QuadAir Drone Reviews – Should You Buy or Obvious Scam?

Drones are the latest objects used by photographers and videographers worldwide to capture beautiful scenes. The technology of drones has made it possible for them to go out of the traditional way and catch hold of serene images.

The invention and allowance of drone usage for commercial purposes have made photography extremely desirable and popular among budding photographers in recent years. A drone helps photographers to capture images from a hawk’s eye view, providing a new angle to the scene.

The shots taken by a normal camera on a tripod are not enough to satiate the creative hunger of photographers these days. They are shifting to professional drones to shoot incredible shots from places beyond human presence and grasp.

You can take excellent photos and videos from an aerial viewpoint with the help of a drone camera. You can also take the help of a drone whilst completing a project. But how can you find the right drone for yourself when most drones on the market crash in just a few days of use?

We have found a legitimate device for you that is not like other toy drones. It helps people in professional photography. The device is – QuadAir Drone. It can help you cover distant places in single battery life. So, if you want a better drone than the one you are using right now, this is the right article for you.

Read this QuadAir Drone review to switch to a better camera.

Let’s Learn About QuadAir Drones

If you are looking for a precision-engineered drone device that can help you record videos and capture high-quality images from a high altitude, then Quad Air Drone is the perfect choice for you.

It is a powerful yet lightweight device that comes at an affordable price and has multiple features to suit your various needs. It’s a quadcopter drone that can allow you to take high-resolution, high-definition, and wide-angle shots that can take your breath away.

QuadAir Drone is preferable to use by professional videographers and photographers who want to take different shots and stand out from the crowd. The drone camera is capable of taking quality photos and videos that can be very influential and beautiful.

There are multiple features of QuadAir Drone to suit various needs of people. These features are usually not found in other drones in the same price range. The device comes with a smooth remote control option so that you don’t have any trouble operating it from a far distance. It can stay in the air for almost 30 minutes on single battery life.

With the help of Quad Air Drone, you can cover outdoor functions and surveys that can provide you with valuable data. It can deliver high-quality results so that you can enjoy beautiful moments and keep them stored as vivid memories for decades to come.

QuadAir drone’s speed is adjustable to one’s needs. If you want the device to go slow, you can operate it in the intended manner. You can also shoot intelligent short films on tours by playing with the camera’s shutter speed.

QuadAir Drone benefits also include the feature of slow motion. It is the new trend among photographers and videographers to record videos in slow-mo as it makes the footage interesting. Sometimes, your client may require slow-mo recordings, which you can shoot with the help of QuadAir Drone.

The device has received hundreds of positive customer reviews where people have shared their amazing experiences with the device. According to a few reviews that we came across, this device can be the difference between an average and skilled photographer.

We came across the QuadAir Drone pricing on its official website and found that it comes at a very nominal cost and is available in various categories.

Let’s take a look at the summary of the device in the following table before moving forward with the article.

Name QuadAir Drone
Category Drone Device
Used By Professional Photographers and Videographers
Flying Time 30 minutes
  • Gyro: 6 axis Frequency: 2.4GHz
  • R/C distance: 80-100m FPV range: approx. 30m
  • 1 × 3.7v 500mah LIPO battery (included)
  • 3 x 1.5AA batteries for remote control (not included)
  • Time to charge: 60-70 minutes
  • Features
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • HD shots
  • High-resolution shots
  • Gravity sensor
  • Slow-mo mode
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • High flight range
  • Benefits
  • Easy to Control and Operate
  • Excellent battery
  • Helps you shoot like a pro
  • Works in all weather conditions
  • Comfortable alternative to traditional cameras
  • Customer Testimonials There are plenty of positive QuadAir Drone customer reviews
  • Beginner Pack – $107
  • Aviator Pack – $138
  • Pro Pilot Pack – $236
  • Money-back guarantee NA
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    If you are thinking of buying a QuadAir Drone, you must be aware of all its specifications so that you can make a conscious decision. The device has become extremely popular among photographers and videographers because of its multiple features and benefits. It also comes at a reasonable cost than other drone devices.

