Success Stories Of Passing A Hair Follicle Test & How To Pass A Hair Drug Test

The hair follicle drug test is the most dangerous type of test you could face, although rare.

So, it can help to be reassured by reading about success stories of passing hair follicle drug tests. But those are useless if red in isolation, you need some context. What I’ve put together here is a complete guide. It tells you exactly how hair drug testing works, what to expect, and the multiple methods you can use to pass.

Then, I’ll talk about the experiences of people who detailed them online (places like Reddit), and compare them to my own story of successfully passing a hair drug test.

Why The Hair Drug Test Is So Dangerous

Hair testing is dangerous because it forms an indelible record of drug use. There’s no way around it, if you take drugs, they will appear in each strand of hair on your head.

The reason is that when you take drugs, cell-sized waste products called metabolites, as well as the original drug, move around your bloodstream at various times.

Some of these cell-sized compounds get trapped under the skin in the hair follicles. Then, when the hair grows, they are pulled out of the follicles and trapped underneath the top layer of the hair called the cuticle.

So, if you have taken drugs, those drugs are recorded in your hair strand. Getting rid of them is really tough.

Learning how to pass a hair follicle drug test starts with understanding how dangerous it is, and how doing stupid things like cutting your hair, or shaving your entire body hair, just won’t work.

They will either sample hair from another part of your body where there is hair, all they will just simply fail you and leave you to explain to whoever commissioned the test why you suddenly shaved your hair.

How Far Back Does A Hair Drug Test Go?

It doesn’t matter how long the sample hair is, it will be tested for the most recent 90 days history. For head hair growth, this means the most recent 1.5 inches of hair is tested. Slower growing body hair is tested using a proportionate piece.

So it doesn’t matter how long your hair is. If they can take a sample length equal to the most recent 90 days growth, then you will be found out.

Legally, they can only test the most 90 days of recent hair growth. So, if you haven’t taken drugs in the past 90 days, even if you’re hair growth goes beyond that, then you won’t fail a hair drug test.

Will Hair Follicle Shampoos Get Rid Of Drug Metabolites?

A big myth that is peddled online is that hair follicle shampoo products will get rid of drug residues.

This is true for drug metabolites on the head and hair. But it’s not true for those trapped under the hard top cuticle layer, those within the hair.

Even the best detox shampoo called Aloe Toxin Rid (old style), which is an integral part of the Macujo method, cannot get rid of all the drug toxins on its own, even though it can partially open up the top cuticle layer of each hair shaft.

Anything you use has to open up the cuticle layer, flush out the toxins, and then shut the layer up again without destroying the hair. That’s not easy to do.

So, if you read any success stories about passing a hair follicle drug test where they claim it was just a certain type of drug shampoo that they use, then you can discard their story as fantasy.

What About Hair Follicle Drug Test For The Infrequent Drug Users?

As I’ve explained, when you take drugs, the first place they go is into your blood. During this time, they attach to the underside of the hair follicles in the scalp, and will then grow out within the newly forming hair, forming that indelible record.

When it comes to hair follicle drug tests for an infrequent user, you’re just as much at risk as someone who is doing drugs daily of getting caught because thc metabolites always get caught in the hair follicles and are then trapped inside the hair permanently. If you were smoking weed one time only, you are already at risk!

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Two Ways To Remove Metabolites From Hair

Forget just using detox shampoos and home remedies. There are only two methods that seem to work, based on success stories of passing hair a follicle drug test from many people online, including me.

I’m going to talk you through each one now so that you can understand the pros and cons of each.

How To Pass A Hair Follicle Drug Test

#1: Jerry G (G Man) Method

When you search for methods for passing a hair follicle drug test, then the Jerry G method will come up instantly.

Apparently created and posted online by someone who had passed a hair drug test and had a chemistry background, it uses a process of chemicals that open up the cuticle layer, flush out the toxins, and then shut the hair layer up again.

The problem with the Jerry G method is that it uses to lots of ammonia bleach and hair dye. That’s where it falls down.

As well as success stories, you will also find horror stories. Stories from people with sensitive skin/scalp, or weakened hair, who got into real problems.

Either the scalp got temporarily, or permanently, damaged, or the hair temporarily got so brittle it broke off, or even killed some of the hair follicles.

On the plus side, the Jerry G method is far cheaper than the second working method, because it only uses cheap household ingredients, like baking soda paste, tide detergent, bleach, and hair dye. The method doesn’t require a THC detoxifying shampoo or any special ingredient.

But, when I read other people’s stories before I had my own hair drug test, I ruled it out because I just wasn’t willing to take the risk of permanent hair or scalp damage when for a little extra money, I could avoid it.

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#2: Macujo Method Step By Step Instructions

The Macujo method is another one that appeared online a long time ago from someone who claimed to have cracked the chemical formula for opening up the cuticle layer, flushing out the toxins, and then closing it up again safely.

It’s definitely the better method of the two, it also works well on thicker hair types. It’s the one I used, and there are far more positive vibes about it online from people who had successfully passed hair drug tests with it and didn’t get any hair or scalp damage.

