Disruptors and Dominators Review – Weiss Ratings Report with Tony Sagami & Chris Graebe

Disruptors and Dominators is a monthly financial newsletter identifying unique investment opportunities for followers worldwide.

As part of a 2022 marketing campaign, Weiss Ratings has launched a new marketing campaign featuring a small tech company that could help unlock $8.1 trillion in undiscovered oil.

By subscribing to Disruptors and Dominators today, you get a bundle of bonus reports to help you take advantage of that new investment opportunity and other opportunities.

Please keep reading to find out everything you need about Disruptors and Dominators and whether the subscription is worth it today in our review.

What is Disruptors and Dominators?

Disruptors and Dominators is a monthly financial newsletter published by Weiss Ratings, a Florida-based financial organization.

The newsletter is led by Tony Sagami, who seeks to identify companies preparing to disrupt a space with ground-breaking technology or unique innovation. By investing in these companies before they disrupt a massive industry, you can buy companies that dominate – and deliver substantial potential returns on investment.

Priced at just 16 cents per day ($59 per year) through a special 2022 promotional offer, Disruptors and Dominators identifies unique investment opportunities from across multiple industries. Subscribers also get access to Weiss Ratings’ database of company ratings and more.

In a video and text presentation shared online, Weiss Ratings’ Chris Graebe discusses a unique investment opportunity his team has spotted. Chris claims to have identified a small tech company that could help unlock $8.1 trillion in undiscovered oil. Investing in that company today could potentially earn you huge returns on investment.

Chris claims the last time we saw a similar disruption, 11 leading stocks in the sector rose by a minimum of 1,000%, and similar gains could occur this time.

What Will You Learn in Disruptors and Dominators?

Each month, Tony Sagami and his team of analysts identify companies poised to disrupt an established industry and disrupt that industry.

Some companies have developed a unique technology, for example, that allows them to undercut existing companies in the space. Other companies have another unique advantage that will enable them to undercut competitors’ prices and produce goods and services more cheaply.

Some of the recently covered topics in monthly issues of Disruptors and Dominators have included:

  • Drones: Pharmacies are using drones to deliver life-saving drugs, farmers are using drones for crop dusting, and law enforcement officers are using drones for surveillance; plus, Tony’s research suggests the drone industry is set to grow “at least” $43 billion in the next five years.
  • Telemedicine: Telemedicine has exploded in the last decade, and it’s taken off even more since the pandemic. Telemedicine involves the use of online technology to provide medical services. It’s projected to grow into a $17 billion industry by 2026.
  • Life Extension: Silicon Valley is investing tens of billions of dollars into the life extension space, helping individuals extend their lives, live healthier into their old age, and maximize their lifespan.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Projected to grow into a $50 billion industry over the next decade, artificial intelligence can disrupt countless industries. In Disruptors and Dominators, you can discover some companies using A.I., machine learning, and deep learning to disrupt established industries.
  • And More: Disruptors and Dominators focus on any technology preparing to disrupt an established industry – from oil exploration to contactless payments to virtual reality, e-learning, and more.

What is the Small Tech Company with $8.1 Trillion in Undiscovered Oil?

To entice you to invest in Disruptors and Dominators, Chris Graebe and Tony Sagami are offering new subscribers access to a unique investment opportunity: Chris and Tony have identified a company he believes “has a good chance of becoming the no. 1 oil play of the decade.”

That company is pioneering a technology that could help access huge oil lakes off the United States coastline and under the world’s oceans. In total, these oil reserves could be worth $8.1 trillion. As the pioneer of that technology, the small technology company could skyrocket in value for investors who buy today.

That small technology is called artificial intelligence radar, or A.I.R. It can help companies access oil reserves, optimize self-driving cars, and solve other real-world problems in multiple industries.

Although we can’t spoil the name and ticker symbol of the company upfront, we can disclose details like:

  • The company is based in the United States
  • It has a lock on A.I. for ground-penetrating radar
  • It has a lock on the business with one of the world’s largest oil drilling companies, and no other A.I. company on the planet comes close.
  • Most importantly, the small company is preparing to solve one of the biggest energy crises of our lifetime.

By subscribing to Disruptors & Dominators today, you can discover that company’s name and ticker symbol – and why it may be worth an investment.

