The Best Psychic Reading Sites Online [Review]

Our lives are full of hurdles, and it feels tough to deal with sudden ups and downs at times. Every individual seeks assurance during challenging times in life, especially when the individual is supposed to make a crucial decision related to a significant factor in life. For centuries, people have believed in psychic readings to make their lives simpler.

Though science has advanced to a new high, the craze for psychic readings has not gone lost yet. People still visit psychic readers before making vital decisions related to life. From making critical decisions to achieving goals, an efficient psychic reader holds the potential to guide you through different stages of life so that you don’t suffer from intractable problems.

Our life is a combination of different key factors, including career, health, relationships, goals, and many more. Every other moment on the earth makes you make a decision, and these decisions determine what your future will look like. That’s why it’s highly significant to make decisions wisely, and the process becomes more effortless with the help of psychic readers.

Whether you’re facing a breakup problem or you’re consistently unsuccessful in your career, an experienced and skilled psychic reader can help you change the track of your life effectively so that you can make your luck shine on you again.

Previously, individuals had no other way apart from visiting psychic readers physically to get proper psychic readings. In today’s internet-centric era, this process also transformed, and online psychic reading sites are highly in demand nowadays. Hundreds of websites are live on the web that offer effective psychic reading services to clients from different regions of the world.

Different online psychic reading platforms have introduced various forms of online psychic reading services to cater to their clients in better ways. Unfortunately, the presence of so many psychic websites has cluttered the industry, and it’s tough for an average person to find out the best online psychic reading website for himself.

Some online psychic reading websites claim to offer the most accurate tarot card readings, while other sites claim to serve users in different potent ways. But you must know that you must visit the best online psychics to get the most accurate readings about your life.

As you start looking for psychic platforms, you will find that most sites claim to offer free online psychic readings, while most of these claims are fake actually. So, it’s evident that you need professional assistance while shortlisting the best online psychic reading sites that can help you make your life better.

In this article, we are going to talk about the best online psychic reading websites and platforms that have been handpicked by our research and editorial team. Our team has compared the services of various online psychic reading platforms before picking the top options.

As you go through the article to the end, you’ll have a better insight into what the top online psychic reading sites have to offer, and that will help you finalize the most appropriate psychic reading website for yourself.

The Best Psychic Websites of 2022

Getting psychic readings online is not as easy as it seems. Whether tarot card readings or past life readings, you must select a reliable and popular psychic website to get accurate readings.

Our research and editorial team has inspected the services and customer reviews of the listed websites before adding them to the list. That’s why we are confident that these psychic websites are the best ones to help you make your life smoother.

  • Purple Garden
  • Psychic Source
  • Kasamba
  • Keen Psychics
  • MysticSense

Purple Garden


If you’re seeking psychic readings online, you must try the services of Purple Garden once. According to the reviews posted by the existing platform users, Purple Garden is a phenomenal platform with professional psychics who can offer real-time assistance to solve your life problems.

All types of online psychic readings are available on the platform, and users can try different psychic mediums on this platform. Even if you’re unsure which psychic medium will be the best option; you can register with this platform. Expert psychics will help you professionally determine the most suitable medium for you.

The platform is so popular because of the accurate psychic readings it offers. According to the existing users of the Purple Garden, the platform is not full of bots that answer users’ queries with pre-written answers. Instead, genuine psychics are present on this platform who can help you with accurate and prompt psychic readings about your life.

The platform is a hub of the leading online psychic readers, and the platform also offers free psychic reading initially. If you’re planning to get a free psychic reading online, you can try the free services of Purple Garden for a few minutes. Different psychic mediums, including tarot readings, astrology readings, and other types of psychic readings, are available on the platform at discounted rates.

Customer satisfaction is the utmost priority of the platform, and that’s why it is considered the best online psychic platform by experts. As you register with the platform for the first time, you can initially avail yourself of free psychic readings for a few minutes. Don’t assume that the free readings are not credible; they’re as believable as the paid services offered by the platform.

With Purple Garden, you can get psychic readings by phone as well. The platform enables you to get in touch with expert psychic readers over the phone. Very few platforms offer phone psychic readings at discounted rates, and Purple Garden is one of them. Of course, that helps the platform stand out among other platforms that provide psychic reading services.

Prompt and on-point spiritual readings are also available at Purple Garden, and the psychic advisors on the platform are skilled. The authority of the platform tests their capabilities before recruiting them. Another impressive fact about the platform is that clairvoyant psychics are also available on it, enhancing its integrity.

