Open House and Q&A with City Staff 2018 Amendment to the comprehensive plan and land use regulatory code

Please join Planning and Development Services staff  January 10th for a presentation and question and answer discussion regarding the 2018 Amendments to the Comprehensive Plan and Land Use Regulatory Code. The following projects are moving forward through Planning Commission review with anticipated City Council adoption in June of 2018.

Additional information is available online at Or email Stephen Atkinson, Senior Planner, at with any questions regarding the amendment process.

Car Wash Uses in Neighborhood Centers: The application seeks to amend the Land Use Regulatory Code to allow car wash facilities in the Neighborhood Commercial Mixed-use Zoning District (NCX). Staff Contact: Lihuang Wung, Senior Planner,

Outdoor Tire Storage: The application seeks to amend the Land Use Regulatory Code concerning development standards for Vehicle Service and Repair businesses, with a focus on discount and used tire shops in the C-2 General Community Commercial District. Staff Contact: John Harrington, Principal Planner,

S 80th Street Rezone: This project seeks to rezone an area along S. 80th Street from Planned Development Business District (PDB) to a more appropriate district that is consistent with the recommendations from the Joint Base Lewis-McChord Joint Land Use Study and the current use makeup of the area. Staff Contact: Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner

View Sensitive District Height Measurement: The application seeks to amend the Land Use Regulatory Code concerning how building heights are measured in a View-Sensitive Overlay District (VSD), which has a reduced height limit (25-feet) and a measurement methodology that is unique from other districts. Staff Contact: Lauren Flemister, Senior Planner,

Transportation Master Plan – Limited Amendment: These amendments will address work that has been completed since the adoption of the Transportation master Plan, including the new Environmental Action Plan, the upcoming Safe Routes to Schools Implementation Plan, the Pedestrian Safety Improvement Program, and some increased funding opportunities. Staff Contact: Josh Diekmann, Traffic Engineer,

Open Space Corridors Project: The Open Space Corridors project is a multi-phase effort to retain and enhance valuable open spaces throughout the City. As part of this current phase, the City is considering amendments to the Critical Areas Preservation Code, TMC 13.11, to strengthen protections for two types of regulated critical areas – Biodiversity Areas which contain and connect habitat valuable to wildlife, and steep slopes designated as Geologically Hazardous Areas.

The purpose of the project is to prevent fragmentation of habitat functions and reduce risk to life and property, consistent with longstanding City policies. The updates would prioritize retaining existing vegetation and clarify standards for reasonable use of property which contain these critical areas.

For additional information, please visit: Staff Contact: Elliott Barnett, Associate Planner,

Open House and Q&A with City Staff

Wednesday, January 10, 2018, at 6:00 p.m.

City Council Chambers, 747 Market Street, Tacoma.

City of Tacoma