Tyee Marina LLC-Auction Notice

Tyee Marina LLC-Auction Notice

Auction Notice

AUCTION NOTICE by operator Tyee Marina LLC, these vessels are deemed conclusively abandoned according to WA State RCW 88.26.020. Auction is by written bid due Saturday July 9th, 2022, at 1:00 pm, viewing starts at 12:00 pm, noon at TYEE MARINA LLC, 5618 MARINE VIEW DRIVE TACOMA 98422. Winner will be contacted Monday July 11th, 2022. Contact the Tyee Marina office at 253-383-5321 or email finance.tyeegroup@gmail.com to request a Bid form.

The following vessels will be sold to the highest qualified bidder for cash to satisfy the Landlord’s lien for all charges due and owing:

*1977 SanJuan 30’ fiberglass sailboat, HIN# CLK00069M77K, REG# WN2610SK, owing $4310.00, minimum bid $700.00.

*1974 CAL 27’ fiberglass sailboat, HIN# CAB700010374, REG# WN3039JE, owing $4904.90, minimum bid $700.00.

*1968 Fairliner 27’ Wood power boat, HIN# WNZ0916H868, REG# WN3201N, has a clear title, minimum bid $1000.00.

*1968 Bayliner 24’ power boat, HIN# BLBB53CDD292, REG# WN3057MD, owing $2835.00, minimum bid $700.00.

*1977 Bayliner 30, Cabin Cruiser, HIN# BLBA43FW0477, REG# WN375BE, owing $3178.50 minimum bid $700.00.

*1981 Bayliner 22, Cabin Cruiser, HIN#BLBA87ER0261, WN0180JC, has a clear title, minimum bid $700.00

*1987 Searay 39’ Pleasure boat, HIN#SERF7922A787, WN952963, owing $3235.00, minimum bid $2000.00

*1977 Carver 28’ Power boat, HIN#CDR860650277, WN7759SR, owing $3335.00, minimum bid $700.00

*1992 HMDE Boat Trailer, VIN#OR51004, Plate # 26023AD, owing $3335.00, minimum bid $700.00


June 27, 28, 29, 2022