CAUSE NO. 12-2-08975-8 WRIT OF EXECUTION IN THE SUPERIOR COURT OF THE STATE OF WASHINGTON IN AND FOR THE COUNTY OF PIERCE WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., ITS SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS, Plaintiff(s), vs. THE UNKNOWN HEIRS AND ASSIGNS OF BILLIE JO BLACK; ET AL., Defendant(s). TO: THE UNKNOWN HEIRS AND ASSIGNSOF BILLIE JO BLACK, AND THE UNKNOWN DEVISEES OF BILLIE JO BLACK; AND ALL OTHER PERSONS OR PARTIES UNKNOWN CLAIMING ANY RIGHT, TITLE, ESTATE, LIEN OR INTEREST IN THE REAL PROPERTY COMMONLY KNOWN AS 1643 EAST 32ND STREET, TACOMA, WA 98404, Judgment Debtor: A WRIT OF EXECUTION has been issued in the above captioned case, directed to the Sheriff of Pierce County, commanding the sheriff as follows: On July 17, 2013, Plaintiff WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A., ITS SUCCESSORS AND/OR ASSIGNS obtained a Default Judgment in the Superior Court of Washington, County of Pierce, against The Unknown Heirs and Assigns of Billie Jo Black, and the Unknown Devisees of of Billie Jo Black. It is ordered, adjudged, and decreed that the land and premises located at 1643 E 32nd St., Tacoma, WA 98404 (the "Subject Property") and legally described as follows: THE EAST HALF OF LOT 21, ALL OF LOT 22, BLOCK 8245, THE INDIAN ADDITION TO THE CITY OF TACOMA, ACCORDING TO THE PLAT THEREOF RECORDED IN VOLUME 7 OF PLATS AT PAGE 30; RECORDS OF PIERCE COUNTY AUDITOR; SITUATE IN THE COUNTY OF PIERCE, STATE OF WASHINGTON. referred to in the Default Judgment, be sold at public auction, as particularly set out in said Judgment. The total amount due and owing on the Judgment through July 17, 2013, is $205,080.57 consisting of the following: the judgment amount of $197,676.19 $4,590.00 awarded for attorneys' fees; $2,814.38 awarded for litigation costs; plus post-judgment interest accruing after July 17, 2013 and through September 19, 2013, of $1,373.44 (21.46 per diem x 64 days); and pursuant to paragraph 3 of the Judgment, post judgment amounts advanced for attorneys' fees, costs of publication and Sheriff's fees, of an amount unknown. In the name of the State of Washington, you are hereby commanded and required to proceed to notice for sale and to sell the Subject Property, which is more particularly described in the Notice of Sale, and apply the proceeds of said sale as in said Judgment and Decree directed, and to make and file your report of such sale with the Clerk of this Court, and do all things according to the terms and requirements of said Judgment, and the provisions of Washington Law. No redemption period applies to the sale of the Subject Property in accordance with RCW 61.12.093 because Plaintiff waived all deficiency rights related to the Subject Property, the Subject Loan is more than six (6) months in default, and the Subject Property has been abandoned by the Borrower and unoccupied for more than six (6) months. WITNESS my hand and official seal this 26 day of Sept, 2013. Superior Court, County of Pierce By: /S/ Tawnya Martin Deputy Clerk Entered Judgment #13-9-076749 The sale date has been set for November 22, 2013. YOU MAY HAVE A RIGHT TO EXEMPT PROPERTY from the sale under statutes of this state, including section 6.13.010, 6.13.030, 6.13.040, 6.15.010, and 6.15.060 of the Revised Code of Washington, in the manner described in those statutes. PITE DUNCAN, LLP JULIA A. PHILLIPS, ATTORNEY 9311 SE 36TH ST., STE 100 MERCER ISLAND, WA. 98040 (206)232-2752 October 9, 16, 23, 30, November 6, 13