The Wholesale Formula Reviews – Is the Program Worth It?

The Wholesale Formula is an online program that teaches entrepreneurs a new way to sell on Amazon. Amazon is an e-commerce platform that allows people to sell new or used products. Sellers on Amazon have access to the customer base.

Business people attending the wholesale formula seminar will have a lot to learn. At the end of the workshop, they will discover the different profitable wholesale products to sell on Amazon.

Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost are successful entrepreneurs. The duo has made over $30 million worth of sales on Amazon. The two businessmen created the Wholesale Formula event to educate other small and medium entrepreneurs on making more money by selling on Amazon.

The article provides detailed information about the Wholesale Formula Seminar and the cost of attending the seminar.

What is The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The Wholesale Formula Seminar is a webinar offered through the official website. The two event organizers will teach all the guests how to establish profitable products on Amazon. The guests will also learn how to create offers for different products and the various ways of maximizing online sales.

The entire event will be based on the Wholesale Formulas simplified theme. The formula involves eliminating traditional intermediaries involved in most online sales and going straight to the product creator. It also involves directly linking to consumers and selling your products to them.

Following the Wholesale Formula allows you to sell products cheaper while generating more profits. Dan and Dylan are the pioneers of Reverse Sourcing Wholesale. Their previous work was a success since all their students have generated over one billion dollars on Amazon.

The two now want to share their wisdom after making sales worth $30 million on Amazon. During the webinar announcement, Dylan and Dan explained that they would hold a live seminar in September to help entrepreneurs start their businesses at Amazon within a few days.

Each person attending the seminar will pay a total cost of $49.99 as an attendance fee.

Things to Learn at the Wholesale Formula Seminar

The main aim of the online event is to introduce sellers to the online Amazon selling world. The two organizers will teach their students the different fundamentals of opening an online business. They will educate people on profitable products and maximize product value through online sale optimization.

Dan and Dylan will not provide complex steps to open an online store but will instead explain the specific steps to take to open an online store. This information will be vital to both new and successful entrepreneurs. It will provide them with a specific and well-detailed formula to create your path to a highly successful online wholesale business.

What is the Wholesale Formula?

The Wholesale Formula is the main theme of the whole event. It generally involves shifting from the conventional retail distribution model of intermediaries with direct links with consumers and vendors.

Before understanding the formula’s working mechanism, it is important to understand the traditional retail method. The conventional retail method involves:

  • The developer creates their product
  • The wholesaler buys the product from the developer then sells it directly to the retailer
  • The retailer (Amazon seller) purchases the product from the distributor and sells it to the direct consumer to get a profit
  • The final consumer purchases the product for use

The seminar will equip guests with a unique method to create an online business called the Wholesale Formula. The formula will help you pinpoint profitable goods on online platforms and create a store to maximize profits from the sale of the products.

The Wholesale Formula can also be referred to as the Reverse Sourcing method. This method removes the wholesaler or distributor from the sale channel. It provides you with a direct link to the producer and the final buyer. Having a direct link to the buyer helps you get products at a lower cost, hence maximizing profits.

Finding the right product is the most important aspect of Reverse Sourcing Wholesale. People who attend the seminar will learn how to identify profitable products and get approval to sell them directly to final consumers.

Key Points covered In the Wholesale Formula Seminar

The event organizers will cover the following topics:

  • Identifying the right products
  • Getting approval for products
  • The reverse wholesale working mechanism. This topic will include how business people can use the model to create a profitable online store
  • Reasons why the business can start regardless of the experience level or financial capabilities
  • The Process of starting your Amazon business for the first time

At the end of the seminar, the attendants will pick their first Amazon products to sell. You will be able to start your Amazon business within a few days. The main goal of the whole event is to enable you to find a profitable product to sell on the Amazon eCommerce platform and create a direct link between producers and final consumers. This action will allow you to make more profits.

When will the Wholesale Formula Seminar Happen?

The event organizers have planned the event to take place on September 2022. It will last for about two hours.

Are There Any Preparations To Make Before The Wholesale Formula Seminar?

One needs to have a strong internet connection to attend the seminar. You can also use a device with a webcam and microphone. During the seminar, guests will not be asked to talk or show their faces. However, you will have an opportunity to interact with the event organizers at the end of the seminar.

Who qualifies to attend the Wholesale Formula Seminar?

The seminar is for everyone, regardless of your location. Despite being marketed for US residents, anyone worldwide can attend the seminar using a specific link that will be provided.

What is the Price for the Seminar?

Guests will pay a total fee of $49.99 to attend the online event. Once you pay the amount, you will receive a webinar link for the event. The webinar will be 100% live.

Does it have any Refund Policy?

The Wholesale Formula Seminar comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. Guests who feel unsatisfied with the information can claim a full refund before the end of the second day.

General Information about Dan Meadors and Dylan Frost

Dan Meadors is the Chief Executive Officer of Spotlight Brand Services and a co-founder of the Wholesale Formula. He opened the Spotlight Brand Services in May 2020. Before launching the company, he worked as a partner and co-founder of VA Placement and Urza Lands.

Dylan Frost came from a humble family in the rural part of Eastern Kentucky. He studied and hustled his way up to begin an Amazon Business during his early years. He is also the co-founder of the Wholesale Formula.

The two started with retail arbitrage. In a few years, their businesses picked up, and they opted to resign from their full-time jobs and started selling on Amazon. Currently, they claim to have made sales worth $30 million in Amazon after launching their online stores. They are also proud of coaching students to make sales worth $1 billion.

Interested parties can contact Dan, Dylan, or the whole team through the following channels:

Final Word

The Wholesale Formula is one of the biggest online events in September 2022. The event will feature two experienced Amazon sellers who have succeeded in their business. Dan and Dylan have a good history of coaching students who later made over $1 billion in sales.

Their main aim is to teach business people how to create a direct link between the consumer and producers. Visit the official website for those who wish to learn more about the Wholesale Formula and its working mechanism.