Best Astrology Websites Reviewed [Updated]

Having a good astrology reading can be highly beneficial for your overall well-being. By analyzing the stars, astrologers can provide guidance on areas of your life that may need attention and help you to understand yourself better. This is a valuable tool not only for understanding yourself but also for predicting future events.

When it comes to astrology, there are many different websites that you can visit. Some focus on general information while others specialize in areas such as love or finance. Choosing a website that fits your needs and interests is essential to getting the most out of your astrology reading. To help you out, we have listed the best astrology sites in this article. These top astrology websites provide accurate astrology readings at highly affordable rates.

The Best Astrology Websites In 2022

We have put together this list of the best astrology sites you can use to get personalized readings. Each website offers a variety of features, including horoscopes, solar charts, and lunar cycles. Some also provide castings for spells and other magical rituals.

Keen: Keen helps you find the best psychic reader for you from more than 1700 readers through its easy-to-apply filters and simple interface
Purple Garden: This platform offers the best affordable astrology and horoscope readers that are highly rated for their predictions
Kasamba: Kasamba features 111 astrology masters that are proficient in the ancient art of astrology and psychic reading
AskNow: The leading psychic network in the nation connects you with the world’s most renowned psychic advisors 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via phone or online chat
MysticSense: This best astrology site has received more than 28000 reviews and reported fantastic customer feedback, which is proof of their highest standard of integrity
Oranum: It has been one of the best sites for astrology services for more than ten years, providing thousands of people with clarity benefits

Let’s read the detailed review of each of these astrology websites:


Key Details
Main Features:
  • Free astrology reading for initial 3 minutes
  • The app is available on iOS and Android devices
  • Best spiritual astrologers available
  • Online chat and phone readings
  • Top Services: Psychic reading services, love life reading to meet life partner, horoscope, spiritual reading, tarot reading services, and others
    Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Pricing: Starting from $2+ per minute

    With Keen, you can get psychic services anywhere in the world. Founded in 1999, this company has served over 35 million clients so far. The company offers an extensive range of psychic and astrology experts. If you are looking for one that fits your needs, you will find it.

    An astrology reading is a classic psychic reading that helps lay down the foundation of your personality. Psychics typically use their birth chart to determine a person’s predispositions. In addition, the birth chart can be used to predict how the planets’ movements affect a person’s future.

    Keen psychics are not restricted to one astrology field. Experts in Vedic astrology, Chinese astrology, Mayan, and Modern astrology are available on the platform. Additionally, Keen provides free daily horoscopes and extensive information about the topic. The Horoscope tab on the official website will give you more information about free horoscopes.

    A total of 1700 people are available to choose from. They have affordable introductory packages. It is easy to find an advisor who meets your needs from such a large selection. It is possible to filter through all 1700+ people using Keen’s smart filtering system until you find someone who truly understands what you want. Additionally, Keen’s psychics are skilled in angel card readings, clairvoyance, and numerology, among other fields.

    Purple Garden

    Key Details
    Main Features:
  • Expert astrologers with years of experience and high levels of professionalism
  • An intuitive interface that allows you to conduct psychic readings quickly and accurately
  • Option for voice call, video call, and live readings through chat
  • Get daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes
  • Top Services: Astrology, horoscope readings, love readings, tarot card readings, palm readings, dream analysis, angel insights, oracle guidance, and others
    Guarantee: Not Available
    Pricing: Starting from $1+ per minute

    Purple Garden is an online resource for psychic readings. It has over 1,500 psychic readers on hand to offer consultations to customers from various backgrounds and areas of life. Aside from the website, Purple Garden provides a mobile app compatible with iOS and Android. Whether you’re using the website or the app, you’ll find a user-friendly interface, enabling you to find the information with minimal frustration.

    The platform offers a variety of psychic reading options, including video calls, chat readings, and telephone readings. Additionally, Purple Garden connects you to the right astrologer, who can provide the most accurate answers to your inquiries. A psychic reader’s bio can be found on the website, listing their psychic qualifications and abilities. As a result, you can gauge whether a particular reader resonates with you. You can reach the readers at any time of the day, on any day of the week, based on a specific time zone. There may, however, be times when some readers are unavailable. The Purple Garden is known for offering the best online tarot readings. A variety of psychic services are provided here, including palm readings, harmony advisors, life advisors, and much more.

    Customers favor Purple Garden due to its comprehensive selection procedure for psychics and flexibility in choosing a reader. The payment methods offered by Purple Garden are also secure. Payments can be made through PayPal’s secure payment gateway. Attackers won’t be able to access your financial information using this method.

    With a wide range of astrology readers available on the site, there are many readings from which you can choose. Whether it’s love, natal chart, or relationships, you can find answers to any question in your life.


