The Rhodopi Blueprint Reviews (Dr. Leonel Shub) Medicine Drought Survival Society

Healthcare expenses continue escalating, with experts warning that about half of American adults risk developing chronic health problems. In addition, millions of people require specific drugs to survive, including blood thinners, insulin, immune boosters, and antibiotics.

What would happen if these medications were no longer available? Statistics indicate that millions of people will lose their lives. Most people are dependent on pharmaceuticals to acquire drugs. Thus, a medicine drought can wipe out almost half the American population.

For centuries and before they had companies that produced medication, most individuals took care of their own health by growing medicinal gardens from which they could make healing remedies, potions, and ointments. Today, over 80% of Americans know nothing about herbs and plants that could enhance their wellness.

The Rhodopi Blueprint by Dr. Leonel Shub is a user-friendly guide that can help you identify, grow, and create medicine from plants. The creator claims his blueprint can help you manage health using natural and easy-to-grow plants, ensuring consumers will never do without their medicine.

Is the blueprint’s concept compelling and practical? Can these medicinal plants be grown in America’s backyards? Continue reading for answers to these questions and to learn more about Dr. Leonel Shub’s Rhodopi Blueprint.

What is the Rhodopi Blueprint?

The creator Dr. Leonel Shub warns that most Americans depend on pharmaceuticals, and a collapse in the health system could see millions of them die due to lack of medicine.

The Rhodopi Blueprint is an easy-to-follow manual containing health information that could save your life during an impending medicine drought.

What could cause a collapse in the supply of medicine? America is a first-world country that has made significant strides in securing the health of its citizens. However, new revelations indicate that the country no longer produces drugs on a large scale. Instead, most of the medications come from the Indian and Chinese markets. If these countries stop making drugs, America will develop a crisis in the medical sector. Most operations in healthcare, including drug dispensing and surgery, will stop. Millions of individuals that depend on essential medicine may die, or experience worsened health complications.

The Rhodopi Blueprint is a guide that seeks to help every American grow beneficial plants and create natural medicine from them. The digital program contains medical secrets from Rhodope Mountain. According to the creator, Rhodopi people are healthy, and most enjoy their lives for up to a hundred years.

The population in Bulgaria grows and creates their own medicine using natural herbs and plant extracts from their farms. Dr. Leo Shub boldly claims that most Rhodopi people have zero appointments with a doctor. What is their secret? The Rhodopi Blueprint reveals the different medicinal plants that grow naturally in Bulgaria, keeping them healthy and happy for extended periods.

The Rhodopi Blueprint educates readers about the antibiotics, sugar-stabilizing, energy-boosting, and immune-fortifying ingredients you can grow in small spaces. The creator provides pictorial and user-friendly explanations describing each plant’s relevance to the human body. Growing these medicinal crops makes you independent of pharmaceutical companies’ drugs. Thus, your health and those of your loved ones will not be affected when the medicine drought strikes.

How Does Rhodopi Blueprint Work?

The Rhodopi Blueprint contains information that may take you time to compile. The author provides details, pictures, and descriptions of each plant and herb that can benefit your health. In addition, the author describes how you can grow each herb and how to prepare healing potions at home using zero equipment.

Some statistics indicate that most Chinese pharmaceutical companies are shutting down. Additionally, there are reports of “drugs recalled” because of their damaging effects on humans. Statements from reputable individuals like Gary Cohn indicate that American healthcare may sink if China stops delivering medicine.

The Rhodopi Blueprint provides a practical and alternative way to depend on overseas medicine. If each person grows and makes their medicine, then a medicine drought will not cause any significant impact on most livelihoods. The Rhodopi Blueprint contains medicinal plants that can prevent, manage, and cure hundreds of ailments. You can grow these crops regardless of your space and climate.

The Rhodopi Blueprint Features

  • The eBook is simple and practical
  • The Rhodopi Blueprint program is easy to follow
  • All the plants and herbs in the Rhodopi Blueprint are easy to obtain and grow without any fuss.
  • The creator provides descriptions and pictures of the healing herbs
  • The Rhodopi Blueprint explains how to use the different herbal leaves and plant extracts to prepare medicinal tonics and tinctures

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What is Inside the Rhodopi Blueprint?

