Spirual Incense Waterfall Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Spirual aims to alleviate stress and improve wellness using a uniquely beautiful design.

Featured on Good Morning America and in The New York Times, Spirual is trending online for its captivating allure and ability to make you feel rejuvenated via all-natural incense cones.

Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Spirual and whether it lives up to the hype today in our review.

What is Spirual?

Spirual is a spiritual incense waterfall device sold exclusively online through Get-Spirual.com

Designed to relieve anxiety, stress, depression, and more, Spirual has a unique design to promote relaxation and inner peace.

Spirual uses all-natural incense cones to provide a deep level of therapeutic relief. You place each incense cone in the top of the device, then watch the essential oil smoke cascade through the device while releasing harmonizing scents along the way.

Here’s how the makers of Spirual describe the object:

“Its unique design looks beautiful in any home. Its captivating allure will have you feeling rejuvenated while its all-natural incense cones can provide a deeper level of therapeutic relief.”

According to the manufacturer, Spirual has helped over 2 million people relieve stress naturally, making it one of the world’s best-selling home stress relief tools.

Spirual is priced at $19.95 and available online today through Get-Spirual.com.


Spirual Features & Benefits

According to the official website, Spirual can support the following features and benefits:

  • Alleviate stress and improve your wellness
  • Enhance wellbeing by promoting relaxation
  • Promote inner peace
  • Help you feel rejuvenated
  • All-natural incense cones for deep therapeutic relief
  • Affordable incense waterfall to help with multiple areas of health and wellness

How Does Spirual Work?

Spirual is an incense waterfall. You place a cone in the top of the device, and the cone releases incense from the top to the bottom, then continues to cycle incense through.

Although the incense smoke looks like a liquid as it cascades through the water, it’s actually smoke: there’s no liquid involved. The smoke naturally seeks the path of least resistance, tumbling from one level to another to create a hypnotizing effect.

Each cone has a specific scent featuring essential oils. Cones can provide a deep level of therapeutic relief in two ways:

The appearance of the natural, cascading smoke provides therapeutic relief as it tumbles down the waterfall, naturally choosing the route of lowest resistance while creating a magical-looking cascading effect, helping you feel harmonized with the natural world – just like seeing a waterfall in person

The cones release essential oil-based scents, sending harmonizing scents into the surrounding air to provide greater therapeutic relief; Spirual comes with 10 different scents to support a range of benefits – including stress relief, sleep, chronic pain management, and even weight loss, among other benefits

Spirual Can Protect from Stress-Related Issues

Spirual is designed to protect yourself and your family from stress-related issues.

By using the incense waterfall regularly, you can release harmonizing scents into the air and enjoy the appearance of the cascading waterfall.

According to the official website, Spirual can protect yourself and your family from stress-related issues like:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Heart conditions
  • Poor sleep quality
  • Weight gain
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Accelerated aging

Spirual Can Help You Lose Weight By Eating Less (Without Dieting)

Spirual is marketed to people who want to lose weight without strict dieting.

By using specific Spirual scents daily, you can manage appetite, making it easier to eat a normal amount of food. Instead of over-eating, you can find yourself naturally getting full, making it easier to consume a normal number of calories per day and maintain a healthy weight.

Spirual also helps with weight loss by targeting stress. When you’re stressed, you have high levels of cortisol. These high levels of cortisol tell your body to cling to stubborn fat, making it increasingly difficult to lose weight. Even if you’re eating right and exercising, stress could make weight loss difficult.

By targeting appetite control and stress, Spirual’s essential oils could make weight loss effortless – even if you don’t want to follow a strict diet or exercise program.

How to Use Spirual

Spirual is designed to be easy for anyone to use. Here’s how to use Spirual:

Step 1) Select the incense cone that provides the therapeutic benefit you desire.

Step 2) Place the incense cone in its spot at the top of the Spirual incense waterfall.

Step 3) Light the cone using a match or lighter, then watch how the smoke travels hypnotizingly down the waterfall, sending a cascade of serenity into your home.


How Aromatherapy Works

Spirual is based on the concept of aromatherapy. The device releases an incense waterfall into your home, using essential oils to spread harmonizing scents.

