Forecasts & Strategies: The Biden Disaster Plan Review (Mark Skousen)

Mark Skousen has launched a new marketing campaign for his monthly financial newsletter, Forecasts & Strategies, featuring The Biden Disaster Plan.

By following Mark’s plan, investors can discover investments that could rise 10x over the next two years of the Joe Biden presidency. To discover the plan, you need to subscribe to Forecasts & Strategies today.

What is The Biden Disaster Plan? Should you subscribe to Forecasts & Strategies? Keep reading our review to discover everything you need to know about the newsletter today.

What is Forecasts & Strategies?

Forecasts & Strategies is a monthly advisory service led by Dr. Mark Skousen. The newsletter has been running for 40 years, making it one of the longest-running financial advisory services available today.

In Forecasts & Strategies, Dr. Skousen shares his opinions on market conditions and news. He also recommends specific stocks and money-protecting strategies.

As Dr. Skousen explains, it’s tough to last 40 days in the investment research business – not to mention 40 years. Over the years, Dr. Skousen has emphasized informed recommendations while providing unique insights into market conditions.

In Forecasts & Strategies, you can discover Dr. Skousen’s recommended investment portfolios like The Flying Five, which takes just 5 minutes per year to manage.

An annual subscription to Forecasts & Strategies is priced at $50 to $250 per year, depending on your tier. However, as part of a 2022 promotion through The Biden Disaster Plan, the $250 subscription is available for just $77.

What is The Biden Disaster Plan?

To promote Forecasts & Strategies in 2022, Dr. Skousen has launched a bonus guide called The Biden Disaster Plan.


Anyone who subscribes to Forecasts & Strategies today receives a free copy of The Biden Disaster Plan.

Here’s how Dr. Skousen introduces the guide:

“A disastrous energy crisis…runaway inflation…global shortages…The next two years will be hard…but three investments are set to 10X through the chaos.”

In The Biden Disaster Plan, you can discover three investment opportunities Dr. Skousen believes will rise 10x over the coming years. By investing in these opportunities today, you can protect your wealth and earn money regardless of external factors.

Dr. Skousen is not a fan of Joe Biden’s America: he blames Joe Biden for labor shortages, runaway inflation, commodities shortages, and more:

“President Biden has driven the car into a ditch…And Americans are taking the brunt of it. Real wages are dropping. Prices are exploding all around us. And the booming stock market is long gone.”

However, Dr. Skousen believes the worst is yet to come. He believes over the next two years, we’ll see issues like:

  • More shortages
  • Prices will rise even faster
  • Global economic chaos

Because of these issues, Dr. Skousen believes the next two years will be a tough time for Americans. The value of their savings will drop due to inflation. The stock market will continue to get beat up, and some stocks will collapse.

However, by following Dr. Skousen’s advice today, you can protect your wealth, earn money, and ensure you’re in a good position.


Dr. Skousen Has Predicted “Nearly All” Economic Shifts of the Last 40 Years

Dr. Skousen claims to have strong predictive capabilities. That’s why he believes the worst is yet to come over the next few years.

In fact, Dr. Skousen claims to have called “nearly all of the biggest global economic shifts of the past 40 years,” according to The Biden Disaster Plan presentation.

Now, using his ability to predict economic futures, Dr. Skousen has picked three investment opportunities he believes will rise 10x over the next two years – even as the rest of the markets face disaster.

Stages of the Biden Disaster: What Comes Next?

Dr. Skousen wrote The Biden Disaster Plan to help Americans understand what comes next. According to Dr. Skousen, the Biden Disaster will continue to unfold over several stages.


The stages of the Biden Disaster include:

Stage 1) Destroying American Energy Independence

According to Dr. Skousen, Joe Biden wants to ruin America’s energy independence. In fact, he claims Joe Biden started to enact this plan the day he entered office.

Joe Biden took action to shut down certain oil pipelines, for example, weakening America’s oil production. Before Joe Biden took office, America was producing more oil than it was consuming, allowing America to avoid importing oil from Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries.

By canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, Joe Biden made it harder for America to maintain energy independence. America now has a massive oil deficit, and energy and gasoline prices are skyrocketing.

As energy and gasoline prices increase, it is harder for America’s economy to move forward. Delivering goods becomes more expensive. Americans need to reduce spending to afford to fill up their cars. It causes reverberating effects across the economy.

Investment Opportunity for Stage 1: The American Energy Company with 10X Potential

To help Americans survive the Biden Disaster, Dr. Skousen has identified an American energy company “with 10X potential.” Dr. Skousen has spotted an energy company that “Biden can’t stop” because it uses wells and pipelines that already exist.

