Piere County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
3 p.m., Tuesday, March 26, 2002
930 Tacoma Ave. South
Room 1045
Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2001-104, amending Ordinance No. 85-149, to expand the franchise boundary area of the city of Bonney Lake’s sanitary sewer franchise.
Proposal No. 2002-7, prohibiting the discharge of firearms within unincorporated portions of Pierce County in the Spanaway, Graham, Puyallup and South Hill areas. (Title summary: Please see Section 2. of the ordinance for complete legal description.)
Proposal No. 2002-8, prohibiting the discharge of firearms within the unincorporated portions of Pierce County, in the Bonney Lake, South Prairie, Buckley and Lake Tapps areas. (Title summary: Please see Section 2. of the ordinance for legal description of the area.)
Proposal No. 2002-15, amending Title 3 of the Pierce County Code, Personnel, by adopting a new Chapter 3.15, Workplace Violence Prevention.
Proposal No. 2002-17, amending Chapter 3.16 of the Pierce County Code, and adopting a new title for Chapter 3.16, Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.
Proposal No. 2002-29, amending Section 2.59.140 of the Pierce County Code, by adjusting jurisdictional boundaries of the Graham Advisory Commission.
Proposal No. 2002-30, repealing Chapter 19D.160 of the Pierce County Code, Comprehensive Park and Recreation Plan; adopting a new Chapter 19D.160, Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.
Proposal No. 2002-31, amending Chapter 19C.10 of the Pierce County Code, Procedures for Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan, to modify the length of the timeline for Comprehensive Plan Amendment cycles, address amendments to development regulations, and make other changes; setting the effective date; and adopting findings of fact.
Message from Executive
Ordinance No. 2002-2, amending Section 2.106.060 of the Pierce County Code, exceptions to competitive formal sealed bid procedures, authorizing the use of credit cards.
Proclamations, Awards, Appts.
Proposal No. R2002-34, paying tribute and honoring the 200th anniversary of the United States Military Academy at West Point; recognizing the academy as a living testament to the accomplishments of the United States throughout history; and recognizing West Point as the academy moves forward into its third century of service to the nation.
Proposal No. R2002-35, confirming the appointment of one new member to the Pierce County Housing Authority. (Sandra J. Burgess)
Proposal No. R2002-36, commending Don Pratt for his years of dedicated service to Pierce County.
Proposal No. 2002-1, vacating a portion of 64th Street East, located in the Southwest Quarter of Section 20 and the Northwest Quarter of Section 29, Township 20 North, Range 5 East of the Willamette Meridian, in the Sumner area.
Proposal No. R2002-25, appointing a new commissioner to the Pierce County Fire Protection District No. 17 Board of Commissioners to fill an existing vacancy, pursuant to Revised Code of Washington 42.12.070.