    If you want to purchase a QuadAir quadcopter to capture high-quality photos, you must go through its specifications which are listed below:

    • Excellent battery life that can help you film moments for a long period of time.
    • Flying time is 30 minutes approx.
    • Helps you capture a bird’s eye view from high altitudes.
    • QuadAir drone’s speed can be adjusted based on your individual needs.
    • It takes 60-70 minutes to charge a QuadAir Drone.
    • Gyro: 6 axis Frequency: 2.4GHz
    • R/C distance: 80-100m FPV range: approx. 30m
    • 3 x 1.5AA batteries for remote control (not included)
    • 1 × 3.7v 500 mAh LIPO battery for the drone (included)
    • Comes with a post navigation sign
    • Fitted with the latest GPS technology and Wi-Fi connection
    • High flight range

    The device also comes with a detailed manual that can help you to understand the working aspects of the device. Due to its capability to take crisp images, it has been deemed as the perfect drone by several users.

    How Does QuadAir Drone Work?

    The design of QuadAir Drone is extremely simple and user-friendly. It has been made to support the needs of both amateur and professional photographers. This device can be operated by novice individuals with no prior experience in shooting without any difficulty.

    QuadAir Drone comes with a simple user manual that can provide the individual with step-to-step instructions to make the most out of the features of the drone camera. With the help of the manual guide, you can shoot professional quality footage in just the first few shots.

    There are two modes of operation in this device that can help you capture images without any difficulty. The first one is to operate the QuadAir drone using the remote control function. Like other features, this too comes with written instructions that are extremely easy to follow to take high-resolution photos that can be amazing for your project.

    Another way of operating this technologically advanced drone is to download an application on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the screen to run it. Again, the mobile application has a user-friendly interface that can be easily set up to take record quality photos and videos.

    QuadAir Drone benefits make it one of the best devices on the market. It can help photographers to take a bird’s eye view of their desired objects. Many people have called it the best drone in multiple customer reviews. It can also help you to record aerial videos in a perfect manner.

    Features Of QuadAir Drone

    QuadAir has designed the perfect device to help photographers take amazing shots. The drone is filled with features so that it can benefit the users and make the most out of the footage. The quadcopter device comes at a reasonable price but is loaded with features.

    It can work on the remote control as well as from a mobile application. You can learn how to operate it with the help of a detailed manual that comes with the device. It contains very simple instructions that can be followed by even amateurs.

    The QuadAir Drone features include:

    Foldable Drone

    QuadAir quadcopter is a precisely engineered and designed drone that can be taken anywhere. It has been built to support the traveling needs of photographers. This ultra-portable device comes with a high-quality camera that can be a marvel in aerial photography so that you can explore with no restrictions.

    The QuadAir drone’s foldability makes it easier to carry in all places and also provides protection to it in transit.

    HD Photos and Video

    The device allows you to take crisp images in high-definition at 60 frames per second. This feature also helps professional videographers to capture footage and aerial videos properly.

    The GPS technology of the device helps the videographer in video coverage to a great extent.

    Gravity Sensor

    The quadcopter drone is fitted with sensors that can help it to detect the ground and avoid other obstacles. This gravity sensor is seldom found in drones in the same price category.

    QuadAir Drone’s gravity sensor can change the course of the drone automatically to avoid the risk of collision with any hard object. It helps the photographer to capture videos in a smooth flight.

    Slo-mo Mode

    It is a rare feature in this device. Slow-mo has become a new trend amongst budding photographers and videographers because of its alluring appeal. The QuadAir Drone can allow you to capture footage in high-definition slow motion that can be valuable for various projects.

    With the help of these high-quality results, you can replay the highlights and take a close and better look at certain moments.

    What Sets QuadAir Drones Apart From Others?

    If you are ever confused between Quad Air drones and other drones on the market, you need to know what sets the former apart from its rivals. QuadAir Drone benefits are multiple.

    It can help the photographer to capture quality photos and videos from different angles where human presence is negligible. These high-quality images can be used for various purposes – events, surveys, and so on.

    Let’s take a detailed look at the benefits of the device.

    Lightweight Structure

    The foldable structure of the QuadAir drone makes it an essential device for any outdoor excursion. This quadcopter drone is the fastest of its size that can help you take stunning aerial photos and allow you to participate in photo shoots. QuadAir Drone’s speed can go up to 30 miles an hour which makes it the best portable drone of its stature.

    Easy To Control

    It is very easy to operate the portable aerial camera of the device. You can fly the device after reading the manual easily. It is extremely user-friendly for complete beginners as well.

    Shoots Like A Pro

    QuadAir Drone’s operation is extremely satisfactory. It is preferred by professional videographers to capture the bird’s eye view of different locations. You can take high-quality photos using this device.