    Key Details
    Main Features:
  • Every new astrology reader will give you a free reading for three minutes
  • More than 111 astrologers are masters in the ancient art of astrology
  • Option of live chat and phone reading
  • Yearly horoscopes and monthly horoscopes are also available
  • Top Services: Psychic Readings, Love and relationships, fortune telling, tarot readings, dream analysis, astrology reading, and natal charts
    Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Pricing: Starting From $2+ per minute

    Kasamba is one of the most renowned psychic reading websites offering various advisors in various fields. It has been in business since 1999 and attracts more clients daily. Kasamba offers multiple psychic readings from 200+ psychics. These psychics have performed hundreds of readings, and their client reviews have been mostly positive. Therefore, you won’t have a problem finding an astrologer who can help you analyze your life experiences or guide you in the right direction.

    A Kasamba psychic carefully prepares a user’s astrological prediction and provides daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. There is a lot of information you can find out about romantic relationships, your natal chart, and everything else generally. On Kasamba, you can find 111 renowned astrologers to provide you with answers to all of your important questions. In addition to Western astrology, Kasamba advisors know Chinese astrology and Vedic astrology, in case you prefer the influence of another ethnicity. Astrologers on the site charge rates ranging from $1.00 to $30.00 a minute for readings. You can get help from an expert to pick the right path, improve your life, and anticipate life changes.

    It’s easy to use and has a wide selection of reputable psychics. The website and the mobile app are both visually appealing and easy to use, making them both a significant advantage. The company’s strict hiring policy prevents inaccurate, low-quality consultations.

    Overall, using this site won’t disappoint you provided you’re willing to pay more. Kasamba stands out due to its highly qualified psychics, easy-to-use interface, and diverse range of accurate readings.


    Key Details
    Main Features:
  • Reach your favorite psychic reader 24/7 for daily predictions
  • Get five free astrology minutes with master and elite astrologers
  • A free daily horoscope is available for the users
  • Get accurate astrology reading on a voice call and live chat
  • Top Services: Daily horoscope, Love & Relationships, Birth charts, Money & Finance, Spiritual Guides, psychic counselors, spiritual advisors, Tarot Readings, and more
    Guarantee: 100% satisfaction guarantee
    Pricing: Starting from $4 per minute

    There is no doubt that AskNow is one of the best astrology websites on the web. It has been operating since 2004. The company offers a wide range of psychic reading and tarot card reading services for clients across the industry. With AskNow’s easy-to-use interface, you can quickly find a horoscope reader that matches your requirements and get free daily Horoscopes. You can browse a wide range of psychics’ profiles with their experiences, fees, expertise, hometown, and reviews, and choose the one that matches your needs the most.

    Their team of psychics, spiritualists, horoscope readers, and astrology experts possess advanced training as well as extensive experience. All the customers can get assistance with any problems they’re experiencing through telephone, live chat, and virtual calls. You can trust them to keep all your data safe and secure. AskNow also offers the option to ask questions anonymously, so get started today and unlock a lifetime of knowledge and assistance for your life, career, and love.

    As one of our top reasons for recommending AskNow, we do so primarily due to its excellent customer service policy. Numerous users have expressed gratitude to the mediums for helping them overcome their worries. It gave them the courage to seek love again by listening attentively to what they had to share. At AskNow, you can also get psychic services for your pets if you are an animal lover.


    Key Details
    Main Features:
  • Free astrology readings online as free credits of 5 minutes
  • A simple signup process makes getting started easy
  • Avail daily and monthly horoscope facility
  • The session begins when you want (Customizable Sessions)
  • Top Services: Finding New Love, Family Issues, Birth chart readings, Natal chart and Money, Daily horoscope, Lost Objects, Psychic Medium, and more
    Guarantee: 100% refund policy
    Pricing: Starting from $1+ per minute

    All are welcome to take advantage of Mysticsense psychic readings, which have practical benefits. Online readings of Mysticsense provide people with the convenience of not having to spend time at a psychic’s home during a busy week. You can contact them via phone, email, or video chat anytime, whenever you want them.

    You can search on Mysticsense depending on the style of the psychic, which sets it apart from other astrology websites. Different people process information differently, and how it is delivered matters to our ability to comprehend it. The psychic community is significant at this astrology site, and you can choose from various people with expertise in different domains. Making a selection from thousands of results can be daunting, but MysticSense simplifies the process by using intelligent filters to narrow your search and prioritize your top picks.

    Psychics at MysticSense undergo a comprehensive assessment and a series of interviews before being accepted into the industry. Chat, phone, and video are all ways to get in touch with them. You can also reach them on vacation.