The company set 17 financial and operating records last year, and it’s experiencing record profits across its business segments. The company operates pipelines, processing plants, storage operations, import/export terminals, and more across America, including 19 natural gas processing plants.

Plus, the company is facing less competition today because smaller providers have left the industry. Because of all of these conditions, Dr. Skousen believes the company is “in one of the most profitable positions of all-time.”

By subscribing to Forecasts & Strategies today, you get the name and ticker symbol of this mysterious energy company in a report titled The Biden Disaster Plan: America’s #1 Energy Stock. By investing in this company today, investors could earn 10X returns on their investments, according to Dr. Skousen’s predictions.

Stage 2 of Biden’s Disaster: Runaway Inflation and Rising Interest Rates

The second stage of Biden’s Disaster is the combination of runaway inflation with rising interest rates.

It’s no secret that inflation has risen to record heights. Everything seems to be more expensive today than it was last year. In response, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates. This makes it more expensive to borrow money, which could cause prices to drop.

Rising interest rates and runaway inflation can be bad. It means your cash loses value each year, but it also means it’s expensive to borrow money. In the past, this combination has led to “stagflation,” which is a stagnant economy combined with rising prices. It’s bad.

Fortunately, Dr. Skousen has spotted a profitable opportunity in the midst of this potential stagflation.

Investment Opportunity for Stage 2: Own a Company that Profits from Rising Interest Rates

Dr. Skousen has identified an investment opportunity that benefits from rising interest rates. As it gets more expensive to borrow money, this company will make more money by lending money to people who need it.

Here’s how Dr. Skousen explains this opportunity:

“…the second investment I’m recommending is a venture capital investment that, even during low-interest rate environments, has been one of the best places investors could put their money.”

Some of the fast facts about this opportunity include:

This venture capital has risen consistently over the last three presidencies

If you invested $10,000 into this company in 2009, you would have $124,600 today, or an increase of around $9,000 per year on a $10,000 investment

The company has a dividend five times larger than the average S&P stock

The company has a proven track record of helping small American businesses grow, and they invest in everything from shooting ranges to drilling operations to medical device companies

Because of all of these benefits, Dr. Skousen believes the company is “flat out unstoppable” and presents a good investment opportunity. Like Dr. Skousen’s other recommended investments, this company could deliver 10X returns over the next two years.

Stage 3 of the Biden Disaster: Mass Global Shortages

The third stage of the Biden Disaster will be global shortages. It’s becoming harder for companies to find the goods and services they need.

Eventually, this could become a food shortage worldwide. This could cause house prices to continue skyrocketing as builders struggle to get the supplies they need. Car companies are also slashing production in response to the shortages, which means used car prices won’t drop in the near future.

Chip shortages are a particularly big problem across multiple industries. Everything from cars to computers use chips. That’s why Dr. Skousen recommends investing in a chip crisis stock.

Investment Opportunity for Stage 3: America’s #1 Chip Crisis Stock

As chip shortages continue worldwide, one company is set to profit from the shortages.

Dr. Skousen has identified an American semiconductor and transistor company. The company makes crucial components for graphics cards, smartphone chargers, battery packs, TVs, laptops, electric vehicles, industrial welding equipment, and more.

Dr. Skousen believes this company is a good investment opportunity because it’s trading at just four times its earnings. The average S&P stock trades at around 25 times earnings.

As chip demand continues to rise, and as chip shortages continue over the coming years, this company will become increasingly valuable, according to Dr. Skousen’s prediction.

By subscribing to Forecasts & Strategies today, you get the name and ticker symbol of the company.

What’s Included with Forecasts & Strategies?

By subscribing to Forecasts & Strategies today through The Biden Disaster Plan presentation, you get a bundle of bonus reports, tools, and guides to help you navigate the next two years of the Biden presidency – and all of the problems that could come with it.

Here are all of the things you get when you subscribe to Forecasts & Strategies today:

12 Monthly Issues of Forecasts & Strategies: Each month, you receive a new copy of Forecasts & Strategies delivered to your mailbox and email inbox. Issues cover market analysis and include stock recommendations, investment strategies, and Dr. Skousen’s predictions for the future.

52 Weekly Email Updates: Each week, Dr. Skousen sends subscribers a hotline update on the latest market conditions, movements, and news. If Dr. Skousen spots an investment opportunity outside of his monthly issues, he’ll alert subscribers through the weekly email updates.

