Prezentar Reviews – Is Adeel Chowdhry Presentation Software Worth Buying?

Prezentar is a software platform that allows users to create a presentation that looks like they were made by professionals rapidly. Adeel Chowdhry made the program self-described as an “international blockbuster.”

What is Prezentar?

Anyone who regularly interacts online for their business wants to make sure that they present themselves with the utmost professionalism. Some people dive right into a PowerPoint presentation, using the same software that businesses have relied on for ages. The brand is completely justified in taking this route, but they won’t raise any eyebrows or get a second look by using what has always been used. That’s where Prezentar comes in.

Prezentar gives consumers a perfect solution for making a presentation that looks professional and unique without using the same tired software that everyone else has. The interactive software helps consumers build up their videos with different graphics, fonts, and other customizations. The creators describe the software as “the only presentation creator you’ll ever need,” making it look like the user is truly an expert in making these types of videos.

More specifically, Prezentar deals with the three main concerns that any video creator has when they make a presentation, which is:

  • Creating
  • Designing
  • Formatting

Even by addressing these three concerns, users can exponentially save on costs and time. Plus, users have optional additions to their purchase and free bonuses that help users more than the main program alone.

Prezentar can purportedly save users time and hundreds of dollars by solving these three problems. Since it comes with commercial licensing, users can legally sell their services.

How Does Prezentar Work?

When consumers download the Prezentar software, they only are three steps away from getting their video presentation prepared.

Users start by choosing from one of the 50 prepared templates. The templates were developed by professional designers, ensuring that users get the level of quality that they deserve. The templates have 500 different content slides, allowing users to select the best one for their particular niche and campaign style.

Then, customize the design to meet the user’s specific needs. Those customizations can involve different backgrounds, animation, special effects, texts, audio, and other changes. It only takes a few clicks to change it up.

Once all these are in place, the user can download the content from Prezentar. The final copy can be downloaded as a PDF, HTML, or video file, which users can post anywhere. Users can also put the link on their social media profiles.

The point of this software is to eradicate the use of programs like PowerPoint and Camtasia that have been around for ages. Prezentar allows consumers to creatively and professionally stand out rather than using dated software that won’t present anything new.


What Can Users Make Using Prezentar?

The use of the Prezentar software can help consumers to create many different types of presentations. Those presentation options include:

  • Sales presentation
  • Online webinars
  • Digital courses
  • Pitches for potential investors
  • Tutorials to train new employees
  • Content marketing
  • Campaigns on Facebook or other social media platforms
  • Business meetings
  • Seminar and other event presentations
  • Affiliate reviews
  • Presentations without an internet connection

This software is meant to help consumers handle any project they could be involved in. The result is a professional look with templates that won’t take hours to put together. While procrastination is never encouraged, any of these presentations can be prepared when there’s little time available, which gives a distinct advantage over other software programs.

How to Get Started with Prezentar

Once the user purchases the software (which costs $49), users will instantly be able to access all the Prezentar content as they start launching their presentations. To get started on the first presentation, users will need to choose one of the 50 premade templates, which users get with the basic version of the software.

Once the user has the template chosen, they’ll start with their customizations. Users can select different texts, images, and audio to enhance the slides. Users can also choose from one of the many slide backgrounds to improve the presentation. Then, they’ll go through and edit the presentation to look precisely as they want, though the final look is more professional than other software.

Users can publish the URL for their presentation when it is ready. Publishing the link will allow anyone to view the presentation with a single click. Users can also download the presentation onto their computer or post it to a social media account. All the data is saved to the Cloud, ensuring that users have access to the videos wherever they are.

Prezentar Commercial Licensing

Unlike other programs, Prezentar offers a commercial license, making it possible for users to sell as a creator. With these services, users can post on social media and freelancing websites and offer their services as a multi-thousand-dollar service.

Though it may look effortless, a good presentation takes a lot of work. Prezentar is the easiest way to alleviate some of the work in this type of presentation. While the user still needs to come up with the content, the Prezentar software makes it possible to make more money with a sense of professionalism. The creators say that this license makes it possible to charge $2,000 to clients for the video presentation they put together.

Create Professional Presentations in Minutes

This program aims to allow users to create a professional presentation without taking much time to create it. It only takes a few minutes for a high-quality presentation, though other presentations take a few hours instead. Users won’t have to waste thousands of dollars hiring a professional designer.

Creating a unique and professional presentation takes work and the right software. Users don’t have to fuss with professional designers to create the presentation they want, saving on costs and stress. While PowerPoint has been around for a while, anyone can tell when this type of software is used, making any presentation significantly less unique and creative.

Unlike other programs that require a subscription, users only must make a one-time payment. There are no monthly fees, and users will get all the materials they need to get a full refund.

What’s Included with Prezentar?

