Tacoma City Council to discuss Community Based Services expansion plan

Tacoma City Council is scheduled to meet Tuesday at City Hall to be briefed on the City of Tacoma’s Community Based Services city-wide expansion plan.

Community Based Services began in 2006 as a pilot program in four neighborhoods: Bryant, Tacoma Avenue, Edison, and Jennie Reed. The program aims to facilitate the stewardship of safe, clean and attractive neighborhoods through sustainable and co-produced partnerships with citizens and neighborhood groups.

While there have been incremental expansions since that time, the program is expected to be expanded throughout the city. During a study session Tuesday, Neighborhood and Community Services staff will provide an update on the expansion program elements and timelines.

In addition, Tacoma Government Relations Officer Randy Lewis will provide a legislative update.

Councilmembers will not take public comment during the study session, which will be held on Tues., March 26 at 12 p.m. in Room 16 of Tacoma Municipal Building North, 733 Market St. Audio from the meeting will be broadcast live on TV Tacoma and online at tvtacoma.com. On-demand audio archives are available on the Web within 24 hours of the meeting online at tvtacoma.com.