS Formula Work?

    The HimEROS supplement works to tackle the root cause of male health issues, which is nothing but low testosterone levels as they grow old. These HimEROS capsules help in tackling the issues caused both inside and outside the bedroom due to these low testosterone levels.

    As per several research papers and studies, one of the major causes of these low levels is plastic pollution in the environment. These plastics contain testosterone-blocking chemicals that hamper the health of men.

    The primary aim of the HimEROS formula is to activate the functioning of the hypothalamus, which acts as an air-traffic controller of the human body and is responsible for signaling your body to produce testosterone naturally. If the functioning of the hypothalamus is low, then it causes infrequent erections, sleep disorders, reduced libido, weight gain, hair loss, muscle weakness, and depressive symptoms.

    These non-habit-forming HimEROS capsules work to reduce the chances of erectile dysfunction by improving the blood flow in all body parts. This improved blood flow helps men get firm erections that could last longer. Thus, boosting their performance as well.

    The consumption of these capsules helps in increasing endurance and energy levels significantly with the help of its powerful formulation of a potent blend of natural ingredients, unlike the little blue pills by pharmaceutical giants that are made using artificial additives. This increase in energy levels helps men build back their strength and reduce fatigue.

    Supplement Dosage – When And How To Take The HimEROS Male Health Capsules?

    The consumption of the HimEROS capsules is not fixed. You can take two of these non-habit-forming capsules and consume them either first thing in the morning or before going to bed with water.

    Upon regular and recommended consumption of these capsules, you will experience a boost in your libido and testosterone levels significantly.

    Supplement Benefits – What Are The Health Benefits Of Using The HimEROS Capsules?

    The key health benefits of the HimEROS dietary supplement are as follows:

    The HimEROS Capsules Help In Activating Hypothalamus

    The non-habit-forming HimEROS capsules help in triggering the activity of the hypothalamus as it is considered responsible for producing natural testosterone in the human body. The hypothalamus helps in signaling the pituitary gland to produce certain hormones after detecting the presence of testosterone in the body.

    Thereafter, the pituitary gland helps in producing the luteinizing hormone (LH). These hormones help in improving the ability of the testes to produce testosterone further and improve libido.

    HimEROS Helps In Boosting Testosterone Levels

    One of the primary aims of HimEROS is to help boost testosterone levels in men. This is done due to the presence of natural blends in its formulation, which makes this supplement powerful, high-quality, and highly potent.

    The HimEROS Formula Helps Reduce The Chances Of Erectile Dysfunction

    The formulation of the HimEROS supplement helps in reducing the chances and risks of erectile dysfunction. This is done by improving the blood flow and circulation in different parts of the body significantly.

    The Consumption Of HimEROS Capsules Helps Improve Overall Health

    The HimEROS capsules help in improving the overall health of men. The other benefits are as follows:

    • HimEROS helps in improving libido.
    • The HimEROS supplement works to increase energy levels and stamina.
    • This powerful formula is considered a powerful and natural alternative to testosterone replacement therapy.
    • It helps in slowing down aging and its negative effects on health.

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    What Is The Science Behind HimEROS?

    Here is an overview of the scientific evidence backing the ingredients in HimEROS:

    A 2017 study shows that the anti-inflammatory properties of Alholva can help address any underlying causes of impotence or low sex drive associated with physical factors such as age or chronic illness.

    According to a 2021 study, the key compounds in barrenwort are thought to increase nitric oxide production, which helps relax smooth muscle tissue leading to increased blood flow throughout the body; this enhanced circulation can lead to improved sexual arousal and performance in both men and women.

    They also help boost testosterone levels which can further increase libido and sexual performance.

    Studies have shown that the key compounds in Urtica Diaoica herb may also provide multiple other benefits within humans, including relief from inflammation, aiding digestion, hormonal stimulation, improved blood flows along with better brain functions, especially among menopausal women.

    A 2016 study published in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine showed that stinging nettle root or Urtica dioica might help improve sexual function in men with erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) compared to placebo.

    After 4 weeks of treatment, both groups showed significant improvements in their sexual function scores, but those taking the stinging nettle root powder had a greater chance of achieving successful intercourse. The researchers concluded that “the use of URT as a dietary supplement in men with LUTS/BPH or ED is supported by strong evidence level II.”

    Pros And Cons Of The Supplement

    The pros and cons of the HImEROS supplement are discussed below.

    Pros Of The HimEROS Dietary Supplement

    The formulation of the HimEROS supplement is made using natural and powerful blends. The HimEROS formula has been made using evidence-backed ingredients keeping in line with the Malaysian Miracle root that helps boost testosterone levels.