Consumers who invest in Prezentar will get all the tools needed to prepare a professional-level presentation. Some of the materials include:

  • Fifty templates are entirely ready for customization, thanks to the work of real designers.
  • Customizable branding for users to add their logo.
  • Access to a drag-and-drop editor for slight alterations to the presentation.
  • Over 500 different Google fonts.
  • Hot animation FX.
  • Over 8,000 stock images.
  • Over 250 HD slide backgrounds.
  • Over 2,000 web icons.
  • Instant sharing for social media, including Twitter, Facebook, and others.
  • Built-in music studio and audio recorder.
  • Export options for PDF, HTML, and video.
  • Tools for image cropping and uploading.
  • Access to Cloud storage.
  • A commercial license.
  • Access to a personal portfolio on the agency website.
  • No additional costs for monthly subscriptions.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Using Prezentar?

Because of the many benefits that users can get from Prezentar, it works for a broad audience. Entrepreneurs, students, and even corporate executives can benefit from its support. Some of the key audiences that the creators try to entice include:

All the user must do is select their template, choose the necessary materials, and get a full video prepared. With the support of Prezentar, anyone can make a presentation that looks professional.

Prezentar Pros and Cons

As with any software, there are some good and bad aspects to taking advantage of Prezentar. Here are some of the pros and cons.


  • No learning curve to make the software work.
  • Lower costs than other presentation software.
  • One-time fee (versus long-time subscription).
  • Professional look for any presentation with just a few minutes of work.
  • Includes a built-in media library.
  • Helps with the creation of webinars, videos, courses, and tutorials.


  • Upselling is needed to unlock certain features.

Pricing for Prezentar

The total cost of getting involved with Prezentar software is $47, a one-time fee. Users will not need to pay a monthly fee to get full access, and a single payment is enough to give users lifelong access to the content.

Optional Content from Prezentar

Even with the main subscription, consumers have a few optional services and products that users can get involved in.

The first optional bonus is Prezentar Professional, a loaded version of the original program. Users will have 150 templates that they don’t get access to with the regular membership, providing the user with access to graphics, slides, icons, animations, and more. It also includes the Video Sales Letter Creator to develop letters that look like the professionals made them.

Then, there’s Prezentar XFactor. Prezentar XFactor provides users with $1,500 worth of templates for a fresh and modern approach. The software only requires one fee, but users will continue to get new items for a whole year. Users can also mix up the features of different presentations from month to month.

Prezentar Halo is a treasure trove of different tools. This 4-in-1 software suite provides users with new ways to boost sales and conversions through the apps, which include:

Flipbook Creator App converts any presentation into an interactive experience with a unique design that is memorable and creative.

3D Rotating Carousels App, which helps users set up their presentation as a spinning carousel to grab customers’ attention.

Hypnotic Transitions App helps users create smooth transitions with hypnotic transformations that smoothly go through the content.

HD Background Skins App shows users different video player backgrounds to help users promote better leads and sales.

Next, there’s the Prezentar Auto Job Finder, which helps users sell themselves as creators of the presentations. This tool allows users to bring in new clients using the commercial license associated with Prezentar. Users who make a purchase will own Prezentar, which means they can make presentations for payment. The creators say that consumers can make up to $2,000 from each presentation for a client, saving time and money for everyone involved.

Prezentar Agency Edition is the final optional bonus, allowing the user to include 25 more people in their account as their team. It allows users to either start their agency, improve on one already in place, or expand their team.

Bonuses Included with Prezentar

With the current promotion offer online, consumers will automatically get multiple bonus tools to help with their presentation. The bonus content includes:

  • Ten bonus templates for Prezentar provide subscribers with templates that aren’t available anywhere else.
  • Presentations to Profits systems, a video module that shows users how to make about $100 daily with proven methods.
  • The bonus content is automatically sent to the user after their purchase, which is available for instant download.

Prezentar Refund Policy

If the user finds that this software doesn’t help them get the support they need, they have up to 60 days (about two months) to get a full refund by sending an email to customer service support at:

  • Email: support@prezentar.com

About Adeel Chowdhry

Adeel Chowdhry is an entrepreneur that lives in the United Kingdom. He’s based in London and graduated from the University of Westminster. Since 2006, Chowdhry has worked in software technology to build his own business, bringing attention to what he can do for customers through social media. He currently has over 9,000 Instagram followers, though active on Facebook, YouTube, and other social media platforms.

In his career, Chowdhry has been responsible for launching multiple top products on ClickBank, especially during the last decade. He is also responsible for writing McDonald’s to Millions, a guide that describes his journey from working at Mcdonald’s to generating millions of dollars online.

Contacting Prezentar

Even with all this information, consumers may have other questions that they need to address. Users can reach the customer service team by sending an email to support@prezentar.com.

Final Thoughts

The goal of the Prezentar remedy is to offer the top presentation software in the world. It benefits anyone who wants to create a professional presentation but doesn’t want to spend hours or days to achieve it. It also includes money-saving tools that will help with the presentation results.

With the user-friendly platform Prezentar, anyone can make their presentation look better. So Don’t wait, Get Prezentar Today! >>>


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