There are also variants of it, as one of the success stories I’ll relate to you later shows. What they all share is the use of a substance that contains at least 2% salicylic acid, and the use of liquid detergent, alongside the potency of old style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo (it contains Aloe Vera?).

In brief, the classic Macujo method is as follows:

  1. First, you will need a pair of rubber gloves and a shower cap. Cover your hair and scalp with good-quality vinegar. Without washing it, then apply Clean & Clear Pink shampoo (some people use Clean & Clear acne solution, Clearasil, or another product with at least 2% salicylic acid in it).
  2. Wrap the hair tightly in clingfilm and leave both in for at least 30 minutes. It will sting like hell. Then wash it all out.
  3. After opening up the cuticle layer, you then run through washing your hair with Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo twice.
  4. To keep the cuticle layer open, and ensure you flush it out more, but without damaging the hair too much, you’ll use Tide liquid laundry detergent to get rid of as many remaining toxins as possible. It will dry the hair out horribly, but it gets rid of a lot more toxins.
  5. You’ll then wash and condition the hair to close up and protect the cuticle layer again, and just before you leave, wash it one last time with a good quality detox shampoo like Zydot Ultra clean to get rid of any stray toxins on the hair or scalp.

The thing is with the Macujo method, as with the Jerry G method, is that you have to do it multiple times.

Ideally, with the Macujo method, you will do it once per day for the seven days before your test, for a total of seven times. This is because no single run-through can get rid of all the toxins unless you are a very light user who has only taken drugs a handful of times in the past 90 days.

If you haven’t got that much time, then you can run through it more than once per day in a short space of time, that’s all you have. For example, over three days before your test, you could do it twice per day, for a total of six times. The less you do it the less chance you stand, to try to get as close to 7 as possible.


  • Clear And Clean Shampoo
  • Liquid laundry detergent
  • Oly Style Aloe Toxin Rid And Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo -internal hair purifying treatment (You can purchase the combo from Testclear).
  • Rubber gloves and shower cap

Success Stories Of Passing Hair Follicle Tests

I want to tell you about some success stories of passing hair follicle drug tests now, including my own.

There are lots of variants of these methods out there. But they all have the common traits of salicylic acid, detergent, and usually Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo. Both of the success stories I’m going to tell you about appeared on Reddit. However, I have also posted a guide on my website about the Macujo method, and I regularly get emails about it.

Some are questions, while others are stories, or positive feedback about how the Macujo method, and the twists you can add to it, really can pass a drug test.

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Susan’s Success Story

This was a huge post on Reddit from someone called Susan, and I’m just putting this up in abridged format here to show you how successful you can be to pass a hair drug test.

Interestingly, it’s a variant of the Macujo method. She followed the process I laid out earlier for the “classic” method, but she swapped out the Clean & Clear Pink shampoo for Clearasil face wash.

Her reasoning was that it was just as good because it contained 2% salicylic acid, which is a key component of getting the hair thoroughly clean and opening up the cuticle layer.

She also used a hair detoxifier solution (you can get these from chemists and online), rather than Zydot Ultra Clean, or another detoxification shampoo. I’m not convinced by that, and I’d stick with Zydot Ultra Clean Shampoo, as that is what worked for me, but it shows that the overall method does have some flexibility.

Overall she did the following:

  • Soaked her hair in vinegar
  • Added Clearasil Ultra daily wash and then clingfilmed the lot
  • Washed the hair with old style Aloe Rid shampoo twice
  • Washed the hair with a Tide detergent
  • Used Explusionx2 hair detoxifier

“As a daily weed smoker, I was well used to passing drug tests. Going for a new job I planned to use a detox drink and hit the sauna and gym for a week before the urine test. But when I was told it was a hair drug test I thought I was screwed.”

However, six times through her slight variant on the Macujo method brought about a happy success story:

“Weirdly they cut the patch of hair from behind my ear, which is not what I’d been told would happen as I thought it would be a few strands from all over my head. I was really nervous and didn’t think Macujo would work, especially as I’d swapped stuff out. But incredibly I had great news a few days later I passed the hair test and got the job. Utterly incredible stuff and recommended.”

Dan’s Success Story

Danny boy on Reddit also had a similar success story of passing a hair follicle drug test by learning how to remove metabolites from his hair strands using the Macujo method.

Just like me, he rejected hair follicle shampoo based on reading online that none of them are powerful enough to drag the toxins out from under that cuticle layer unless it’s opened up by something else first.

Danny boy’s hair detox method was slightly different again, but still a variant of the Macujo method:

  • Covered hair in white wine vinegar
  • Used Clean & Clear Pink shampoo
  • Washed the head twice with Old Style Aloe toxin rid shampoo
  • Washed the hair again with Clean & Clear spot lotion (extra step not in the method)
  • Used Tide liquid detergent twice consecutively
  • Finished up with conditioner and the Zydot ultra clean kit

What’s interesting about this variant is that as he had less time before his hair test, and rather than increasing the number of times he ran through the Macujo method, he instead slotted in extra steps to make each run-through potentially more potent.