Psychic Source


If you want to get accurate psychic readings, you can’t exclude Psychic Source from your preferred list. The platform is an outstanding choice for getting a free psychic reading for the first time. Many psychic mediums are available on Psychic Source, including tarot readings and other types of psychic tricks.

Hundreds of online psychics are available on the platform, and they offer accurate readings and online predictions to help users solve their life problems. Numerous expert phone psychics and psychic advisors are registered with Psychic Source, which can provide impactful astrology readings.

If you want to get in touch with an online psychic at an affordable rate, trying out the services of Psychic Source is a wise decision. This is one of the best psychic reading sites available on the internet. From chat psychic reading to online tarot readings, you can get perfect readings via phone as you register with the platform at affordable charges.



As mentioned earlier, getting an appropriate online psychic reading is pretty tricky because not all psychics are credible and reliable enough. However, users seeking genuine psychic readings to improve their lifestyles should try the services of Kasamba on priority.

Kasamba is arguably the best online psychic platform and has been popular among users since its initial days. Kasamba has been offering premium tarot readings and astrology readings since 1999, and the quality of the services provided by the platform is intact.

Every psychic listed on the psychic reading platform is incredibly skilled, and the operational authority of Kasamba inspects the background of psychics before enrolling them. The professionals registered in Kasamba are trustworthy psychics who can offer genuine and prompt online psychic readings at affordable costs.

Also, you get the opportunity to select your preferred professional among hundreds of online psychics available on the platform. That enables you to get a helpful psychic reading online effortlessly. Unfortunately, the online psychics available on Kasamba can’t offer psychic readings by phone. Video call facilities are also not available with this platform.

Due to its premium service quality and customer support, Kasamba is among the top-rated psychic reading websites available on the internet. The best online psychics are available on the platform to cater accurate spiritual readings to users.

The psychic reading site has millions of satisfied users worldwide and thousands of positive reviews back the platform from existing customers. That enlists Kasamba among the best psychic reading websites at present.

According to the moderators and operational heads of Kasamba, offering best-in-class psychic services to users is the platform’s primary focus. Though you can’t get readings via phone on this platform, you can get chat psychic readings whenever you want. The tarot readers and astrologers present on Kasamba are widely recognized for offering helpful online chat consultations.

In short, Kasamba is a hub for gifted psychics who are capable of offering the best online psychic readings. The incomparable psychic abilities of the professionals listed on this platform can help you improve your life in all aspects. All the online psychic advisors available on Kasamba are certified, too, making them more credible.

If you’re seeking free psychic reading online for a few minutes, Kasamba can turn out to be helpful for you in that case too. Kasamba allows every user to avail himself of free psychic readings for the first three minutes. The platform also comes up with some exciting discount plans that make consultation charges affordable for all types of users.

Keen Psychics


Are you up for trying the free psychic reading services of one of the leading psychic reading platforms? In that case, we strongly recommend you try out the psychic reading services of Keen Psychics.

The platform is one of the most trusted websites for psychic readings at the moment. Keen Psychics is a hub for approximately 1700+ expert psychics who attained expertise in different psychic domains.

The platform enables every new user to get a free psychic reading online for the first three minutes. Apart from that, it has recently launched an offer where you can get a 10-minute consultation from a reputed psychic for $1.99 only.

Another impressive fact about Keen Psychics is that the platform comes with an exciting and user-friendly interface to help you select the best psychic mediums and the best psychics for you. In short, Keen Psychics is among the top choices for getting accurate psychic readings online.

Angel card readings, tarot cards, fortune telling, and all other types of psychic mediums are available on Keen Psychics. The phone psychic readers available on the platform are very friendly, and they can offer the best psychic readings for affordable charges. The compact and reliable services of Keen Psychics make it one of the best psychic reading sites on the internet.



MysticSence is a recognized platform that has been offering best-in-class online psychic readings for years. Thousands of satisfied users prefer this platform. Many online psychics are available on the platform, and you get the opportunity to select the most preferred psychic reader for you among plenty of options.

You can also get a prominent phone psychic reading online to decide wisely. Tarot reading experts, spiritual readings, life readings, angel card readings, fortune telling, and other types of psychic reading methods are offered by the best psychics. The platform increases your chance of getting in touch with a reliable psychic online.

