Tacoma's Stadium Way will reopen Wednesday

Contractors working on the Stadium Way Arterial Project will open Stadium Way to vehicle and bicycle traffic on the morning of Weds., Sept. 4, according to City of Tacoma officials.

Drivers may experience some delays as final tasks such as landscaping, handrail installation, and final cleanup are completed in September and October. Plus, pedestrians will have to wait a little longer for the new handrails to be installed to enjoy the upgraded ADA-accessible sidewalks, benches, garbage cans and other pedestrian street amenities.

Still, City of Tacoma staff are happy with the early opening date.

“Our goal has been to get the road open before school begins,” said City of Tacoma project manager Mark D’Andrea. “Lessening the inconvenience to area students and residents by meeting and exceeding this deadline is very satisfying.”

Stadium Way is a vital connection between downtown, Interstate 705, Link light rail service and the Stadium District. The Stadium Way Arterial Project aims to provide better access for all modes of transportation. Prior to the project, the aged street was settling into the hillside leading to rough and crumbling infrastructure, including sub-standard pedestrian facilities. The project’s construction has included new pavement, street lighting upgrades, a traffic signal at South 4th Street, bicycle lanes, landscaping and coordination of new sewer lines, stormwater lines and other utilities. Also complete are the project’s seven retaining walls, including restoration of the large retaining wall along Schuster Parkway. This signature feature, treated with anti-graffiti paint, replicates the look of sandstone blocks historically used on large-scale projects throughout Tacoma.

The nearly $10 million project is primarily funded by federal grants.

Tacoma's Stadium Way Arterial Project. (PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF TACOMA)
Tacoma’s Stadium Way Arterial Project. (PHOTO COURTESY CITY OF TACOMA)