Top Stories 2015 | #7 — Tacoma seeks artists to design wraps for traffic boxes

The Tacoma Daily Index is looking back at the 10 most read articles among visitors to our Web site in...

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Tacoma Daily Index is looking back at the 10 most read articles among visitors to our Web site in 2015.

In June, the City of Tacoma invited artists living within the official city limits of Tacoma to submit qualifications to create an artwork design to be reproduced as a vinyl wrap and applied to traffic signal boxes throughout the city (see “Tacoma seeks artists to design wraps for traffic boxes,” Tacoma Daily Index, May 18, 2015). The opportunity was open to visual artists working in any medium, as long as the final artwork could be translated and digitally reproduced on a two-dimensional vinyl wrap.

The City planned to select up to 10 artists, and each artist would be paid $1,000 for an approved final design and licensing rights that would enable the City to reproduce the final design on multiple traffic signal and/or utility boxes. The City would be responsible for printing and installation of the box wraps.

The Traffic Box Wrap Project is designed to enhance the public realm by adding works of art by local artists to public infrastructure that is often targeted by vandalism. The wrapped boxes are intended to enhance neighborhood and community identity, turn ordinary spaces into community landmarks, and promote community dialogue. This project is an extension of the Tacoma Murals Project, which has created 27 murals across Tacoma since 2010 in an effort to strategically revitalize and beautify the city.

Similar programs exist in Seattle and Olympia.

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