Tow to Go is more than a free tow

Fourteen tow truck companies hit the road Friday night in an effort to keep the holiday season safe for all motorists. The operators have teamed up with the Tacoma-Pierce County DUI Task Force to offer free rides home for people who have had too much to drink. They’re also offering to tow their cars.
The program will run through New Year’s Eve.
Organizers kicked the service off Friday in conjunction with the Night of Thousand Stars, a statewide emphasis targeting impaired drivers. The stars represent the more than 1,000 badges worn by officers who will be patrolling Washington’s roadways in extra force beginning this weekend.
“Notoriously this is the biggest holiday party weekend of the month,” said Bill Sullivan, owner of Liberty Towing and primary organizer of the program. If that celebration takes place in any of the county’s 600 bars or taverns and results in someone becoming impaired, bartenders have been given information how to contact a participating tower. Patrons of licensed establishments in the area can obtain information from the bartenders.
All of the tow operators forfeit profits in order to make sure that the roadways remain safe over the holidays. Gig Harbor Police Chief Mike Davis, who chairs the Tacoma Pierce County DUI Task Force, said the program represents a holiday gift to the community of the highest value. “This is the gift of life,” he said.
Program participants include Engel’s Towing, Puyallup Towing, B-Line Towing, J&J Towing, Gene’s Towing, Bill’s Towing, Burn’s Towing, Emerald Towing, Liberty Towing, Bayview Towing, Fife Towing, Western Towing, Tacoma Towing and Lakewood Towing.