Alpha Investor: America, Betrayed Review (Charles Mizrahi) Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint Report

Charles Mizrahi and Banyan Hill Publishing have launched a new marketing campaign for Alpha Investor warning of America, Betrayed.

According to the Banyan Hill Publishing team, Joe Biden’s recent actions – including Executive Order 14067 – represent a betrayal of America. However, by following Alpha Investor’s investment recommendations and making specific moves today, you can “triumph over tyranny.”

As part of a 2022 promotion, all new Alpha Investor subscriptions come with bonus investment guides, eBooks, and specific investment recommendations to help you earn substantial potential returns on investment over the coming weeks and months.

Please keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Alpha Investor and America, Betrayed today in our review.

What is Alpha Investor?

Alpha Investor is an investment subscription service led by Charles Mizrahi.

The goal of Alpha Investor is to help investors find undervalued stocks that Wall Street is foolishly ignoring.

To do that, Charles Mizrahi uses something called the “Alpha-3 approach.” He has spent four decades perfecting this investment system, and he has used the system to pick many winning investments over the years.

As part of a 2022 promotion, Charles and Banyan Hill Publishing are warning of Joe Biden’s betrayal of America. By subscribing to Alpha Investor today, you get a bundle of bonus reports – including one package called the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint – to help you survive the tyrannical reign of President Joe Biden.

Through that 2022 promotion, you can also subscribe to Alpha Investor for a discounted rate of just $99 per year or a one-time fee of $199 for a lifetime membership. All subscriptions come with bundles of bonus reports, investment recommendations, and guides.

About America, Betrayed

To promote Alpha Investor, Charles Mizrahi has published a video and text presentation called America, Betrayed.

Charles Mizrahi believes President Joe Biden is destroying the United States. He describes Joe Biden’s actions as a betrayal of the American people.

To survive Joe Biden’s tyranny, Charles recommends following his recommendations in the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint. Included with all new subscriptions to Alpha Investor, this blueprint teaches you how to hide your money, avoid taxes, and use the elite’s money-management secrets to hide your money from Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Joe Biden’s Executive Control Gives the Government Full Control Over All US Dollars

According to Charles Mizrahi and the Alpha Investor team, Joe Biden’s latest executive order allows the government to restrict how you spend your money.

Executive Order 14067 was “forced through without the approval of Congress or the American people,” according to Charles. It gives the government “full control” over money going into and out of every account in the United States.

Because of this executive order, you could lose freedoms like:

  • You could be denied when buying a gun because government records show you support the NRA
  • You try to donate to your church and get denied because you’re not on the IRS’s approved list of donators
  • You try to fill up your truck with gas and get denied because your carbon footprint is too large
  • You try to receive your IRS tax return and get denied because you aren’t vaccinated
  • You try to buy a steak for a Friday night barbecue and are denied because the government wants you to eat plant-based meat instead.

It’s not just Charles Mizrahi: political watchdogs warn of government overreach with the latest executive order. The Wall Street Journal claims EO 14067 “could result in ‘unprecedented power,’” for example, while Forbes claimed the order would “greatly enhance the government’s surveillance powers.” Newsweek, meanwhile, called EO 14067 “the end of American freedom.”

What Happens Next?

Charles Mizrahi and the Alpha Investor team believe Joe Biden’s actions – including Executive Order 14067 and other actions – will lead to disastrous consequences across the United States.

However, investors who take action today can protect their wealth from the upcoming crisis. When you subscribe to Alpha Investor, you get a package of reports called the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint explaining exactly which investments to make, which tax loopholes to use, and which money management strategies to implement to protect your wealth.

Here are some of the things Charles believes will happen in America in the near future because of Joe Biden’s betrayal of the United States:

Freedom of speech, Freedom of religion, and freedom to buy guns will all disappear

Inflation will soar by 50%, forcing Americans to reduce spending on food, gas, healthcare, and other essentials

Many Americans will die because they can’t afford their medications

Safe stocks will fall 90% or more, causing retirement portfolios across the country to crater when Baby Boomers need their savings most.

The government will rack up trillions of dollars in new debt every month, causing tax rates to soar to over 70%

For all of these reasons and more, Charles describes Joe Biden as a traitor to the United States:

“It’s the worst kind of attack…a betrayal…sacrificing the greater good for personal gain. And this … President Biden’s Executive Order 14067 … is the final dagger in our back.”

By subscribing to Alpha Investor today, you can discover how to avoid Joe Biden’s tyranny and protect your wealth from the upcoming crisis.

What is the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint?

According to Charles Mizrahi and his team, Joe Biden has betrayed the American people because he wants to profit personally from an upcoming economic crisis and cause inflation to soar to 50% per year.

The only way to protect yourself is to subscribe to Alpha Investor and get access to the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint.

The Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint includes three eBooks to help protect you from Joe Biden’s upcoming disaster:

Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint Book #1: Where to Stash Your Cash Legally: Offshore Financial Centers of the World: In this eBook, you can discover legal strategies for hiding your cash from the United States government and Joe Biden – and avoid losing money to inflation over the coming years. The goal is to protect your money “from Democrat surveillance and control” while allowing you to “stand your ground…and sidestep the liberal agenda” by protecting your hard-earned cash. The money management opportunities described in the eBook include “lucrative places” where you could earn huge returns on investment. If inflation rises to 50%, as Charles Mizrahi predicted, you would need to earn 50% returns per year to break even.

Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint Book #2: Slash Your Taxes: Reduce taxes to avoid giving Joe Biden more money to enact his plan. 87,000 IRS agents are coming for people like you, and this book explains how to avoid tax penalties while paying less tax. In this eBook, you can discover accountant-approved tax strategies to reduce your tax burden.

Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint Book #3: Forbidden Knowledge: Inside Information They Don’t Want You to See: The global elites are teaming up with Joe Biden to cause an international disaster, according to Charles Mizrahi, and this eBook teaches you how to outsmart this group to protect your wealth. The 700-page eBook was written by Banyan Hill Publishing’s experts over the last two decades and includes dozens of proven strategies the world’s elites use to “stay off the left’s radar.”

Alpha Investor Blueprint Report IMAGE

By following the guidance in the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint, you can:

  • Protect your wealth from the upcoming economic crisis
  • Reduce your taxes
  • Avoid losing your retirement savings to inflation
  • Legally protect your money using proven wealth management strategies
  • You receive free access to the Triumph Over Tyranny Blueprint by subscribing to Alpha Investor today.

Alpha Investor Reviews: How Much Money Could You Make?

The Alpha Investor “America, Betrayed” presentation is filled with testimonials from subscribers who have earned huge returns on investment by following Charles’ recommendations. Charles also claims to have earned huge ROIs from specific investments over the last few years.

Here are some of the reviews, earnings stories, and other claims featured on the official website:

One 64-year-old customer is “totally new to investing” and was watching his 401(k) evaporate. Over the past two months, however, he has “gained 64% on one of the stocks you [Charles] recommended and 15% to 20% on a few others,” and he has now regained most of what he had previously lost in his 401(k).

One customer claims her portfolio “is up 53% return per year” after subscribing to Alpha Investor.

Facebook banned Charles’ company for his “cultural and political views,” so he made a $6,000 trade against Facebook. Within under one month, that trade had earned a total return of $36,000, or 619% returns in two weeks. Charles describes his timing with this trade as “impeccable.”

After Joe Biden shut down America’s economy for the pandemic, Charles bought a 3-D printing company called 3D Systems because he “knew manufacturers would slow production.” He invested $21,800 in that company, then earned a total return of $211,898 within 126 days, or 972%.

Charles knew a touchless society would open opportunities for companies like Square to prosper. He invested $74,735 into Square, earning him a return of $306,664 within 391 days, or 426% ROI.

Charles also claims to have “made investments that have made me gains of 615%, 426%, 318%, 283%, and 486%. … all within a year.”

Charles backs these moneymaking claims with a link to his model portfolio. You can see the entry and exit prices of his recommended stocks. Some of the most significant gains include 1,578% returns on Autodesk, 1,276% on eBay, and 1,617% on Texas Instruments, among others.

Charles’ goal is to turn a $1 million investment into $10 million in the coming years, delivering gains of 1,000% as America enters a crisis period.

What’s Included with Alpha Investor?

As part of a 2022 promotion, Banyan Hill Publishing is bundling a package of bonus reports with all purchases of Alpha Investor. By subscribing to Alpha Investor today, you also become a part of Charles Mizrahi’s inner circle, which includes access to his model portfolio, weekly updates, regular trade alerts, and more.


Here is everything you get by subscribing to Alpha Investor today:

Monthly Issues of Alpha Investor: You receive a new research briefing for Alpha Investor in your email inbox each month. Each briefing has at least one new stock pick for you to consider. Charles aims to identify companies that can weather upcoming storms. He lists the research behind each company, including why he thinks the company is a smart buy. Plus, he does this in a way anyone can understand.

Access to Alpha Investor Model Portfolio: Your subscription includes access to a model portfolio. That model portfolio consists of all the stocks Charles recommends buying, listed for you in a single place. Read Charles’ research on each company, then decide if it’s the right investment. Or, buy all stocks in the model portfolio to make similar returns to Charles.

Weekly Updates: Charles sends weekly updates to subscribers between issues. These weekly video updates are like a “fireside stock chat,” with Charles giving subscribers a rundown of how the stocks in the portfolio are performing, his analysis of recent market conditions, special alerts on when to buy and sell stocks in the model portfolio, and more. Thanks to the weekly updates, you never need to worry about missing a big payday or missing an opportunity to buy.

