WebTalkGuys Radio Show

It seems that the tech job market is looking a little more favorable these days.
In an economic upturn, contractors are the first ones employers hire.
Recently Minnesota-based Techies.com, a leading tech recruiting Web site, reported on some new research data on this trend in tech employment.
The research found employers are hedging their bets on the new economy by hiring contract tech professionals instead of permanent staff.
This Saturday the local radio and Web technology show, WebTalkGuys Radio, will talk with Techies.com (www.techies.com) President Paul Cronin about new research predicting contract employment trends for tech workers.
The WebTalkGuys show will also talk online data storage with Scott Ruby, President of XS Data Solutions (www.xsdrive.com).
Ruby will offer disaster recovery tips for a crashed computer and explain how his company offers a virtual drive for data storage whether you’re an individual user or on the corporate enterprise level.
Hosts Rob and Dana Greenlee and Pat Scanlon will also cover some of the Internet’s latest news, such as the tiny new OQO computer and tips to make trading links an effective marketing tool.
Discussions will also cover Internet leaders, cyberculture, Web entertainment, Net issues, Web site and software reviews and listener comments.
The radio show is hosted by Tacoma tech business leader Rob Greenlee, marketing director of Personal Design Concepts and Dana Greenlee of LoudVox Productions, which also produces the show. Pat Scanlon’s Web site is www.intowishin.net.
WebTalkGuys can be heard locally on KLAY 1180 AM Saturdays at 11 a.m. It is also broadcast on the radio in San Francisco/San Jose, Boston and over the XM Satellite Radio Network Channel 130.
It is Web on the Internet on demand from www.webtalkguys.com www.webtalkguys.com and via the wireless Web on NexTel cell phones and the Sonic Box from IM Networks. It streams live on Saturdays at 10 a.m. and Sundays at 7 p.m. over www.cnetradio.com.