BioTrust IC-5 Reviewed

BioTrust IC-5 is a nutritional supplement featuring a blend of berberine, cinnamon, and other plant-based nutrients.

By taking IC-5 daily, you can purportedly maintain healthy blood sugar, defend against brain fog and low energy, and control appetite cravings, among other benefits.


Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about BioTrust’s IC-5 and how it works today in our review.

What is BioTrust IC-5?

IC-5 is a new blood sugar supplement from BioTrust.

Made in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility, IC-5 features a blend of 5 proven ingredients to support healthy blood sugar.

Many older adults struggle with blood sugar issues. According to BioTrust, 53 million adults over age 35 struggle with blood sugar control. According to the CDC, 1 in 10 Americans – or around 37 million people – also have diabetes.

BioTrust markets IC-5 to individuals who struggle with low energy, brain fog, appetite control, moodiness, and other issues. All of these issues are linked to blood sugar. If you have poor glycemic command, then it can affect many other parts of your life.

IC-5 Features & Benefits

According to BioTrust, IC-5 can support the following benefits:

  • Energy
  • Mental fog
  • Appetite control
  • Moodiness and irritability
  • Blood sugar support
  • Sleep, healthy aging, longevity, and more

By tackling blood sugar control in various ways, IC-5 can purportedly support a range of benefits throughout the body.

How Does IC-5 Work?

IC-5 is based on the idea that the standard American diet is bad for our health, and it’s leading to growing blood sugar control issues.

According to BioTrust, the standard American diet causes your body to become less sensitive to insulin. When you combine a diet of high processed foods with a sedentary lifestyle, and then you add excessive levels of stress and less-than-ideal sleep habits, you get blood sugar control issues.

Your body isn’t absorbing enough blood sugar, which means it circulates throughout your body and remains in your bloodstream. Your blood sugar is too high, leading to noticeable symptoms like brain fog, moodiness, irritability, and low energy.

BioTrust recommends taking their supplement while also reducing processed foods, reducing sweetened foods, getting plenty of exercise and proper sleep, and consuming high-quality nutrients. If you can do that, then you can support healthy blood sugar levels.

In fact, BioTrust believes healthy blood sugar “may be the most important biomarker of health overall” and that healthy carb management “is key to healthy aging and longevity.”

Unhealthy Carb Management Leads to Premature Aging

When you have blood sugar control issues, it’s because you’re struggling to manage carbs. Unhealthy carb management can lead to premature aging, low energy, and other issues, according to BioTrust.

Here are some of the problems linked to unhealthy carb management:

When your body is managing carbs in a healthy way, it’s breaking down carbs properly and producing the right amount of glucose sugar your body needs – no more and no less

When your body has unhealthy carb management, it can lead to early aging and other issues

If too much glucose is hanging around in your blood, it binds with proteins via “glycation,” leading to the formation of “advanced glycation end products” or AGEs

AGEs can age you more quickly

When your blood sugar is too high, you have hyperglycemia, and when it’s too low, you have hypoglycemia; both of these condition can increase glycation and accelerate aging, leading to visible issues

IC-5 was developed based on the idea that specific nutrients can help manage blood sugar, leading to better carb management, normal aging, and other benefits.

IC-5 Ingredients

IC-5 contains a blend of 5 specific nutrients to help manage blood sugar in various ways. The formula contains well-known diabetes supplement ingredients like chromium, berberine, and cinnamon along with lesser-known ingredients like naringin.

Here’s how each ingredient in IC-5 works to manage blood sugar:


Chromium may be the most popular ingredient in the diabetes supplement space. Many diabetes and blood sugar control supplements use chromium to support healthy blood sugar. Studies show diabetics tend to have lower levels of chromium than non-diabetics, and some studies show taking a chromium supplement can help.

However, not all types of chromium are made equal. IC-5 contains a specific type of chromium called Chromax. Chromax is a patented form of chromium picolinate designed for maximum absorption and maximum effectiveness. Chromax has been linked to 15X higher absorption than other forms of chromium, according to BioTrust, leading to significantly better bioavailability.

According to BioTrust, the Chromax in the formula can lead to benefits like:

  • Support weight loss and positively impact body composition
  • Reduce body fat and support sustained weight loss by improving lean body mass
  • Help you lose fat instead of muscle
  • Maintain and improve muscle mass during weight loss while maximizing fat loss
  • Significantly improve body composition


IC-5 also contains berberine, another popular diabetes supplement ingredient. Berberine is a plant-derived compound used for centuries in traditional medicine in Asia. Today, we know berberine appears to support healthy blood sugar by activating an enzyme called AMPK, helping to transport glucose into cells to be used for energy.