Urgent Special Alert Emails: As needed, Dr. Skousen sends special alert emails to subscribers. If Dr. Skousen spots an investment opportunity that won’t last long, for example, he’ll send a special alert to subscribers.

24/7 Access to Subscribers-Only Section: The subscribers-only section of the Forecasts & Strategies website includes instant online access to all of Dr. Skousen’s current advice, portfolios, special reports, and previous issues, among other bonuses.

Exclusive Access to Invite-Only Private Meetings: Dr. Skousen holds private MoneyShows several times a year around the world. As a Forecasts & Strategies subscriber, you receive exclusive access to these meetings.

Quarterly Conference Calls for One-on-One Discussions: Each quarter, Dr. Skousen holds a conference call with subscribers to discuss the latest investment opportunities and market conditions.

Access to Model Portfolio: Forecasts & Strategies subscribers get access to a model portfolio where they can view the currently recommended stocks from Dr. Skousen and his team. You can view each stock’s entry and exit points, the date the portfolio has held the stocks, and more.

Investing Master Class from Consistent Profits: Forecasts & Strategies subscribers receive access to an investing master class from Consistent Profits. That master class covers the seven pillars of investing, including how to rig the markets for success, three ways to increase trading results, how to control long-term profitability, and more. Plus, all students receive a 30 to a 45-minute one-on-one coaching session with a Consistent Profits expert.

Forecasts & Strategies Pricing

Forecasts & Strategies is priced at $50 to $250 per year, depending on your subscription option.

As part of a 2022 promotion with The Biden Disaster Plan, Dr. Skousen has reduced the annual cost of his Platinum subscription to $77 per year (it’s normally $249 per year). Alternatively, you can subscribe to the Gold subscription ($49.95 per year) or the Diamond Elite Subscription ($149 per year), which come with different bonus reports.

Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Gold Subscription: $49.95 Per Year

  • Basic online subscription to Forecasts & Strategies
  • Bonus Special Report: The Biden Disaster Plan

Platinum Subscription: $77 Per Year (Normally $249 Per Year)

  • Online and print subscriptions to Forecasts & Strategies
  • Bonus Special Report: The Biden Disaster Plan
  • Bonus Special Report: Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide

Diamond Elite Subscription ($149 Per Year)

  • Online and print subscriptions to Forecasts & Strategies
  • Bonus Special Report: The Biden Disaster Plan
  • Bonus Special Report: Forecasts & Strategies Quick Start Guide
  • Bonus Special Report: The Secret Backdoor Into Private Equity Riches

All subscriptions above automatically renew at the prevailing renewal rate. That renewal rate could be $49.95 to $249 per year, depending on your subscription option.

Forecasts & Strategies Refund Policy

All Forecasts & Strategies subscriptions are backed by a 30-day refund policy.

Contact the customer service team to receive a full refund within 30 days. Plus, you can keep everything in The Biden Disaster Plan free of charge, even if you receive a refund.

About Dr. Mark Skousen

Dr. Mark Skousen is an investment analyst with decades of experience publishing financial information online. Dr. Skousen publishes newsletters like Forecasts & Strategies through Salem Media Group.

Dr. Mark Skousen is also part of a group of investment experts known as Eagle. That group publishes several subscription-based financial newsletters online, including Jim Woods, Bryan Perry, Bob Carlson, and Jon Johnson. Eagle has over 230,000+ subscribers across its subscription services.

Mark Skousen, Ph.D., is the editor of Forecasts & Strategies. According to MarkSkousen.com, Mark is a nationally-known investment expert, economist, university professor, and author of more than 25 books. He received the Triple Crown in Economics in 2018.

Eagle is also known as Eagle Products, LLC. The company is a division of Caron Broadcasting, Inc. Eagle is based in Washington, DC.

Other Mark Skousen newsletters published online include TNT Trader, Five Star Trader, Home Run Trader, Fast Money Alert, and Winner’s Circle.

You can contact Mark Skousen and the Forecasts & Strategies customer service team via the following:

  • Phone: 800-211-7661
  • Email: customerservice@markskousen.com
  • Mailing Address: 122 C Street NW, Suite #515, Washington, DC 20001

Final Word

Dr. Mark Skousen has launched a new promotion for his Forecasts & Strategies newsletter.

Anyone who subscribes to Forecasts & Strategies today receives a free issue of The Biden Disaster Plan, a step-by-step guide for profiting during the next two years of the Biden presidency. Dr. Skousen has spotted three investment opportunities he believes will rise 10x over the coming years.

To learn more about Forecasts & Strategies and The Biden Disaster Plan or to subscribe today, visit the official website.



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