    Key Details
    Main Features:
  • Join free live readings without revealing your identity
  • Avail free coin credits on signing up for the first time
  • More than ten years of experience in astrology and psychic
  • Free chat session to help you match with your astrologer
  • Top Services: Their services include information about dreams, spiritual reading, clairvoyance, astrology reading, palm reading, and others
    Guarantee: Convenient customer satisfaction policy
    Pricing: Visit the official website for pricing details

    An excellent psychic reading site, Oranum boasts a wide variety of readers and specialties. We found the website very engaging, intuitive, and ideal for people who prefer in-person interaction. You can meet a psychic in real time with Oranum, which makes it different from other astrology services. Unlike other sites where you pay immediately for a reading, you will participate in a live video conference to find out if you are talking to the right psychic. Although it is optional, you can remain anonymous if you don’t want your reader to discover your identity.

    If you are looking for your ideal match, you will likely have to speak with many psychics. You can choose from a wide range of astrology experts with unique specialties and backgrounds.

    The unique feature of Oranum is that prospective customers have the opportunity to take part in free psychic readings instantly. If English isn’t your native language, it is still possible to get a psychic reading from bilingual readers who are fluent in other languages. Various language options are available, including German, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, French, Portuguese, and Hungarian.

    Ranking Criteria For The Best Astrology Sites

    We analyzed over 100 astrology sites to compile this list. Our goal was to provide readers with the most comprehensive and up-to-date resource on the internet regarding astrology. We evaluated sites based on their content, user reviews, and popularity. To rank the best sites out there, we took into account the following ranking criteria:

    Quality Services

    The quality of astrology services is often a key consideration when selecting the best website to seek advice for your needs. Incorrect reading can be dangerous. By choosing an astrology site that offers high-quality services, you can be sure that you are getting accurate information and advice.

    Psychic Profiles

    For starters, if you’re looking for guidance on specific questions or issues you may be facing, it is helpful to have access to various perspectives. Additionally, psychics often provide detailed readings that can reveal fascinating insights into your past and future. And last but not least, checking out a psychic’s profile can help reduce the risk of picking someone who isn’t qualified to read your chart. We checked the profiles’ descriptions posted on each astrology website.

    Experience And Reputation

    With so many astrology websites, how can you know which one to trust? The best way to determine this is by looking at their experience and reputation. Experience refers to the time a website has been in business, while reputation refers to the quality and reliability of its information. Experience and reputation were factors considered when ranking the top horoscope sites.

    Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are an essential factor to consider when selecting the best astrology websites. Astrology sites provide valuable information about a website’s quality and help differentiate one website from another. Furthermore, customer reviews can help guide your decision-making when looking for an exemplary astrology service or product.


    Some astrology sites offer little or no privacy, while others may only provide limited information about your horoscope. Understanding what information you can share with a particular astrology site is also essential. For example, some websites will allow you to share general insights about yourself, such as your astrological sign and zodiac birthdate but not specific details like your individual career path or love life forecasts.


    Pricing is essential when selecting the best astrology sites because it can significantly impact your experience. Not all astrology sites charge the same amount for their services, and some may offer more advanced features or access to additional resources at no cost.

    Maximum Customer Satisfaction

    When selecting the best astrology sites, you want to ensure you get what you pay for. That is why satisfaction guarantees are valuable when choosing an astrology website. The most accurate astrology sites on our list feature a money-back guarantee.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Astrology Online

    Q: What is astrology?

    A: Astrology studies the positions and movements of celestial bodies as they relate to human beings. It can be used to understand a person’s character, personality, and prospects.

    Q: What is the meaning of a zodiac sign?

    A: The zodiac signs represent the stars and planets aligned when you were born. These signs can influence your life in many ways, and it is essential to pay attention to them if you want to achieve your personal goals. Each zodiac sign corresponds to one of the twelve months of the year with an element associated with it. For example, Fire sign people are predominantly ruled by Mars (the planet), while Earth Signs benefit from Venus (the goddess).

    Q: How many zodiac signs are there?

    A: There are 12 zodiac signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricornus, and Aquarius.

    Q: What are star signs?

    A: Star signs or sun signs are a system of astrology developed in the past by various civilizations. Each astrological sign is based on the premise that different people have different characteristics and tendencies due to their planets occupying different positions in their solar systems at certain times.

    The Best Astrology Websites In 2022 Closing Remarks

    As someone interested in astrology, it’s essential to have a website that provides you with the latest news and insights about this fascinating field. We’ve compiled the list of some of the best astrology sites out there, so be sure to check them out if you’re looking for information on subjects like love, relationships, natal charts, and more.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this article. Hopefully, by reading it, you have found some helpful information that can help improve your life.



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