How A.I.R. Technology Works

The oil technology company uses A.I.R. technology, or artificial intelligence radar, to access previously inaccessible oil reserves beneath the world’s oceans.

A.I.R. works by combining three advanced technologies into one system, including:

  • Big data
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Deep ground penetrating radar

We’ve always had ground-penetrating radar. However, advances in artificial intelligence and big data have made ground-penetrating radar more effective than ever. Instead of manually combing through subsurface images, we can use A.I. to process big data and create valuable conclusions – like identifying the best places to drill for oil beneath the ocean floor.

Tony Sagami describes this as a “killer combination.” Small and large companies are using this technology to disrupt their space. For example, Google recently used A.I.R. to add $9 billion to its revenue.

Mark Cuban is also a big believer in A.I.R. technology, claiming the world’s first trillionaires will emerge from someone who masters A.I. and applies it in ways we have never thought of.

By subscribing to Disruptors and Dominators today, you get a bundle of reports explaining how A.I.R. technology is about to disrupt multiple industries, including:

A.I.R. is allowing oil companies to discover and access previously inaccessible oil reserves underneath the United States coastline and beneath the world’s most enormous oceans, which could transform the future of some oil companies

A.I.R. could also transform the autonomous driving space soon, helping self-driving vehicles use advanced sensors to navigate safely and more efficiently

A.I.R. is also helping resource companies discover gold, silver, and lithium reserves, among other resources, which could transform small resource companies into tremendous opportunities because of their use of A.I.R. technology

A.I.R. Will Make the Next Oil Boom the Largest in History

Tony Sagami believes the next oil boom is coming. The world is facing an energy crisis, and oil can solve that crisis. As long as there’s money to be made in energy production, companies will continue to discover, extract, process, and refine the world’s oil reserves.

Tony believes the next oil boom, fuelled by A.I.R. technology will be the most significant in history.

Here’s how Tony explains the world’s next oil boom and what it could mean for investors:

“We predict this oil boom will be much larger than the oil boom that fracking introduced.”

In the fracking oil boom, investors needed to sift through hundreds of large and small oil explorers, pick a couple of plays, and hope one discovered oil.

With the A.I.R. oil boom, however, you don’t need to buy oil exploration companies or resource firms; instead, you need to buy the company responsible for A.I.R. technology.

According to Tony Sagami’s research, this oil technology company could be the best place in space. Here’s how he explains the potential of the opportunity for investors:

“We see no other opportunity with greater potential. Not electric vehicles, not big tech, and not the White House splurging tens of billions on a ‘green new deal.’”

Because of these advantages and the company’s leader in the A.I.R. technology space, Tony believes it’s a wise investment.

What Will You Learn in the $8.1 Trillion Oil Disruption Bonus Report?

When you subscribe to Disruptors & Dominators today, you get a bundle of bonus reports explaining new investment opportunities caused by disruptions in various industries.

One bonus report, called How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Disruption, explains how A.I.R. technology could disrupt the oil industry, provide massive value to the world’s largest resource companies, and help this technology company skyrocket in value.

Topics covered in the report include:

  • Why the next-generation, ground-penetrating, artificial intelligence radar (A.I.R.) is more than 40 times more mighty than old-school G.P.S. technology
  • How A.I.R. could help access $8.1 trillion in new oil reserves underneath the world’s oceans and beneath America’s coastlines
  • How even the United States Army is investing enormously in ground-penetrating radar
  • The name and ticker symbol of the technology company at the forefront of the A.I.R. space
  • Why that technology company could be a great investment opportunity as it prepares for a new phase of hyper-growth

Tony recommends reading this report and taking action immediately. The space is moving quickly. As more investors hear about A.I.R. technology and how it works, they’ll make a play in the area – like buying the oil exploration technology company.

What’s Included with Disruptors and Dominators?

As part of a 2022 promotion, all subscriptions to Disruptors and Dominators come with a bundle of bonus reports and guides. For example, you can discover how to take advantage of the unique oil technology company mentioned above and other investment opportunities preparing to disrupt and dominate their respective industries.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to Disruptors and Dominators today:

Monthly Issues of Disruptors and Dominators

Tony Sagami and his team reveal new investment opportunities from different industries monthly. Each option is for a company preparing to disrupt its industry, allowing them to dominate in the future. You get new investment recommendations, market analysis, and other monthly information.

