Washington Trust offering 2016 historic preservation grants

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation has announced that grant applications for the 2016 Valerie Sivinski Washington Preserves Fund are being accepted.

The Valerie Sivinski Washington Preserves Fund annually provides grant funding to organizations statewide working to preserve local historic resources. Established in 1997, the program has awarded more than $100,000 to more than 100 projects that preserve Washington’s cultural heritage.

While priority is given to bricks and mortar rehabilitation of historic resources, eligible projects also include hiring professional services for rehabilitation projects.

“Since its inception, the Valerie Sivinski Washington Preserves Fund has focused on small, localized projects that collectively convey the story of our state,” said Washington Trust for Historic Preservation Executive Director Chris Moore. “The range of resources benefitting from the Sivinski Fund reflects the rich, diverse experience living in Washington entails.”

Last year, five organizations in Tacoma and Pierce County received grants worth $4,500 from the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation’s 2015 Valerie Sivinski Washington Preserves Fund.

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation aims to provide a minimum of $10,000 in grant funding per year. Grant recipients in Tacoma and Pierce County include:

  • Broadway Center for the Performing Arts (Tacoma | 2015) – $1,000 to help replace rotting plywood on the roof parapet of the 1918 Rialto Theater in downtown Tacoma in an effort to prevent imminent leaks.
  • Tacoma Railcar Preservation Society (Fircrest | 2015) – $1,000 to help evaluate the existing roof and install temporary shrink wrap in anticipation of future restoration of the 1910 Northern Pacific Dining Car #1663, which is currently housed at the LeMay Family Collection at Marymount in Tacoma.
  • Gig Harbor BoatShop (Gig Harbor | 2015) – $1,000 to help restore the circa-1940 historic launch “Ellyn” for public use in the BoatShop’s historic boat livery fleet.
  • Points Northeast Historical Society (Browns Point | 2015) – $1,000 to help restore the historic Oil House at Browns Point Lighthouse Park.
  • South Pierce County Historical Society (Eatonville | 2015) – $500 to help relocate the historic Tofu House to a new site.
  • University Place Historical Society (University Place | 2014) – $2,000 to paint the exterior of the Curran House, a significant post-war modernist residential building that was once endangered but is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places;
  • Spanaway Historical Society (Spanaway | 2014) – $2,000 to re-roof the milk shed and blacksmith shed located at the Prairie House Museum, which provides educational activities and interpretation of pioneer life in Pierce County;
  • Broadway Center for the Performing Arts (Tacoma | 2013) – $1,150 in emergency funding to repair a leak near the main lobby entry of the Pantages Theater;
  • Ezra Meeker Historical Society (Puyallup | 2013) – $1,500 to patch, fill, replace and seal the westside window bay in preparation for painting at the Meeker Mansion;
  • Points Northeast Historical Society (Browns Point | 2013) – $1,000 for abatement of asbestos and lead paint at the Browns Point Light Station Buildings;
  • South Pierce County Historical Society (Eatonville | 2013) – $650 for rehabilitation and stabilization work to the main entry wall of the historic Van Eaton Cabin;
  • Steilacoom Historical Museum Association (Steilacoom | 2013) – $1,500 to address needed repairs to the banister on the main stairway at the 1857 Nathaniel Orr Home;
  • Historic Fort Steilacoom Association (Lakewood | 2012) – $500 to paint the exteriors of four 1850s buildings, which served as officer’s quarters at the historic fort;
  • University Place Historical Society (University Place | 2012) – $1,000 to help restore the decks onthe mid-century modern Curran House;
  • Ezra Meeker Historical Society (Puyallup | 2011) – $2,000 to help rehabilitate dining room windowsat the National Register-listed Meeker Mansion;
  • Fort Nisqually Foundation (Tacoma | 2011) – $500 to develop architectural drawings for the circa1850 National Historic Landmark Granary at Fort Nisqually;
  • Gig Harbor Boatshop (Gig Harbor | 2011) – $1,000 to repair and restore the hull of Thunderbird #2, a racing sailboat designed and manufactured in Gig Harbor;
  • Steilacoom Tribal Museum Association (Steilacoom | 2010) – $1,000 to help restore the roof of the historic Oberlin Church, now used as the Tribal Cultural Center;
  • University Place Historical Society (University Place | 2010) – $500 to restore window glass and trim on the historic Curran House;
  • Historic Tacoma (Tacoma | 2007) – $1,000 to assess and restore water damaged plaster and ornamental painting in the main hall of the Pythian Temple;
  • South Pierce County Historical Society (Eatonville | 2007) – $500 to frame and pour a new foundation for the relocation of the Eatonville Japanese Community Milk House;
  • Tacoma Railcar Preservation Society (Tacoma | 2007) – $1,000 to assist in repairing the wooden roof of the 1910 Northern Pacific Dining Car;
  • Friends of Eddon Boatworks (Gig Harbor | 2004) – $500 for public information materials for a city bond election to acquire and save Eddon Boatworks.

Additionally, the amount of funding distributed statewide has generally increased each year:

  • 2015 ($10,500 awarded to 10 projects);
  • 2014 ($9,000 awarded to five projects);
  • 2013 ($10,000 awarded to nine projects);
  • 2012 ($10,000 awarded to 11 projects);
  • 2011 ($10,000 awarded to nine projects);
  • 2010 ($6,500 awarded to eight projects);
  • 2009 ($8,000 awarded to five projects);
  • 2008 ($6,000 awarded to six projects);
  • 2007 ($7,500 awarded to 10 projects);
  • 2006 ($4,385 awarded to seven projects);
  • 2005 ($6,500 awarded to nine projects);
  • 2004 ($7,000 awarded to eight projects);
  • 2003 ($3,250 awarded to four projects);
  • 2002 ($3,000 awarded to three projects);
  • 2001 ($2,000 awarded to two projects);
  • 2000 ($1,000 awarded to one project);
  • 1999 ($1,250 awarded to three projects);
  • 1998 ($1,250 awarded to four projects).

The deadline for submitting grant applications is Weds., Oct. 7, 2015. Applications submitted via e-mail must be received by 5 p.m. that day. If a hard copy is being sent via U.S. mail, application materials must be postmarked no later than Weds., Oct. 7, 2015. All application materials are available online at preservewa.org/Washington-Preserves-Fund.aspx. For additional questions about the application and for information on donating to the Valerie Sivinski Washington Preserves Fund, please contact Cathy Wickwire at (206) 624-9449 or via email at cwickwire@preservewa.org.

The Washington Trust for Historic Preservation is a non-profit organization that aims to protect Washington State’s historic places through advocacy, education, collaboration, and stewardship. The organization was established in 1976. More information is available online at preservewa.org.

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