The author of the Rhodopi Blueprint claims that the digital book comprises vital details on managing health using natural remedies. The assorted plants and herbs can combat various illnesses. Additionally, most of the herbs seek to prevent dependence on pharmaceutical medicine. What is inside the ebook?

Tasty Treat for Diabetes – Millions of Americans are diabetics or prediabetics. The Rhodopi Blueprint author argues that the modern diet and certain drugs make it hard to keep the glycemic index at optimal levels. The “Tasty Treats#8221; medicinal plants are sweet but effective in managing healthy blood sugar ranges. The herb is clinically proven to fortify insulin sensitivity and glucose oxidation.

Adding the plant to your daily routine allows you to feast on any food you desire without worrying about possible sugar spikes. The plant can grow without hassles and takes a few minutes to prepare.

Eyesight Nutrients – Most vision problems emanate from blue light. Almost every American uses digital devices like smartphones and computers daily and for extended periods. The gadgets produce harmful blue wavelength light, which damages the delicate organelles in the eye, leading to sight issues.

The Rhodopi Blueprint reveals potent compounds that protect eye health even if you cannot avoid blue light. The author teaches how to grow these compounds in six weeks allowing you to enjoy quality vision regardless of age. The herb can combat eye issues such as dryness, itchiness, inflammations, and age-related loss of sight.

The “Forbidden Anti-inflammatory Plants#8221; – The information in the Rhodopi Blueprint is not new. However, most of the details were lost when the use of pharmaceutical medicine increased. The forbidden plant revealed in the guide is a natural anti-inflammatory that has been in use for over 2000 years.

However, its details have mysteriously vanished in medical journals over centuries. The Rhodopi Blueprint reveals how to use the anti-inflammatory plant to manage unhealthy swellings, dangerous pathogens, and pain.

The “Three Worst Teas” to Consume in the Evening – Most people take herbal beverages to calm their nerves, alleviate pain, and induce sleep. The Rhodopi Blueprint educates the readers on the best bedtime ritual that can help you boost sleep quality, thus waking up refreshed. Dr. Leo Shub warns that certain teas like chamomile may not be effective in promoting healthy sleep.

Rhodope’s Sacred Herb – The Rhodopi Blueprint author recommends planting this herb to ensure you get the best medical benefits. The plant is said to be the secret to longevity, healthy cardiovascular health, comfortable joints, immunity, and overall wellness.

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Selected Plants in the Rhodopi Blueprint and Their Health Benefits

Galanthus nivalis (Snowdrops)

The Rhodopi Blueprint reveals that Snowdrops can grow almost everywhere. They are the first flowers to bloom during spring (January to March). Galanthus nivalis grows without fuss, is easy to maintain, and is unlikely to be affected by pests and diseases.

Snowdrops have been used for centuries to manage various aches, including joint, head, and tooth pain. Traditionally, the Bulgarians crushed the leaves into their heads to calm nerves and maintain cognitive functions.

Modern scientific evidence shows that the bulbs and leaves of Galanthus nivalis contain an alkaloid (galantamine) which may benefit brain health. The ingredient is clinically used to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s and other brain issues. It works by restoring the neurotransmitter balance in the brain, boosting memory, and enhancing focus and overall cognitive abilities.

The Rhodopi Blueprint warns that snowdrops are naturally poisonous. It is best to read the eBook to understand how to make healing tinctures and teas from Galanthus nivalis.

Gymnema Sylvestre

Gymnema Sylvestre is a native woody climbing shrub whose leaves possess numerous medicinal benefits. The plant has been in use in traditional Indian and Ayurveda medicine. It is historically used to treat snake bites, malaria, and diabetes, among other health concerns.