Bonus Report #1: How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Disruption

The Disruptors and Dominators team has identified an oil technology company that has developed a way to access oil reserves underneath America’s coastlines and the world’s most enormous oceans. If that company’s technology is successful, it will allow oil companies to access $8.1 trillion in new oil reserves while making early investors in the company rich. In this report, you get complete details about the company, its unique technology, and why the Disruptors and Dominators team believes it could be a good investment opportunity.

Bonus Report #2: My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicle investing is trendy, but not all investors invest correctly. In this report, you can discover how an autonomous vehicle technology company uses the same A.I.R. technology to disrupt the independent vehicle space. In the future, this technology could become ubiquitous across all autonomous vehicles. You get a free copy of this report with all subscriptions to Disruptors and Dominators, including Tony’s #1 recommended independent vehicle technology stock.

Bonus Report #3: Resource Millionaires

A.I.R. technology is disrupting more than autonomous vehicles and oil exploration; this report shows how that technology disrupts other resource industries, including gold, lithium, and silver exploration. In fact, according to Tony Sagami, some companies are already pouring “billions” into this space. In this report, you get the name, ticker symbol, and buy-in price of one stock Tony believes is optimally positioned for this opportunity.

Bonus Report #4: The Oil-Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth

This report, which has never been released to the general public, explains why a small trickle of oil exploration companies will turn into “an absolute flood,” sending shares of certain oil rig companies soaring. This report details one oil rig maker that could deliver “storybook gains” as the flood unleashes.

Disruptors and Dominators Pricing

Disruptors and Dominators is priced at $59 to $79 per year as part of a 2022 promotion, or $0.16 to $0.22 per day.

Both subscriptions come with a bundle of bonus reports and guides. However, you get additional bonus reports by subscribing to the Premium Membership ($79).

Here’s how pricing works when subscribing to Disruptors and Dominators online today:

Standard Membership ($59)

  • Digital-only subscription to monthly issues of Disruptors & Dominators
  • Bonus Report #1: How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil-Industry Disruption
  • Bonus Report #2: The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth
  • Bonus Report #3: My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles
  • Bonus Report #4: Resource Millionaires
  • Access to Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter (312 issues per year)
  • 24/7 access to the editor’s mailbag for prompt responses to questions
  • Guaranteed lowest renewal rate
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Premium Membership ($79)

  • Print and digital subscription to monthly issues of Disruptors and Dominators
  • Everything included with the Standard Membership.
  • Extra Bonus Report #1: Uranium Unchained: How to Profit from the Coming Nuclear Renaissance
  • Extra Bonus Report #2: Lithium: The Power Behind the Decarbonization Revolution

You can add a bonus report to either subscription for an extra one-time fee of $14.95. That bonus report is Fast Track to Farmland Riches, and it explains how to invest in farmland to get a slice of one of America’s hottest growing assets and industries. It’s valued at $79 but available for just $14.95.

Both subscriptions automatically renew for $99 per year. After paying $59 to $79 for your first year of membership to Disruptors and Dominators, your subscription will automatically renew at $99 per year until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time.

Disruptors and Dominators Refund Policy

A 365-day, one-year money-back guarantee backs Disruptors and Dominators.

Suppose you’re unhappy with Disruptors and Dominators within your first year of membership. In that case, you can contact Weiss Ratings to receive a full refund – and you can even keep any bonus reports as a gesture of thanks for trying the subscription.

About Weiss Ratings

Weiss Ratings is a Florida-based financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid newsletters online.

In addition to Tony Sagami’s Disruptors and Dominators, other popular Weiss Ratings newsletters include Heat Maps, Safe Money Report, The Power Elite, and Weiss Crypto Investor.

You can contact Weiss Ratings via the following:

  • Phone: 1-877-934-7778
  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com
  • Mailing Address: 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080

Disruptors and Dominators Final Word

Tony Sagami, Chris Graebe, and the Weiss Ratings team have identified a new oil technology company pioneering artificial intelligence radar (A.I.R.) that could help access over $8.1 trillion in further oil reserves underneath the world’s oceans.

By subscribing to Disruptors & Dominators today, you can discover a company’s name and ticker symbol that could be a massive opportunity for investors.

To learn more about the oil technology company and how the A.I.R. technology works, subscribe to Disruptors & Dominators today at the discounted rate of $59 to $79.



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