Eco-friendly Cheney Stadium project earns environmental award

The Association of Washington Cities has presented the City of Tacoma with a 2014 Municipal Excellence Award in the “Making a Difference in Your Environment” category for the Cheney Stadium Sustainable Stormwater Project.

The project retrofitted the Cheney Stadium parking lot, reconstructed Clay Huntington Way, and revamped the stadium’s Tyler Street entrance over two off-seasons using green infrastructure to reduce stormwater runoff and improve access for bicycles and pedestrians. As a result, Cheney Stadium now has about six acres of permeable pavement, three rain gardens, sustainable landscaping, new pedestrian walkways and seven acres of new tree canopy. The ballpark also has two electric vehicle charging stations and LED lighting along Clay Huntington Way.

According to City of Tacoma staff, the project, which was finished this spring, serves as a model for commercial development demonstrating the effectiveness of green infrastructure elements, which can be installed for about half the cost of traditional stormwater improvements.

The award recognizes innovative and effective city programs that improve the quality of life in their communities.

Two years ago, the project earned the City of Tacoma a silver certification award from Greenroads, a sustainability rating system for roadway projects that encourages the use of holistic design and construction practices that are above and beyond conventional practice for environmental stewardship and social responsibility.

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