RadiaShield Reviews – Is Radia Shield Legit? Does Potassium Iodide Work for Radiation?

Have you been following recent news on the possibility of a nuclear disaster in Europe? Since Russian troops have taken control of a nuclear power plant called Chernobyl [1], the fear of shooting and the risk of radioactive waste being released into the atmosphere has been making headlines. Although the aforesaid is a big “what-if,” many people are scrambling to seek protective measures. When radiation levels exceed normal ranges, individuals will likely experience a compromise to their thyroid function.

If left untreated within a specific window, people may as well give away their lives. One team now believes that people, regardless of where they live, should take preventative safety measures in case a similar war to that of Ukraine-Russia occurs elsewhere. The purpose of this review is to shed light on RadiaShield.

What is RadiaShield?

RadiaShield is a dietary supplement that serves as a “military-grade” antidote for radiation exposure. What surprised our editorial team most was the formula, which constitutes one ingredient. Considering this brief introduction, individuals will likely question the seriousness of radiation exposure. Well, the creators insist there’s no time like right now to prepare, seeing the ongoing geopolitical upheaval before our eyes.

If most of 2022 and 2023 have taught us anything, the risk of attack is difficult to predict. Worst of all, alternate solutions will have zero effect when it is too late to act on them. As eager as people might be to learn about the single ingredient to protect the human body from the inside out, we need to take a moment to understand where the creators’ concerns are coming from.

How does RadiaShield work?

RadiaShield aims to rid the body of radioactive iodine (I-131). Let’s take a few steps back; the body requires iodine to function correctly, namely our thyroid. The thyroid [2] is a small, butterfly-shaped gland at the front of the neck. It regulates most of our bodily functions, including the speed of the metabolism (or how the body uses energy), producing and secreting certain hormones, calcium levels in the blood, and breathing, among others. Unfortunately, this gland cannot differentiate between regular, healthy iodine and radioactive iodine.

RadiaShield aims to prevent the thyroid from absorbing radioactive iodine (I-131). As a result, the radiation given off by this iodine form is absorbed and begins infiltrating our cells while decreasing the function of thyroid cells. Otherwise, people will be at risk of developing hypothyroidism. In light of this information, it’s time to reveal precisely how RadiaShield ensures healthy thyroid function regardless of how much radiation it is exposed to.

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What ingredients are found in the RadiaShield formula?

What better approach to combat radioactive iodine than with potassium iodide? The following is a detailed look at the benefits of potassium iodide:

Potassium Iodide

Potassium iodide [3] is a salt that contains both potassium and iodine. It is generally used as a protective shield for the thyroid gland during radiation exposure caused by a nuclear emergency. For those unaware, radioactive iodine is emitted during a nuclear crisis, which, as previously explained, disrupts thyroid function, perhaps leading to cancer. Regarding the overall mechanism, potassium iodide works by blocking the absorption of radioactive iodine. The thyroid is “filled up” by saturating it with nonradioactive iodine.

The best part is that this saturation ensures that radioactive iodine is not absorbed for 24 hours and is excreted through urination. Given what we know, it is critical to stress that this component exclusively protects the thyroid and not the rest of the body. Second, it should only be consumed during nuclear emergencies, not daily. Third, older people will require much less than younger people (including children and infants). Most importantly, taking it more than 24 hours after exposure is ineffective.

To further drill the point regarding use cases home, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) [4] insists that people should only take potassium iodide if instructed by public health, emergency response officials, or healthcare providers. Moreover, the agency underlined that this component might not provide 100% protection, especially seeing how factors including radioactive iodine concentration, potassium iodide concentration, and one’s health must be accounted for.

Did we mention that taking this ingredient unnecessarily might give rise to gastrointestinal side effects (i.e., stomach ache, rashes, and inflamed salivary glands), allergic reactions, hypothyroidism, and, perchance, death?

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is RadiaShield safe?