In one randomized controlled trial, berberine was shown to help with carbohydrate metabolism when taken daily for 3 months leading to significant decreases in fasting and post-meal blood glucose and HbA1c along with other biomarkers of metabolic wellness.

According to BioTrust, the berberine in IC-5 could support the following benefits:

  • Effective glucose disposal agents
  • Backed by centuries of use in types of traditional Asian medicine but increasingly popular in the western world
  • Supports healthy glucose metabolism
  • Activates an enzyme called AMPK to support the transport of glucose into cells to be used as energy

One study found berberine led to significant decreases in fasting and post-meal blood glucose and HbA1c along with other biomarkers of metabolic wellness

Cinnamon Bark Extract

Cinnamon has been used as a healing spice since ancient times. Like berberine, cinnamon is backed by modern research that has increasingly validated traditional healers.

Cinnamon was used in ancient Egypt, for example, where it was believed to be an appropriate gift for kings. Recent studies have validated the idea that cinnamon bark extract works by promoting healthy blood sugar metabolism and activating carb-digesting enzymes, helping your body manage healthy blood sugar.

Some of the effects of cinnamon bark extract include:

  • Promote healthy blood sugar metabolism
  • Affect the activity of certain carb-digesting enzymes
  • Assist with healthy insulin function and blood glucose metabolism


IC-5’s fourth ingredient is benfotiamine, which is a fat-soluble version of vitamin B1. Designed to support healthy glucose metabolism, benfotiamine can help maintain advanced glycation end (AGE) product activity, which could help support blood sugar.

Benfotiamine, according to BioTrust, can help with blood sugar via the following:

  • May help maintain healthy advanced glycation end (AGE) product activity
  • AGEs can worsen blood sugar because they’re harmful compounds formed when fats and proteins combine with sugar in the blood
  • AGEs are associated with early aging and health issues, so managing AGE activity is crucial


Naringin is a citrus bioflavonoid, also known as a polyphenol or plant-based antioxidant. Although not as well-known as the other ingredients in IC-5, naringin can help with healthy glucose metabolism and insulin function by supporting inflammation throughout the body.

Diabetics tend to have higher levels of inflammation than non-diabetics. People with general blood sugar control issues may also have high levels of inflammation. When your body is inflamed, it’s harder to manage blood sugar, lose weight, and support overall health and wellness. Naringin aims to help.

IC-5 Versus Other Blood Sugar Support Supplements

You can find plenty of diabetes supplements and blood sugar support supplements sold online today. What makes IC-5 unique? Why pick IC-5 over competing supplements?

Here are some of the advantages of IC-5 over competing blood sugar formulas, according to BioTrust:

Get the Right Ingredients: IC-5 contains a blend of 5 handpicked ingredients to maximize blood sugar control. Chromium, berberine, benfotiamine, naringin, and cinnamon are five of the most research-backed blood sugar support ingredients in the supplement space today, and studies show they play a critical role in managing blood sugar.

Get the Right Forms of Ingredients: You can find plenty of blood sugar support supplements that contain chromium, cinnamon, and berberine; however, IC-5 contains the right form of these ingredients. IC-5 contains a special type of chromium called Chromax, for example, along with bioavailable forms of berberine and cinnamon. Chromax can lead to significantly better chromium absorption in the bloodstream, leading to more noticeable benefits. Other blood sugar supplements don’t use the same type of chromium.

Key Ingredients in Specific Dosages: IC-5 also aims to provide the right dosages of specific ingredients. Some diabetes supplements contain dozens of ingredients linked to blood sugar control – but none of the ingredients have particularly high dosages, making them useless overall. Instead of combining dozens of ingredients, BioTrust has added a smaller blend of 5 ingredients to support healthy blood sugar. Each two capsule serving of IC-5 contains 200mg of Chromax, 500mg of berberine, 100mg of cinnamon bark extract, 80mg of benfotiamine, and 50mg of naringin, for example, for optimum effectiveness. Plus, BioTrust completes third party testing with an independent lab to verify purity and potency.

How to Use IC-5

BioTrust recommends taking two capsules of IC-5 with your two largest carb-containing meals of the day.

If you’re following a low-carb diet, then take two capsules of IC-5 with your two largest meals of the day.

Scientific Evidence for IC-5

BioTrust’s IC-5 contains a blend of five proven blood sugar supporting ingredients. All 5 ingredients are backed by clinical trials proving they work as advertised. We’ll review some of that evidence below.

Chromium has been extensively studied for its role in blood sugar and insulin resistance. In this 2004 study published in Diabetes Education, researchers found chromium picolinate – the specific type of chromium used in IC-5 – was shown to reduce insulin resistance and help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. Researchers specifically found supplements containing 200mcg to 1,000mcg of chromium picolinate per day have been found to “improve blood glucose control” and that chromium picolinate was “the most efficacious form of chromium supplementation” backed by numerous human and animal trials.