    Works In Extreme Weather Conditions

    This can fly in any weather to capture amazing photos and aerial videos. Whether it is snowing or pouring hard, you will get uncompromising quality with the help of Quad Air Drone. It can also be used to cover remote and rural communities.

    Comfortable Alternative

    QuadAir Drone’s features are multiple. It can be a valuable alternative to traditional cameras to shoot aerial photos. You can also get the benefit of real-time video transmission with the help of this device.

    Why Should You Buy QuadAir Drone?

    We came across several QuadAir Drone reviews where photographers went gaga over the features of the device. It seems a legitimate device that can offer you plenty of benefits when shooting at serene outdoor locations.

    Here are some reasons why you can purchase Quad Air drones:

    • Stunning aerial photos
    • High-resolution photos
    • Very easy to use
    • High-quality videos
    • Uncompromising quality
    • Can be controlled remotely in two ways
    • Comes with a Wi-Fi connection
    • Available at a reasonable price and in multiple packs
    • Technologically advanced drone
    • There is no chance where it wanders off-road

    QuadAir Drone Pricing

    QuadAir Drone is a device that comes at an affordable price to support the needs of different photographers, both skilled and amateur. You are not required to procure any expensive equipment to make the device work. Everything that is needed comes with the box of the device.

    According to the official website the product QuadAir Drone’s price can be broken down into the following three categories:

    • Beginner Pack – $107 (One QuadAir Drone including $8 delivery charges)
    • Aviator Pack – $138 (Two QuadAir Drones)
    • Pro Pilot Pack – $236 (Three QuadAir Drones)

    QuadAir Drone Customer Reviews

    QuadAir Drone has received a number of reviews from people who have used it before. Whilst preparing this QuadAir drone review, we went through multiple QuadAir Drone customer reviews on the official website of the product.

    We decided to list some of the statements made by Quad Air Drone lovers so that you can have a fair idea about the working of the device.

    Bob C, in his review, says, “Drones are getting more advanced and dropping in price as time goes by. But they’re still not cheap by any means. To get a drone with an amazing camera that creates excellent photos and videos like this at this price is almost unheard of. This is one of the best drones on the market and of great value.

    Another one of the QuadAir drone reviews states, “I feel like I’m going to use this for everything. I’ve had it less than a week, and I’ve already captured my daughter riding her bike without training wheels for the first time, found a ball she launched onto the roof a few weeks ago, and helped my boss film some promotional videos for the company. Haven’t crashed it yet!

    Another user shares, “I love taking this thing to the beach at sunrise and sunset. It really does give you a hawk’s eye view of the entire ocean. You really see it from their perspective. When it’s far enough out over the water, all the people look like little dots walking along the water. The lights reflect off the crystal clear water. 1080p is really cool.”

    We also came across some QuadAir Drone customer reviews where people used the device for video coverage in remote and rural communities. It is extremely difficult to operate traditional cameras in these places. The quadcopter came in handy to get valuable information.

    QuadAir Drone FAQ

    We came across several questions about the Quad Air Drone. People who have never used these devices before had some doubts about the product. If you, too, want to buy a QuadAir Drone, we suggest you go through these common questions and answers to have a better view and understanding of the device.

    Is QuadAir Drone A Worthy Investment?

    Yes. It is because this device can capture images from a high altitude and has an amazing flight range. It is also the perfect drone to record high-quality videos that can be used for various purposes.

    The features of QuadAir Drone are discussed in length above.

    Is the QuadAir Drone too expensive?

    No. This quadcopter device is one of the most reasonable drones on the market right now, with these many features and benefits. You also don’t need to buy any expensive supporting equipment with this device. If you want, you can compare the price of this device with other drones and be satisfied with your purchase.

    Does QuadAir Drone Work In Water?

    No. This device is not waterproof. QuadAir Drone’s features are limited when it comes to using the device underwater for photo and video coverage.

    QuadAir Drone Review – Final Word

    We have come to the end of our QuadAir Drone review. Hopefully, we were able to establish all the necessary points about the device.

    To cover this review, our research and editorial team went through several QuadAir Drone customer reviews where people shared their honest opinions about the product. The device has made many photographers Quad Air Drone lovers because of its versatility and high-quality image and video output.

    It is indeed the best drone on the market right now in this price range. The device is packed with relevant features. Unlike most drones, you don’t require to spend thousands of dollars on procuring this device.

    According to our conclusion, QuadAir Drone seems to be a legitimate device that will satisfy any quadcopter pilot’s creative hunger irrespective of their field experience.



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