The Rhodopi Blueprint argues that Gymnema Sylvestre can reduce sugar cravings making it easier to manage a healthy weight. It contains gymnemic acid, suppressing sweetness and making sugary foods less appealing. Science proves that Gymnema can block the sugar receptors in the mouth. Additionally, the plant has anti-diabetic properties. It can therefore manage healthy blood sugar levels. According to Dr. Leo Shub, Gymnema blocks the receptors in the ileum preventing sugar absorption. It can therefore manage healthy post-meal blood sugar ranges. The herb also aids in regenerating the insulin-secreting islet cells and increasing insulin production.

Gymnema Sylvestre is effective in managing cardiovascular functions and health. It can improve triglycerides and cholesterol levels, strengthen the blood vessels, and support healthy blood pressure. Long-term usage can reduce the risk of developing cardiovascular issues.

The Rhodopi Blueprint maker claims that Gymnema can fight unhealthy inflammations. It has high saponins and tannin contents which regulate the immune system. It may decrease some inflammation-related issues like joint problems.

Turmeric (Yellow Herb)

Turmeric is a tuber crop that can grow in almost every soil type. It grows hassle-free and quickly. The yellow herb has multiple health benefits. The Rhodopi Blueprint creator notes that turmeric can improve immunity and lower infection rates. It can hinder the development of respiratory infections, the common cold, and other health issues.

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Health Benefits of the Rhodopi Blueprint Plants and Herbs

  • The herbal extracts can soothe aches and discomforts, including headaches and toothache.
  • Some plants can boost vision, making it clear and sharp regardless of age. It may also protect against harmful blue wavelength light.
  • The Rhodopi Blueprint plants can aid in managing healthy sugar ranges
  • Some of the plants (L. bulgaricus) are potent probiotics that enhance the digestive system
  • The Rhodopi Blueprint educates on methods of identifying, growing, and creating your medicine in the comfort of your home using everyday items:
  • It reveals natural plant remedies for flattening visceral fat and managing a healthy weight
  • It provides details of curbing unwanted sugar cravings and taming a sweet tooth
  • It discloses natural remedies for fighting unwanted inflammations
  • It reveals the best medicinal teas that support quality sleep, moods, and overall mental health
  • The Rhodopi Blueprint educates the readers on the best immune-boosting foods and beverages
  • The digital guide contains secrets for longevity and healthy aging


The Rhodopi Blueprint is available via the official website for $67.00. After payment, customers have instant access to the digital guide, three bonuses, and a private membership area. In addition, customers get an invitation to the Medical Drought Survival Society (MEDSS), which provides updates on the current health status. The information equips readers with essential information to prepare for the upcoming medication drought.

The Rhodopi Blueprint Bonuses include:

Micro Garden – The digital guide teaches users about innovative farming methods regardless of your space. You can grow different herbs and medicine even while living in tight spaces.

Immune Mastery – The book reveals different plant-based anti-microbial herbs that fortify your immunity

The Rhodopi Morning Ritual – The eBook reveals the technique the Rhodopi use to keep their energy levels high and mental health strong. The ten-minute ritual can improve your physical and mental wellness.

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Money-back Guarantee

A 90-day money-back guarantee protects your purchase. You can reach the customer support team at the following:

  • Company Address: 5830 East 2nd St. PMB 94184 Casper, WY 82609
  • Phone: 855-482-8264
  • Email:

Final Word

The Rhodopi Blueprint is an eBook containing critical information on maintaining a healthy lifestyle using medicinal plants. It allows the readers to grow and create their own plant-based medicine in the comfort of their homes. Consequently, you can remain unaffected in the looming “Medicine Drought.”

The medicinal plants in the Rhodopi Blueprint can improve your energy levels, blood sugar ranges, blood pressure, joint health, cognition, and overall wellness. The readers will discover simple methods of managing aches and fortifying their immunity.

The Rhodopi Blueprint is simple and user-friendly and was created by Dr. Leonel Shub, a physician with over thirty years of experience as “one of the top ER medics” in the US and is a “highly trained surgeon.”

In the next year, China is preparing to control Americans through medication shortages. It will set off a plethora of panic due to America’s dependence on the Chinese to supply them with medications they no longer produce.

To get started with the Rhodopi Blueprint and learn how to grow your own medicine, visit the official website today.

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