So, he added an extra salicylic shampoo wash, and use liquid detergent twice consecutively, washing the first lot out, repeating the process, and then finishing up with a conditioner.

For me, the liquid detergent really can dry out and entangle your hair, so if you are going to try that, then really have a rich conditioner so that you don’t start damaging brittle hair. If you have brittle and dry hair already, I’d warn you from doing that.

“I started just three days before my hair test, and it was awful. The vinegar made me cry, and it stung. It seemed to get up my nose, and everywhere. On reflection, I should have taken the extra advice of buying some swimming goggles (and I’d advise and nose clip or peg as well) to stop that hell hurting.”

“Twice per day for 2 days was genuinely tough, with one more run-through on the third day. It took a bit of courage because it stung like hell, and really made my eyes and throat, and nasal passages hurt so much. Tips from me are to make sure you cover yourself thoroughly and have plenty of cling film or shower caps to use. Also, I did not buy loads of disposable combs like is recommended and instead just dipped them in high-strength hydrogen peroxide between run-throughs.”

Despite the “hell” he got the result we wanted and passed the hair follicle test though. For me, it’s another example from Reddit of how this is challenging to get right, and it can hurt like hell, but it won’t damage your hair permanently, and can definitely pass a hair follicle drug test.

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My Success Story Using The Macujo Method To Pass A Drug Test

I want to finish up here with my own success story of passing a hair follicle drug test using the Macujo method.

I ran through the classic version outlined above. I did it six times in five days. To be honest, I couldn’t really stand it anymore because the vinegar really does hurt.

But here’s the thing, I did pass the drug test. I’m a daily weed smoker, and I didn’t think I stood a chance in hell.

I was thorough each time and between times though. Did it right, kept me and my place clean of toxins, stayed away from smokers, and used Zydot Ultra Clean to clean up the stray toxins just before I left to submit my sample.

So, in conclusion, if you want to pass a hair drug test then do the Macujo method. There are variants, but the constant is the Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo right in the middle which does the heavy lifting dragging out the majority of the toxins without damaging your hair. You can buy most of the ingredients in any shop, except the Aloe toxin rid shampoo and Zydot Ultran Clean. The combo costs $239 and it’s available from Testclear. The original Aloe Toxin Rid shampoo is not sold anywhere else.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hair Drug Test

Can I shave my hair to avoid a hair follicle drug test?

No, you cannot shave your hair to evade hair drug tests. For a start, the person commissioning the test will have seen you with hair. It’s incredibly shady and obvious to turn up the test with no hair on your head.

Plus, the testing process is always the same, they will simply take hair samples from elsewhere on your body. Metabolites get trapped in the hair on all parts of the body. As the hair grows slower elsewhere, a shorter length still yields the right 90 day growth required.

So shaving your hair and even body hair is ridiculous. You can be tested in other ways, all the people commissioning the test will see you have evaded it and fail you for whatever reason the test was taken.

Can Eyebrows Be Used For Hair Tests?

Any type of hair traps unwanted toxins within it as it grows. If you’re talking about removing your eyebrows, then that’s crazy because it would mean you have already removed the hair on your head, or you are bald.

Plus, if metabolites get trapped in the hair on your head, then it stands to reason they get trapped within every hair on your body. Are you going to shave completely smooth all over?

If you turn up for your drug test and have shaved your entire body, do you think they are going to leave it like that or test you another way? Plus, the company or person commissioning the test is going to find that incredibly suspicious.

Can chlorine affect a hair drug test?

Chlorine may slightly affect a hair drug test. But it will not remove toxins. Therefore, although it may lower the amount of toxin slightly, it’s not a solution. It’s also going to be really problematic if you are applying high-dose chlorine to your hair for several pretty obvious health reasons.

What if my hair is too short for a hair drug test

Although about 1.5 inches (90 days) hair growth is required, you have to remember that the hair sample doesn’t have to come from your head. Literally, any body hair will do.

Hair grows at different rates across the body. That means, they simply have to sample from elsewhere on the body and they can still get the 90 days sample they need. Unless you shave completely clean, which would be ludicrous in terms of suspicion, then it doesn’t matter how short the hair on your head is.

What if I have a few days only and cannot complete the Macujo method?

The Macujo method takes one hour to complete. So if there are a few days until your test, then of course you have enough time to complete the Macujo method.

The simple answer is that you have to do it more than once per day. Even if you have three days, twice per day, that’s six times completed. The average to really eradicate toxins is seven run throughs, so you just get as close to that as you can.

Can the lab detect old style Aloe toxin rid detox shampoo?

Quite simply, no. It’s hair detox shampoo. It opens up the hair cuticles and washes out some of the toxins. Then it gets washed away like any other type of shampoo.

Do detox shampoos and the Mac method work for all drugs?

All drug metabolites get trapped in the hair. The Macujo method flushes out all unwanted toxins from the hair strands. It also flushes out other types of toxin. It cleanses the hair of waste cell products trapped within it. So yes, the Macujo method works for all types of drug,

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