A. The creators argue that RadiaShield is more than safe; it is a life-saving supplement, particularly in a nuclear emergency. Research on its ingestion has shown the latter to be accurate, not to mention its overall efficiency. However, dose (and age) and timing matter, and for the moment, we have yet to know the potassium iodide concentration in each serving. This must be brought to customer service’s attention before placing an order.

Q. Who should avoid taking RadiaShield?

A. RadiaShield might not be suitable for people with a history of allergic reactions to iodine. For those with any existing medical conditions warranting medication intake, consulting a healthcare professional must be first on their list of priorities.

Q. How is RadiaShield different from other potassium iodide pills?

A. The creators argue that RadiaShield is more potent than conventional potassium iodide formulas, which explains why all it takes is a capsule a day. Moreover, this pill is easy to split, allowing users to mix it in their choice of food or beverage while also tailoring concentrations by an individual’s age.

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Q. How should RadiaShield servings be taken?

A. When individuals are exposed to radiation, one RadiaShield serving (or one capsule) must be ingested promptly. The serving size should be split in half for a child or baby. As for the length of ingestion, the creators recommend taking it consistently for 14 days before halting intake.

Q. How long will a single RadiaShield bottle last?

A. One RadiaShield bottle comprises a 14-day supply for one person.

Q. What are the claimed benefits of RadiaShield?

A. The main benefit of ingesting RadiaShield is its protective effect on the thyroid gland, limiting the risk of hypothyroidism, poor metabolic function, and any disruptions to the gland’s known responsibilities.

Q. How long will it take for RadiaShield shipments to reach their destination?

A. RadiaShield shipments making their way to the continental USA will take anywhere between five and seven business days, whereas orders shipped internationally may require up to 21 business days.

Q. Does RadiaShield come with a money-back guarantee?

A. Yes, RadiaShield is protected by a 90-day money-back guarantee. Individuals have 90 days from the purchase date to decide whether to keep their supply or return it for a refund. All bottles must be in their original state (brand-new and unused) to qualify for a refund. For more information on potassium iodide intake or the RadiaShield refund policy, consider one of the following points of contact:

  • Email: support@getradiashield.com.
  • Phone (Toll-free): 1 (866) 887 3886
  • Mailing Address: 16192 Coastal HWY, Lewes, DE 19958

How much does RadiaShield cost?

Each RadiaShield bottle contains 14 capsules meant to be consumed for 14 consecutive days by one person. For people with families or friends, purchasing in bulk is highly advised. To facilitate large purchases, the creators offer 10% discounted pricing for subscriptions and have offered the following pricing options (one-time versus subscription):

  • One RadiaShield Bottle: $49.00 Each (Subscribe: $41.00 Each) + Free Shipping
  • Three RadiaShield Bottles: $3900 Each (Subscribe: $35.00 Each) + Free Shipping
  • Six RadiaShield Bottles: $31.00 Each (Subscribe: $27.83 Each) + Free Shipping

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, RadiaShield is, precisely as it sounds, a solution to protect those who may have been exposed to excess radiation (or radioactive iodine). This usually only happens during a nuclear emergency. Potassium iodide is the only known solution for eradicating radioactive iodine and protecting the thyroid gland. After digging into the research and uses, our editorial team can confirm that potassium iodide has been resorted to and could be helpful. Are we guaranteeing complete protection? No, no one does, and there are several reasons for this.

As emphasized earlier in this review, how much time people take for each serving after exposure makes a significant difference. If people are late by even 24 hours, the chances of protecting the thyroid will exponentially decay. In addition to timing, dosing also matters, primarily because it depends on age. For those who manage to take the appropriate dose at the right time, it is imperative to remember that this protection is only for the thyroid (not the entire body).

Our editorial team is satisfied with the availability of RadiaShield but will take a neutral stance for one reason only: the absence of a supplement’s fact. At no point do they appear to make false claims or suggest long-term uses. Individuals will need to determine how long potassium iodide should be taken (i.e., is 14 days indeed the accepted recommendation by government officials).

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