Port of Tacoma Report – June/July 2002

PUGET SOUND PORTS RECEIVE SECURITY GRANT: The Department of Transportation recently awarded the Ports of Tacoma, Seattle and Everett a combined $4,769,724 to enhance security. The three ports submitted a joint grant application for a share of the $93 million set aside for nationwide maritime security. According to Tim Farrell, Port of Tacoma Deputy Executive Director, this funding is an important step in an ongoing process to ensure that port facilities in Puget Sound are safe, efficient places for international commerce.
COAST GUARD SECURITY GUIDELINES IN EFFECT: Visitors to the Port will notice changes since the U.S. Coast Guard’s Pacific Area Interim Security Guidelines took effect on April 15. Those seeking access to the Port’s facilities (including truck drivers) will need a valid reason for their visit and will be required to present photo identification. The Port urges vendors and visitors (other than truck drivers) to schedule in advance with the steamship lines or their agents – and to request inclusion on the steamship lines’ authorized vendor list.
CATCH THE PORT ON CABLE TV: The Port’s latest developments are featured in a half-hour TV show airing on Tacoma-Pierce County cable stations in early July. Viewers will also have a chance to test their Port knowledge and enter a contest in which they could win a guitar made by Tacoma Guitars.
2002 MASTER MARINER AWARD PRESENTED: Robert Magee, president of Totem Ocean Trailer Express, received the Master Mariner of the Year Award from the Propeller Club of Tacoma at the annual Maritime Day luncheon in May. Magee, who has been a strong supporter of the Propeller Club over the years, was honored for his leadership of the 2001 International Propeller Club Convention held in Tacoma.
PORT COMPLETES SMOOTH CRANE MOVE: An 850-ton Sumitomo crane was lifted up, put on large dollies and slowly moved from Pier 3 to its final position at Pier 7, a distance of 3,300 feet (six-tenths of a mile). The crane was in full operation the next day, unloading “K” Line vessel Manhattan Bridge. This achievement was the result of months of planning and work upgrading the crane and preparing for the move.
PORT TRADE STATISTICS: Here are highlights of the Port’s year-to-date statistics, January through May 2002 and percentage comparison with last year’s figures for that same time period: Containers (TEUs): 525,758, up 5.4 percent; Intermodal lifts, 120,750, up 14.9 percent; Automobiles (units) 68,695, up 5.5 percent; Total tonnage (short tons), 5,701,998, down 1.4 percent and; Grain (short tons),1,443,530, down 15.8 percent
PORT AWARDED OUTSTANDING BUSINESS AWARD: The Port of Tacoma recently received a Washington Award for Vocational Excellence (WAVE) as an Outstanding Business in 2001-2002. Nominated by the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce, the Port Commission and staff were recognized for their “direct support and active involvement with education in Pierce County.” The nomination made special mention of the Port’s production of a third-grade book about the Port of Tacoma that is available to both public and private schools in Pierce County. The Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce and the Pierce County Careers Consortium hosted the May 30 award dinner and ceremony.
The Port of Tacoma report is a regular update that keeps the public informed about what’s happening at the Port of Tacoma. For more information, got to the Port’s Web site at: www.portoftacoma.com.