Here’s how aromatherapy works, according to the makers of Spirual:

  • Aromatherapy is an ancient practice involving the use of essential oils to promote wellbeing
  • Essential oils are natural substances extracted from fruits, plants, and flowers
  • Studies show some essential oils have healing properties when inhaled, applied to the skin topically, or consumed in other ways
  • Spirual provides holistic therapy to promote feelings of calm, induce restful sleep, assist in weight loss, boost mod, and enhance concentration
  • Each Spirual incense cone is infused with therapeutic oils, combining the enhancing and hypnotizing flow of the waterfall cascade with the healing aromas of essential oils

Types of Spirual Incense Cones

Different essential oils have different effects, and each Spirual comes with 10 incense cones with different targeted benefits.


Here are all of the incense cones included with your Spirual purchase, the essential oils used in each cone, and how they work, according to the makers of Spirual:

Tea Tree: Tea tree has antimicrobial effects while also purifying the air, according to the makers of Spirual.

Lemongrass: Lemongrass promotes quick recovery from stress.

Orange: Orange essential oil lifts mood and alleviates stress while spreading a pleasant, clean, citrusy odor throughout your home.

Lemon: Lemon promotes relaxation and relieves nausea, according to the makers of Spirual.

Apple: Apple essential oil isn’t as well-known as other essential oils listed here, but it can purportedly promote appetite control.

Peppermint: Peppermint essential oil increases memory and focus, supporting your cognition to help with a range of brain-related benefits.

Rose: Rose essential oil can increase happiness levels, according to the makers of Spirual.

Lavender: Lavender is a well-known essential oil linked to calming effects on the body. The makers of Spirual specifically recommend using the lavender incense waterfall one hour before bed to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep, increase the amount of quality sleep, increase health, and help you wake up feeling energized, among other benefits.

Lily: Lily can increase skin health, according to the makers of Spirual.

Rosemary: Rosemary, not to be confused with rose essential oil, “quickly reduces cortisol levels,” according to the makers of Spirual, helping your body manage the negative effects of stress.

Other Benefits of Spirual

The makers of Spirual believe the incense waterfall can support a range of powerful benefits – from sleep to stress management to cognition and more.

Here are some of the other benefits linked with Spirual, according to the manufacturer:

Weight Control: Want to lose weight? Spirual may be able to help. Some of Spirual’s aromatherapy scents, including green apple and rosemary, are specifically designed to help with appetite control and weight management. You can create healthier habits, complement the effects of diet and exercise, and lose weight using Spirual.

Manage Stress: Some of the essential oils used in the Spirual incense waterfall are specifically designed to target stress. According to the makers of Spirual, rosemary “quickly reduces cortisol levels,” for example. Cortisol is a stress hormone linked to blood pressure issues, weight gain, and other problems. By using rosemary and other Spirual essential oils daily, you can purportedly calm stress levels and achieve relaxation.

Memory, Focus, Concentration, and IQ: Some of the essential oils used in the Spirual incense waterfall can purportedly boost memory, focus, concentration, and even intelligence, according to the official Spirual website. Some essential oils calm and focus the mind, for example, while others help you better retain information. Spirual recommends using the peppermint incense waterfall, for example, to help you feel invigorated, motivated, and calm to maximize productivity.

Boost Work Results, Motivation, and Productivity: In addition to enhancing memory, focus, concentration, and IQ, Spirual can also purportedly boost work results, motivation, and productivity. Some scents are specifically designed to help you accomplish more, for example, while others can boost memory and focus.

Energy: Spirual claims to target overall energy, helping you avoid feeling sluggish and needing a boost. The Spirual naturally flowing waterfall can give you physical and mental energy to tackle jobs. Meanwhile, scents like peppermint and orange can help you be unstoppable.

Boost Immunity: Spirual even claims to boost your immune system. When you relax with Spirual and select a scent like tea tree, you can purify the air around you, making it easier to defend your body against germs and illnesses. A busy, stressful life is bad for your immune system, and Spirual can also boost immunity just by making it easier to relax.

Chronic Illness and Pain: Some of Spirual’s scents can tackle chronic illness and pain, helping you soothe your soul and rejuvenate your body. If you deal with chronic pain, then Spirual can purportedly help relax the body, ease stiff muscles, and calm the mind, “making pain a thing of the past,” according to the makers of Spirual.