Every psychic reading session on MysticSense will help you make positive changes to your daily lifestyle that will make your life better eventually. Overall, MysticSense is a trending psychic reading site that enables you to contact professional chat psychics effortlessly to make every online psychic reading session fruitful.

Numerous gifted psychics and tarot readers are available on MysticSense via online chat. The online psychic reading platform also enables you to get accurate numerology readings.

As you register with the platform, you can expect prompt psychic predictions from MysticSense. Also, trustworthy psychics are available on the platform at affordable and competitive rates. That’s why the platform is considered the best online psychic reading platform by uncountable believers.

How Did We Rank The Best Online Psychic Reading Platforms?

Well, the processing of ranking the top online psychic reading platforms was not at all effortless for our research and editorial team. As already mentioned, hundreds of psychic reading platforms are available on the internet, and most of them can’t match users’ expectations in terms of offering correct predictions and insights into their lives.

So, our research and editorial team utilized some crucial ranking factors to rank the below-mentioned online psychic reading platforms appropriately. We are sure that our effective ranking process has helped us shortlist the top choices available on the market at the moment. Here we will discuss our ranking factors so that you get to know more about our transparent ranking process:


Only experienced psychic reading platforms are trustworthy in offering prompt and correct psychic readings. Users should opt for sites that have been operating for several years. All the companies above have been serving users satisfactorily for years. Some psychic platforms possess 20 years of experience, while the experience levels of others go up to 40-50 years.

The more experienced a psychic platform is, the better response it is supposed to get from users. General users tend to rely on platforms with years of experience so that they get correct readings to enhance their lifestyles. All the listed options have offered accurate psychic readings throughout all these years. That’s why our research and editorial team considered adding them to this list.

Our team has inspected the experience level of each psychic platform listed above. The most experienced ones are shortlisted in this article, and that’s why we can assure you that all these platforms can offer you the best readings.

Availability of Experts Psychics

Thousands of online psychic readers are there on the internet, but can you trust all of them? It’s highly significant to get in touch with professional psychics who have attained expertise in different psychic mediums. As an average user, it’s pretty tricky for you to do that. In the queue of so many psychic advisors who claim to offer reliable services, you may have a hard time finding out the best one.

Not all platforms include high-end experts who can offer accurate insights into your life. Most psychic platforms are full of inefficient psychics who are there just for the sake of money. Trying the services of such platforms won’t help you at all. It’s also a difficult task to find psychic platforms that enable you to get in touch with expert professionals who can help you improve your life.

Keeping that in mind, our research and editorial team considered enlisting the platforms that contain expert psychics only. Not all psychic platforms have solid hiring procedures to hire experts only. However, all the listed platforms are pretty selective in hiring psychics, and the authorities of these platforms make psychics go through several layers of professional screening before getting employed.

That’s why the numbers of expert and professional psychics are high on these platforms. Those who seek prompt psychic readings can opt to go for any of the listed platforms to get the best predictions without hesitation.

Satisfaction Guarantee

A limited number of psychic reading sites offer satisfaction guarantees to users, and most psychic platforms are not bothered about customer satisfaction. When you’re spending a considerable amount of money on getting a psychic reading on a psychic platform, you must seek a satisfaction guarantee from the platform. A reliable platform that offers accurate and flawless services should back its services with a satisfaction guarantee to attain users’ confidence.

The listed platforms come with dedicated tenures of satisfaction guarantee, so our team considered adding them to this article. As these platforms offer satisfaction guarantees, users feel more confident about using their services. Some low-quality platforms may want to drag users’ attention by claiming to offer free psychic reading or free consultations, but don’t fall into such a trap unless you get satisfaction guarantees from these platforms.

Contact Methods

A standard psychic reading platform should offer different types of contact methods so that users feel comfortable using its services. Some users prefer getting consultations via phone, while others prefer chat services. That’s why a popular psychic site should include phone, video calls, and chat consultations for the convenience of all types of users.

Unfortunately, not all psychic platforms offer different types of contact methods so that users can get in touch with professional psychics effortlessly. As you go for one of the listed psychic reading platforms, you get the freedom to select your preferred contact method, which will make you feel comfortable while consulting with your preferred psychic.


Evaluating the reputation of a psychic reading website is extremely important before availing yourself of its services. If a psychic reading site offers premium services, it will be backed by enormous customer reviews, and its reputation will improve over time. A psychic platform with a decent reputation is more likely to offer accurate and correct psychic readings. The psychics available on the platform are also expected to be more efficient in telling you about your life.

