Purple Garden Reviews: Top Psychic Reading Services That Work?

Purple Garden is a website that allows consumers to get in touch with many types of psychics to get some guidance for their problems. The website is home to some of the most accurate readers in the industry today, and consumers can learn more details about their love life, work, and more.

What is Purple Garden?

Everyone has questions about their life but finding the right person to ask is a difficult task. Some questions are easy to answer – like how to perform a home repair or the best way to prepare steak. However, personal questions that can’t be answered with therapy might be best answered with a message from beyond the physical world. The people behind Purple Garden decided to make these personal insights more accessible with their psychic-based platform.

The Purple Garden platform allows these advice-seekers to communicate with psychic advisors. These advisors have many ways to provide answers, connecting with spirits, angels, and the universe. Some psychics use tools (like cards), while others rely entirely on metaphysical methods of communication. Users can choose from live chat, video chat, or a voice call to connect with the advisor. The rates vary from one advisor to the next, but users will know how much it costs before they start their reading.

On each psychic’s profile, users will be able to learn about the specialties of the individual. Their profile includes ratings from people who have had readings with them, making it easier to see if their opportunities will give the user what they need during their reading. Psychics can be given between 1 and 5 stars as their rating. While the profile will educate users on the background of the advisors, it will also give them a firmer grasp of who the reader is so that they can trust them. The rate of every psychic is also clearly listed on their profile, though the reading they provide will dictate which rates apply.

Types of Readings from Purple Garden

The reason that Purple Garden is so popular is that it offers many different types of readings. While this plethora of options is helpful, consumers who are new to this type of benefit may not know where to start. Here’s a little more information on what each reading can provide.

Tarot Readings

A Tarot Reading involves the use of a deck of tarot cards. These psychics channel their reading through their chosen deck to give users a greater personal understanding of their life. It can help with choices and guidance in love, relationships, work, family, and more.

Psychic Readings

Psychic readings are helpful to individuals who want to understand what they can do with the latest unexpected changes in their life. It can provide answers and clarity, and the psychics aim to prepare the user for what is coming. These readings do not usually involve using cards or other tangible tools, but that experience will entirely depend on the advisor.

Love Readings

Love readings are specific to the answers that users want about their love life. With the advisors at Purple Garden, these readings can help users bring clarity to their love life.

Palm Readings

Palm readings are entirely based on studying the client’s hand and the many lines on it. The lines correlated with different aspects of their life, like their fat or their heart’s desires. These readings can dive into the user’s past, present, or future, and they do not involve other tools to provide this insight.

Astrology & Horoscopes

Astrology and horoscopes use the client’s birth date, time of birth, and birth location to determine the planets’ arrangement and certain constellations when they were born. This information suggests that certain parts of the user’s life are programmed into the stars when they are born. These advisers use the knowledge of the heavens to teach users more about themselves and their life.

Oracle Guidance

Oracle guidance is meant to be prophetic, allowing users to learn more about the future. The readers use the energy around them as they communicate with spirits to give the user the messages they sense. Their counsel gives consumers high wisdom as they channel insight in a way that cards and the stars cannot.

Angel Insights

Angel insights are much like what users get during an oracle guidance reading. However, rather than communicating with any spirit, the user connects with angels for the answers. Clients who want to look inward with self-reflection as they learn the path they should take will likely see many benefits with this type of reading, especially as they connect with spiritual guidance.

Dream Analysis

The final type of service offered by Purple Garden is dream analysis. Everyone dreams, and most people believe that these imagined moments are no more than the brain filtering through all the information it has received in a day. However, the analysis offered by the readers exposes the truth behind the subconscious thoughts that plague the mind at night.

Applying to Be A Psychic With Purple Garden

Some people might visit this website and realize that it is the perfect place to use their skills. They can apply to be a psychic advisor on the website as well.

Users will have to download an app called Purple Ocean to be an advisor, allowing them to create a profile and provide a test reading. Users cannot use any other app to apply, but they have to show that they have a history of delivering reliable spiritual advice professionally. It is up to the creators to determine if this information is enough to accept them as an advisor.

All advisors are paid through PayPal, though they cannot withdraw their funds for deposit until they reach at least $35 in their earnings. Withdrawals can be requested through the Revenues screen, which takes about two days to deposit into the account.

Frequently Asked Questions About Purple Garden

Is there any way to save a live chat?

Yes. Every chat transcript is automatically saved in the order when it happens. Users can access this content by clicking My Orders and choosing the reading they want to review.

Can you delete your account with Purple Garden?

If the user no longer plans to use the services offered by Purple Garden, they can uninstall the app after logging out. In doing so, their account will stay active, allowing the user to return in the future. However, if the user wants to stop having access, they can request to have their account disabled or delete a particular order they placed.

What should the user do if they are unhappy with the reading?

If there is any reason for being disappointed in the results – like a failed connection or missed communication – users can request a refund by contacting the support team.

How do users know that they are speaking with a real psychic?

Unfortunately, the creators behind Purple Garden cannot guarantee how accurate the information is with their advisors. Consumers who use this website should understand that it is exclusively for entertainment.

To avoid these issues, they request that any applicant to the psychic platform focus on meeting their quality standards. Those requirements include but are not limited to a video test reading, a resume with their qualifications, a demonstration of their accomplishments, and prior work experience.

How do users redeem a free reading after referring a friend?

Users will automatically get their credit after their friend’s first purchase.

How can users get help from customer support?

To reach out to the customer support team, click the Contact Support link on any page of the Help section of the website.


Purple Garden provides consumers with a way to communicate with the metaphysical world with the help of a psychic. With plenty of different readings available, consumers can talk to their guide in whatever way works for their needs. Users can browse through the psychics based on their ratings from other customers, the rates they charge, and more. Plus, with many types of readings available, consumers won’t struggle to find the answers they hope to learn. Set up a Purple Garden account today to get started!


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