Other Spirual Features

Other notable Spirual features include:

Support a Range of Benefits: Spirual claims to support stress management, weight loss, energy, immunity, chronic pain relief, and many other effects, helping you enjoy mental and physical relief in multiple ways.

Each Spirual Incense Cone Lasts 25 Minutes: Spirual uses unique incense cones to create a cascade of smoke down through a waterfall, creating a hypnotizing effect to soothe and rejuvenate the body. Each Spirual incense cone is designed to last 8 times longer than competing incense waterfalls available today. The new and improved technology lasts 25 minutes, on average, to create specific aromatic scents to improve psychological and physical wellbeing.

Handcrafted from Beautiful Nepalese Porcelain: Spirual is made from porcelain and handcrafted in Nepal.

Simple to Use Any Time: Spirual is portable, easy to use within minutes, and quickly creates therapeutic scents. You can use it at any time. Just take 10 seconds to place a Spirual incense cone in the top of the device and light it, then enjoy powerful therapeutic effects.

Safe to Use Around Pets: Spirual is safe to use around pets without fear of knocking the device over. The essential oils won’t harm your pet, and the device uses smoke – not hot liquid – to create its therapeutic scents.

Spirual Reviews: What Do Customers Say?

Spirual is backed by positive reviews online, and most customers agree the device works as advertised to relieve stress, rejuvenate the body, and create long-lasting relief, among other benefits.

Here are some of the reviews shared by customers on the official website and other online sources:

Some customers use Spirual as like a higher level candle, claiming it makes the entire home smell nice while also offering an alluring effect

Some customers were skeptical about Spirual after seeing advertisements online, but they like the device for soothing the body and helping them relax – exactly as advertised

Some use Spirual to help them find relief after weeks of chaos; you can light Spirual when taking a bath or relaxing at home, for example, to make you feel more at ease

Some customers use Spirual to help with sleep problems, chronic pain, and other specific issues

Users agree Spirual is easy for anyone to use within minutes

Other customers like using Spirual around kids and pets to support benefits throughout the house

Overall, most customers agree Spirual works as advertised to spread pleasant scents throughout the home, making it easier to rest, rejuvenate, and feel relaxed. Whether you use aromatherapy regularly to relax or you’re totally new to the space, you can get the relief you need using Spirual.

Spirual Pricing

Spirual is priced at $19.95 per unit as part of a 2022 50% off promotion. The normal retail price is $39.90 per unit. The more Spirual incense waterfalls you buy, the more you can save.

Here’s how pricing breaks down when ordering online today:

  • 1 x Incense Waterfall: $19.95
  • 2 x Incense Waterfalls: $35.96
  • 3 x Incense Waterfalls: $49.95
  • 4 x Incense Waterfalls: $59.96

Each Spirual purchase comes with 10 cones. Each cone lasts around 25 minutes per use. The cones are made from natural ingredients and offer therapeutic-grade scents – similar to other high-quality essential oils.

Spirual Refund Policy

Spirual offers a limited 30 day moneyback guarantee on purchases. You can only request a refund if your Spirual is unopened and unused. Or, you can request a refund if the product was defective or damaged.

If you tried Spirual and did not like the device or were unsatisfied for any reason, then you cannot request a refund on the used product. You can only request a refund on any unopened and unused products. Although the manufacturer specifically claims to offer a “30 day money back – satisfaction guarantee,” there does not appear to be a refund on any used products if you are unsatisfied with how Spirual works.

Contact Spirual within 30 days of receiving your order to receive a refund on unused or defective purchases, minus a 15% restocking fee.

About Spirual

Spirual is sold online through Get-Spirual.com by a company named Orbio World, UAB. The company is a direct to consumer retail company specializing in selling unique gadgets and household goods to customers around the world.

According to Orbio, 2 million Spirual units have been sold to date, making it one of the best-selling incense diffusers on the market.

You can contact the Get-Spirual customer service team via the following:

Final Word

Spirual is an incense waterfall sold exclusively online through Get-Spirual.com.

Featuring a blend of 10 unique essential oils, Spirual is designed to target specific health and wellness benefits – from stress relief to sleep to chronic pain, cognition, memory, appetite control, weight loss, and more.

To learn more about Spirual or to buy the therapeutic incense waterfall online today, visit the official website at Get-Spirual.com.


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