'Vanishing Tacoma': New book highlights city's changed urban landscape

Two local writers and historians have written a book that aims to shed light on the history of Tacoma and the area’s modern identity.

According to Caroline Gallacci and Ron Karabaich, authors of Vanishing Tacoma (Arcadia Publishing, $21.99), Tacoma’s urban landscape has changed over time as a result of landowners, developers, community organizations, and government agencies contributing to the city’s growth and transformation, as well as fires, earthquakes, and other acts of nature, leaving a rich mosaic of old and new. Their new book illustrates the city’s past and present landscapes and honors the historic properties that still remain. The book’s unique collection of more than 200 vintage photographs was drawn from the collections of co-author Karabaich and local historian Thomas R. Stenger, as well as the Tacoma Public Library. Through their book, Gallacci and Karabaich provide a brief journey through the streets of Tacoma, showing the many reasons why the city’s landscape changed over time.

Gallacci is co-founder of the Tacoma Historical Society and the Heritage League of Pierce County. She has written numerous works covering the history of the Pacific Northwest region. Vanishing Tacoma is the fifth title she has written for Arcadia Publishing’s Images of America series.

Vanishing Tacoma will be available at local retailers, online bookstores, or through Arcadia Publishing beginning on Mon., Nov. 25. More information is available online here.