    The HimEROS capsules are free from any artificial additives and have no negative side effects on health.

    Cons Of The HimEROS Dietary Supplement

    The HimEROS supplement is available for purchase only on its official website and not on any other known third-party platforms like Amazon, eBay, etc. Also, the results obtained after consuming these capsules vary from person to person.

    Supplement Pricing – What is The Cost Of The HimEROS Bottles?

    You can purchase the HimEROS bottles from its official website in the form of three packages at highly discounted rates. These three packages are discussed below in detail.

    Buy The One-Month Supply Of HimEROS

    The one-month supply of HimEROS can be bought by paying an amount of $59 per bottle and a $9.99 additional shipping charge for the USA. You get one bottle of HimEROS upon purchasing this one-month supply.

    The original price of this supply package is $159, meaning you can save $100 in total if you purchase it now from its official website.

    Buy The Three-Month Supply Of HimEROS

    The three-month supply of HimEROS can be bought by paying an amount of $39 per bottle and a $9.99 additional shipping charge for the USA. The total price of this package is $117, and you get three bottles of HimEROS upon purchasing this three-month supply.

    The original price of this supply package is $447, meaning you can save $330 in total if you purchase it now from its official website.

    Buy The Six-Month Supply Of HimEROS

    The six-month supply of HimEROS can be bought by paying an amount of $29 per bottle and zero additional shipping charge for the USA. The total price of this package is $174, and you get six bottles of HimEROS upon purchasing this six-month supply.

    The original price of this supply package is $894, meaning you can save $720 in total if you purchase it now from its official website.


    Is There A Money-Back Guarantee Offered On The Purchase Of HimEROS?

    The makers of the HimEROS capsules provide you an assured 180-day 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee on all of the above three package deals as per the official HimEROS website.

    This means that in case you are not satisfied with the product results after consumption and feel that your overall sexual and reproductive health is still an issue for you and that you are not able to boost your testosterone and energy levels, then, in that case, you are free to ask for a complete money refund.

    You are provided with a refund after contacting their team within 180 days from the date of product purchase from the official website of HimEROS and not the shipping or delivery date.

    It is to be remembered by the customers that they will be refunded the money, excluding any shipping or product-handling costs.

    Supplement Comparison – How Is HimEROS Different Than The Other Male Health Supplements On The Market?

    In this section of the HimEROS review article, we will compare this supplement with three other male health supplements on the market for men.

    Parameters Of Comparison HimEROS VigRX Plus Male Extra Viasil
    Supplement Ingredients Pasak Bumi, Alholva and Urtica Dioica blend, and L-Citrulline and Barrenwort blend Damiana, Epimedium leaf extract, Asian red ginseng, Muira Pauma bark extract, Hawthorn berry, Catuaba bark extract, Saw palmetto, Ginkgo biloba, and Bioperine. Pomegranate, L-Arginine HCl, Zinc citrate, Cordyceps, Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, and L-Methionine Panax ginseng root, pomegranate, Tribulus Terrestris, Ginkgo biloba, Citrus sinensis, Zinc, and Horny goat weed.
    Supplement Pricing $59 per bottle (one-month supply) $69.95 per bottle (one-month supply) $64.75 per bottle (one-month supply) $74.99 per bottle (one-month supply)
    Supplement Refund Policy 180-day money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee 100-day money-back guarantee 60-day money-back guarantee

    HimEROS Reviews – What Do The Customers Think About This Male Health Supplement?

    HimEROS is a natural male health supplement available on the market that helps increase testosterone levels and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction with the help of its completely natural blends. The customers of HimEROS have provided real reviews and testimonials on this male health product as per its official website.

    Several HimEROS reviews mention that the natural ingredients used in making the HimEROS non-habit-forming capsules have made it completely pure, safe, and effective for men who want to improve their penis health, support healthy blood flow and blood circulation, boost strength and performance, reduce erectile dysfunction issues, increase energy levels, etc.

    These HimEROS reviews by customers say it is one of the best and most powerful male health supplements they have used so far that is beneficial.

    Final Thoughts

    To summarize our complete understanding of the HimEROS supplement, it can be said that based on the several HimEROS feedbacks mentioned online that this supplement does what is claimed by its makers, be it an improvement in sex drive, enhancement in mood, boost in testosterone levels, or firm erections in men.

    Also, this fact cannot be denied that the HimEROS supplement is more suitable and beneficial for the male body than other medications or health supplements as HimEROS is completely natural and doctor-formulated.

    So, you can think of purchasing HimEROS from its official website and try it out for yourself!



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