Our research and editorial team has inspected the reputation of every psychic reading platform mentioned above before adding it to the list. We can firmly say that all the listed psychic reading sites above are highly reputed, and they can help you in the best possible ways to enhance the quality of your life. So, you better go for one of these options to get an accurate psychic reading.

Specialized Psychic Services

Very few platforms offer a wide variety of psychic reading services. If you select a platform that provides a limited variety of psychic services, you won’t have the opportunity to determine the most suitable psychic medium for you. So, it’s better to go for a platform with expert psychics who can offer psychic readings using different methods.

All those mentioned above online psychic reading websites offer premium and specialized psychic services so that users get benefitted in the best ways. Our research and editorial team considers these platforms the best choice for getting psychic reading online.

Deals and Discounts

It’s an unwise decision to be in a rush while selecting the best psychic platform for yourself. Before you decide to avail yourself of the online psychic reading services of a specific platform, you need to make sure that you check the discounted deals and offers offered by other psychic platforms. Unlike most platforms, the listed platforms provide psychic readings online at discounted prices, and they also keep launching new offers to help users. That’s why these platforms are enlisted here.

Our research and editorial team utilized these ranking factors to rank the top platforms that offer premium online psychic readings. Our team has been able to rank the best psychic reading platforms with the help of these proven factors, and that’s why we are sure that our top picks will help you better your life in all aspects.

What Is a Psychic Reading?

Psychic reading is the process of utilizing a psychic source to read or predict an individual’s future. Psychic reading is a widespread practice that has been continued for centuries, and professional psychics are trained in unique ways so that they can read the past, the present, and the future of an individual.

Psychic reading is mainly based on intuitions, and most psychic readers depend on their skills and instincts to give clients insights into their lives. Different psychic readers practice various psychic reading techniques, and all these practices carry specific significance in predicting somebody’s future correctly.

Tarot readings, astrological readings, numerology readings, and other psychic sources are used to predict an individual’s future. A professional psychic may attain expertise in a single psychic source or multiple psychic sources to predict the upcoming events of your life. However, you need to contact a reliable psychic to get appropriate and on-point psychic reading about your life.

Tarot cards and fortune telling are the most famous psychic practices that the majority of the best psychics utilize. Users can get reading via in-person visits, or they can connect with phone psychics as well. This article comprises a list of the best platforms that include the best online psychics who can help you with prompt past life readings and future readings with the help of tarot reading and other proven psychic practices.

What Are The Advantages of a Reading Online?

Most users don’t understand why they should prefer online psychic reading platforms over in-person visits. You may be thinking about getting free psychic reading online, but there are other perks of getting readings online. Let’s explore the unique advantages of using online services:

Privacy and Anonymity

Whether you want to get online tarot readings or plan to contact chat psychics, your privacy will remain maintained. Also, you can get readings anonymously from the best online psychics. Especially if you’re using the services of the best psychic reading websites, your privacy will be protected.

Most importantly, you won’t have to provide personal details that can leak your identity. In most cases, your birth details are more than enough to get your proper readings. As you get connected with the best psychics, they will tell you about your future with the help of your birth date and time only.


As already mentioned, getting in touch with the best psychics is a hefty task, and it’s too risky to share your birth details with anyone. The best thing about online psychic platforms is that these platforms are highly secure. Chances are high that you will get in touch with a reliable psychic to get the best psychic readings as you start using the services of online psychic platforms.

Usually, the security features of online psychic platforms are top-notch, and that’s why these platforms are better choices than visiting psychics in person. Online psychics are also more efficient in terms of offering accurate readings.


Besides the reasons above, online psychic platforms are also more convenient because these platforms are straightforward to use. Also, you can book an online appointment with your preferred psychic at your convenience. You can get in touch with your preferred professional from the comfort of your home, and you can also determine your preferred schedule.

Multiple Mediums

As you start using the services of a psychic platform, you can get in touch with numerous psychics with different skills. You can also select your preferred psychic medium among multiple mediums so that you can get better predictions. Even if you’re unsure which medium is the best choice for you, psychic platforms can guide you in the best way so that you can easily select your preferred medium.

Free Psychic Readings

Another impressive fact about psychic platforms is that these platforms also offer free psychic readings for a few minutes. If you’re unsure about whether you want to get a phone psychic readings or not, you can try out the services of online platforms once. You don’t get that chance when you’re visiting a psychic reader in person.

