Sound Transit brings first residential VanShare to Pierce County

Sound Transit, along with its partner Pierce Transit, will start a new residential “VanShare” pilot program Monday March 14 with service to Sound Transit’s Sumner Sounder (commuter rail) Station.

“We’re very excited about this pilot program,” said Sound Transit Boardmember and Sumner Deputy Mayor Dave Enslow. “Our Sounder commuters will have one more option besides a single-occupancy car – and without being tied to a bus schedule – to get them to the train.”

“Our Sounder station parking lots are filling up,” added Enslow. “This pilot project is one of the creative solutions Sound Transit has developed in partnership with Pierce Transit to address this issue.”

VanShare provides a hassle-free connection between a commuter’s residence, or other convenient origin pickup points, and the Sumner Sounder station.

Features of the VanShare pilot program include:

— Only three people are needed to start a VanShare; a minimum of five is desired.

— During the 2005 pilot project, the cost for VanShare is free. Fares will be established prior to the end of the pilot project in December 2005.

— The vehicles are staged at a parking lot near a Sounder station or at a volunteer driver’s home.

— Pilot project VanShare vans have reserved parking at the Sounder station.

— No personal use of the vehicle is permitted.

— No business use of the vehicle is permitted (e.g., transportation to meetings, pickup of clients, etc.).

— The participants determine the schedule of the vehicles.

Sound Transit has contracted with Pierce Transit to both provide and operate the vans. Commuters interested in more information on VanShare can contact Kim Straub at (253) 983-2724, or