Berberine can also help support healthy blood sugar according to multiple trials. Instead of reviewing each study, we’ll summarize this review published in Frontiers in Pharmacology. Researchers analyzed dozens of randomized controlled trials on berberine and blood sugar, finding berberine can improve obesity and hyperlipidemia by reducing cholesterol, reducing insulin resistance, preventing diabetic encephalopathy, and improving type II diabetes, among other benefits.

Other active ingredients in IC-5 include cinnamon. Cinnamon may curb blood sugar by lowering insulin resistance, according to some studies. As WebMD explains, one study found cinnamon reduced cholesterol by 18% and blood sugar by 24% when taking 1g of cinnamon over 40 days. However, a separate study from 2013 found 2g of cinnamon had no significant impacts in people with type 2 diabetes over a 60 day period.

Naringin is a citrus flavonoid, which means it’s a plant-based antioxidant. Although it’s less popular than other ingredients in IC-5, studies show naringin can support healthy blood sugar by exhibiting anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. However, more large scale research in humans is needed to verify these effects – particularly in people wit type 2 diabetes.

Overall, IC-5 contains a blend of proven blood sugar supporting ingredients linked to health, wellness, blood sugar, and other effects.

IC-5 Ingredients Label

BioTrust discloses the full list of ingredients and dosages used in IC-5 upfront, making it easy to compare the formula to other blood sugar supplements sold online today.


The full list of ingredients in IC-5 includes:

  • 500mg of berberine
  • 100mg of cinnamon bark extract
  • 80mg of benfotiamine
  • 50mg of naringin
  • 200mcg of chromium (571% DV)

Other (inactive) ingredients, including gelatin, magnesium stearate, rice flour, and silicon dioxide

IC-5 Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

BioTrust markets IC-5 to customers who want to support healthy blood sugar. According to reviews online, IC-5 works as advertised to support healthy blood sugar using natural ingredients. Some customers have lost weight, lowered blood sugar, and resumed eating their favorite foods thanks to IC-5, according to the official website.

Here are some reviews from IC-5 customers online:

One customer has used IC-5 for “years” and has continuously been impressed with the formula, claiming IC-5 still works “beautifully” after years of use

Another customer described IC-5 as “the highest quality berberine supplement out there” and much better than cheaper alternatives

One customer claims she can eat her favorite foods virtually whenever she likes thanks to IC-5

Other customers report using IC-5 to effectively maintain healthy blood sugar, control cravings, and lose weight

Some customers claim IC-5 helped with muscle development, making it easier to add muscle and burn fat when paired with a healthy diet and exercise routine

IC-5 Pricing

IC-5 is priced at $39 to $49 per bottle, depending on the number of bottles you order.


Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordered online today:

  • 1 Bottle: $49 + Free US Shipping
  • 3 Bottles: $132 + Free US Shipping
  • 6 Bottles: $234 + Free US Shipping

Each bottle contains 60 servings (120 capsules). You take 4 capsules per day (2 capsules with each of your 2 largest meals) to support blood sugar.

Bonuses Included with IC-5

As part of a 2022 promotion, BioTrust is bundling three bonuses with all new purchases of IC-5.

If you buy IC-5 today, you get the bonuses:

Free US shipping, including free US ground shipping and discounted international shipping rates

Free VIP live health and fitness coaching from BioTrust’s team of expert nutrition and health coaches

Top 12 Carbs for a Flat Belly, an eBook featuring some of the best fat burning carbs and meals for health and wellness

IC-5 Refund Policy

All IC-5 purchases are backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund on your purchase within 60 days with no questions asked.

Just return your bottle or bottles of IC-5 to the manufacturer, even if they’re empty, to complete the refund process.

About BioTrust

Founded in 2011, BioTrust has a proven track record of providing high-quality supplements across the United States and around the world.

Today, BioTrust continues to manufacture supplements in the United States in an FDA-registered, GMP-certified facility. The company has also donated over 5.3 million meals to hungry kids through their partnership with non-profit NoKidHungry.org while granting over 20 wishes for children through Make-A-Wish.

BioTrust has a medical advisory board that approves each formula. Dr. Roberson specifically recommends IC-5 for supporting blood sugar.

You can contact BioTrust via the following:

  • Email: support@biotrust.com
  • Phone (US & Canada): 1-800-766-5086
  • Phone (International): +1 512 721 0026

Final Word

IC-5 is a blood sugar support supplement created by BioTrust to manage and support healthy blood sugar.

By taking the five active ingredients in IC-5 daily, you can purportedly support healthy blood sugar, support weight management, avoid mental fog and low energy, and solve appetite control issues, among other benefits.

To learn more about IC-5 or to buy the supplement online today, visit the official website at BioTrust.com.



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