Multiple Modes of Communication

Many psychic enthusiasts prefer getting psychic readings by phone, while others prefer video psychic readings. An online platform must offer all communication modes to its users, including video psychic readings, online chat services, and phone psychic reading services. Usually, most psychic platforms come with all these modes of communication to connect you with the most suitable psychic reader for you.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We have already mentioned that not all online psychics are credible and trustworthy enough. You may not be satisfied with the analysis offered by a particular psychic, but you can’t claim a refund if you’re consulting offline. If you go for virtual psychic platforms, you can claim refunds when you’re not satisfied with the services of online psychics.


According to recent statistics, offline psychics tend to charge higher fees than online psychics. When you’re consulting online psychics through online platforms, you can compare the charges of different psychics to select the most affordable professional for you. Also, you can contact the top online psychics at discounted prices.

So, the availability of free readings, online chat services, and other perks make online psychic platforms better options than offline psychics.

How Many Types of Psychic Practices Are There?

Psychics practice different psychic practices, and all the psychic forms are strong enough to offer prompt and accurate predictions:

Astrological Readings

Astrological readings are among psychic practices, and the accuracy rate is incredibly high. Astrological readings are based on the positions of celestial bodies in your horoscope. In this method, the psychic will consider the planetary positions in your birth chart to read your past, present, and future. Complex calculations are behind astrological readings, and these readings are top-rated among all types of users.


Numerology is another impactful psychic practice that many psychics often imply. Numerology is based on the impacts of different numbers in your life. Usually, numerology experts predict your future events with the help of your birth date and other numerological facts about your life.

Dream Analysis

Dream analysis is also an essential psychic practice that can help you understand your future. In this case, your dreams are analyzed by dream analysis experts, and they help you understand the hidden message behind your dreams. According to psychics, interpreting your dreams can help you know your luck and destiny. If you want to get a psychic reading online, you can also opt to go for dream analysis sessions.

Tarot Card Readings

Tarot reading is one of the oldest psychic techniques to know about your future and your destiny effortlessly. In this method, a tarot expert may use tarot cards to predict your future.

This has been a reliable psychic source to date, and tarot experts are trusted by millions of individuals worldwide. If you’re up for getting psychic reading online, you can get in touch with tarot experts to know more about your future.

Psychic Reading FAQs

Q: Can Online Psychics Offer Proper Predictions?

A: It depends on the psychic you’re choosing to get predictions about your future. As mentioned, hundreds of online psychics are associated with different psychic platforms. Not all of them are credible enough.

However, as you select one of the best psychic platforms, you will surely get in touch with skilled professionals who can guide you in the best ways. We strongly suggest you select one of the listed platforms to get psychic predictions to get the best results.

Q: How Much Do Psychic Predictions Cost?

A: It isn’t possible to mention a specific figure here. Different psychics charge different amounts for the psychic consultations they offer. Also, highly-rated professionals cost more than average psychics. Apart from that, the charges of psychic consultations also depend on your preferred psychic source.

Q: What Can I Know About My Life With The Help of Psychic Practices?

A: Well, different psychic procedures can offer detailed insights into various aspects of your life. With the help of psychic practices, you can learn about your health, love life, education, finances, family, and all other essential aspects of your life. An expert psychic can read your past and present accurately while predicting the critical events of your future.

You need to let your psychic consultant know what you want to know about your life, and he will imply psychic techniques to answer your questions appropriately.

Q: How Trustworthy Are Online Psychics?

A: In general, consulting online psychics is entirely safe because your private details remain safe with the online psychic platforms. Usually, top-rated psychic sites come with additional layers of security features to protect the confidentiality of their users. So, if you’re considering getting in touch with online psychics, you can opt to register with one of the listed psychic platforms.

Q: Are Chat Services Better Than Phone Consultations?

A: Well, it depends on your preference entirely. Generally, leading psychic sites offer all modes of communication to serve their users in the best possible ways. So, you can choose a preferred communication mode as per your preference.

The Best Psychic Websites of 2022 Final Words

In this article, you have learned about the most favored psychic practices and the best psychic platforms available nowadays. All the platforms are shortlisted by our research and editorial team, and the listed options are better than other options available on the market. As you select any of the listed platforms, you can get to choose your preferred psychic source according to your choice.

As you start using the services of these platforms, you will be able to live your life more spontaneously. So, select your preferred platform among the listed options to clear your doubts and make better decisions in your life.


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