WSDOT: More toll glitches discovered on Tacoma Narrows Bridge

The Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) announced Electronic Transaction Consultants Corp. (ETCC), the Texas firm now handling the Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolling, has nearly caught up on a backlog of toll transactions but encountered a new problem involving Good To Go! customers who manually replenish their accounts and often carry low balances. Some accounts in good standing were charged an incorrect rate. About 150,000 backlogged toll transactions on the bridge have been processed, but a portion of customers with low or negative balances were incorrectly charged the cash rate of $4 instead of the $2.75 for Good To Go! account holders. WSDOT said Monday ETCC is working with those account holders, estimated at about 1,100, to convert the $4 toll to the correct $2.75 rate. “We successfully implemented fixes to address problems but unfortunately, this is a new issue that seems to be a side effect of the changes,” said Dave Dye, WSDOT deputy secretary. “We’re working to resolve this issue and reaching out to the customers who were incorrectly charged. About one percent of our Narrows Bridge account holders are affected.” Customers can check and update account information online at or by calling the customer service center at 1-866-936-8246.

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WSDOT, vendor address technical errors in Tacoma Narrows Bridge tolling system (06/21/11) —