The Alpha Investing Manual: The Alpha Investor Investing Manual explains precisely what to expect from your membership, including what to do with each of Charles’ stock recommendations. You can hit the ground running the first day you become an Alpha Investor and get greater insight into Charles’ investment philosophy.

Access to Private, Members-Only Website: Your subscription includes access to a private, members-only website. That website links to all of the bonus guides and other materials to enhance your subscription.

Bonus eBook #1: Where to Stash Your Cash: The first book of the Triumph Over Tyranny blueprint, Where to Stash Your Cash, tells you how to hide your money from the government and other authorities in a legal way. According to the Alpha Investor team, people who leave their money in a bank account could see 50% of their wealth disappear during their retirement. In this book, you can discover how to kick inflation to the curb “while legally hiding it from Democrat surveillance and control.”

Bonus eBook #2: Slash Your Taxes: The second book of the Triumph Over Tyranny blueprint describes how to reduce taxes. To create the guide, Alpha Investor claims to have worked closely with top accountants, helping you fend off the IRS and avoid paying taxes.

Bonus eBook #3: Forbidden Knowledge: Inside Information They Don’t Want you to See: The third book of the Triumph Over Tyranny package is a “Bible” featuring the hidden knowledge of wealthy elites. Over 700 pages, you can discover how the wealthy keep their wealth off the radar and avoid repercussions. You can implement this information to avoid paying taxes, hide your wealth, and preserve your money.

Bonus Guide #1: The Investing 101 Guide: This guide explains “how to place trades and manage your money,” and it’s designed for new investors who are unsure how to get started.

Bonus Guide #2: Privacy Code 2.0: This report explains how to protect your digital files from Joe Biden and the United States government, including how to safeguard your files, pictures, and documents.

Bonus Guide #3: 55 Legal Loopholes for Boosting Your Retirement: You can use simple, easy legal loopholes to boost your retirement savings. In this guide, you can discover legal strategies to help you live the retirement of your dreams.

Bonus Guide #4: Endless Income: Charles describes this as his “favorite report” because it shows you “how to set up an income stream that pays every week” while also getting annual raises that outpace inflation. Because Charles believes inflation will rise to 50%, this income stream could provide huge returns on investment.

Bonus Guide #5: Invest in America’s Leading Landlord: Many of America’s homes are owned by corporate landlords. These corporations are publicly-traded, and anyone can buy them to get a slice. In this report, you can discover how to buy these companies to make money as a landlord “without ever having to fix a faucet or deal with a tenant.”

Access to Dedicated Customer Service Team: You can contact the dedicated Banyan Hill customer service team at any time with questions or concerns. Although they can’t provide specific investment guidance, they can answer other questions about your Alpha Investor subscription.

Alpha Investor Pricing

Alpha Investor is priced at a $199 one-time fee for a lifetime membership as part of a special 2022 promotion, which is a significant discount from the ordinary lifetime membership fee of $2,000.

Alternatively, you can buy an annual subscription to Alpha Investor at the regular retail price of $99.

Here’s how pricing works when buying Alpha Investor online today:

Lifetime Subscription ($199): Includes lifetime subscription to Alpha Investor at a 90% discount plus all bonus reports and guides listed above plus a free copy of Wall Street Profits for Main Street Investors.

One-Year Subscription ($99 Per Year): Includes annual subscription to Alpha Investor plus all bonus reports and guides listed above.

Alpha Investor Refund Policy

All Alpha Investor purchases are backed by a 100% money-back guarantee within 365 days of your purchase – or your entire subscription.

If unsatisfied, you can request a complete refund of your Alpha Investor purchase within 365 days. Plus, you can keep all digital bonuses as thanks for trying the subscription.

About Banyan Hill Publishing

Banyan Hill Publishing is a Baltimore-based financial publishing company offering a range of paid subscription services, financial newsletters, investment guides, and more.

Banyan Hill Publishing employs various investment experts and analysts, including Ted Bauman, Charles Mizrahi, Ian King, Michael Carr, Andrew Keene, Amber Lancaster, and Tiffany D’Abate.

In addition to Alpha Investor, other popular Banyan Hill Publishing subscription services include Ian King’s Strategic Fortunes, Michael Carr’s Market Leaders, Andrew Keene’s Trade Kings, and Total Wealth Fellowship.

You can contact Banyan Hill Publishing and the Alpha Investor customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 1-866-584-4096
  • Mailing Address: 702 Cathedral Street, Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Charles Mizrahi and the Banyan Hill Publishing team have launched a new promotional campaign for Alpha Investor, warning of Joe Biden’s plot to destroy America.

By subscribing to Alpha Investor through the “America, Betrayed” online form today, you can get a bundle of bonus reports, guides, tools, and more to preserve your wealth from Joe Biden’s tyranny.

To learn more about Alpha Investor or to subscribe to today’s financial newsletter, visit the official website.



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