TCC, UW Tacoma revamp enrollment

South Sound residents who are interested in transferring from Tacoma Community College to earn a University of Washington bachelor’s degree now have a new educational option that makes it easier to reach their goal. TCC and UW Tacoma have teamed to develop a Dual Enrollment Program, the first in the state to allow electronic transfer of student record and financial aid data between two institutions.

“We are pioneering a new pathway to support transfer students that allows them to attend both TCC and UW Tacoma at once. They gain access to a wide range of degree and certificate programs and can participate in student organizations, events and activities on both campuses,” said TCC President Pamela Transue during the June 5 event.

Transue and UW Tacoma Chancellor Patricia Spakes launched the new program by symbolically connecting the two campuses with a computer cable, a sort of reverse ribbon-cutting, to illustrate the importance of the newly developed computer system that allows the advisers and administrators to see all of a student’s records, including transcripts, financial aid information, current class schedule and enrollment status for both schools.

“More TCC students choose to transfer to UW Tacoma than to any other college or university, and we?re proud of that fact. The Dual Enrollment Program dramatically improves our ability to serve those students,” said Spakes.

During any quarter, students in the Dual Enrollment Program can pick a course and enroll on either campus, as well as use both libraries and any student organization. The program takes the partnership to a new level between TCC and UWT in serving transfer students, according to officials at both schools.

Academic advising is critical to student success, and accurate information is needed for staff to provide good advice. Dual Enrollment allows academic advisers at TCC and UW Tacoma to give students advice based on complete and current information for both institutions. Similar programs offered by other schools involve paperwork that relies on student-reported data that may be incomplete and outdated.

Dual Enrollment offers flexibility in course selection and the full range of service.

Students in the TCC-UWT Dual Enrollment Program can:

— Be admitted and enroll at both schools with one application.

— Take classes on both campuses.

— Combine credits from both schools to achieve full-time status for financial aid and military benefits.

— Obtain coordinated academic advising.

— Use libraries, computer labs and other resources on both campuses.

— Participate in student activities on both campuses.

Schools across the state are working on developing a system to allow electronic sharing of student data. The Higher Education Coordinating Board has been involved with these efforts. TCC and UW Tacoma are the first in Washington to launch such a program.

“We are always working to improve articulation, the process of transferring credit from one college to another. The process can be confusing for students. Sometimes they take the wrong courses and have to stay in school longer, which costs more for students and the state. Dual Enrollment will help with that,” said Spakes.

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