Tacoma Daily Index Top Stories — May 2015

Here are the top five stories read by visitors to the Tacoma Daily Index‘s Web site during the month of May, according to Google Analytics.

1. Tacoma seeks artists to design wraps for traffic boxes (Tacoma Daily Index, May 18, 2015)

2. Original House of Donuts hiring for new downtown Tacoma store (Tacoma Daily Index, May 12, 2015)

3. Dunagan Brewing Co. to open in downtown Tacoma (Tacoma Daily Index, May 27, 2015)

4. Surplus Lincoln District street lamps could fund neighborhood improvement projects (Tacoma Daily Index, May 7, 2015)

5. Tacoma Dome District: Renovation turns former Nalley plant into charter high school (Tacoma Daily Index, May 20, 2015)

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