One Ticker Trader Reviews (Larry Benedict Retirement Plan) Shocking New Forecast?

Larry Benedict has launched a new promotional video for his One Ticker Trader newsletter.

The “Market Wizard” is sharing a shocking new forecast to help subscribers make money in any market by buying a single stock.

Keep reading in our review to discover everything you need to know about One Ticker Trader and Larry Benedict today.

What is One Ticker Trader?

One Ticker Trader is a new financial newsletter published online by Opportunistic Trader. The newsletter is led by Larry Benedict, a “market wizard” who accurately predicted the 2022 stock market collapse.

The financial newsletter is based on a simple premise: traders can buy a single ticker to make money in any stock market, regardless of whether prices go up or down.


Each month, Larry and his team send subscribers a new issue of One Ticker Trader. Each issue features market news and analysis, stock recommendations, and an overview of the one ticker trading strategy, among other tips and tricks.

By subscribing to One Ticker Trader today through the new promotion page, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of Larry’s recommended stock – and how you can use this stock to make money regardless of market movements.

How Does the One Ticker Trader Strategy Work?

Larry first perfected the one ticker strategy during the 2008 financial crisis. During this crisis, Larry made significant returns by buying a single stock.

Then, Larry repeated his success during the 2020 pandemic, which he claims to have made over $2 million in a month using his trading strategy.

Here’s how Larry explains his trading philosophy:

“During the 2008 financial crisis, I had one of the best years of my life. During the coronavirus pandemic, I made $2 million in a single month. And this year alone, my “One ticker traders” are crushing the market. While most folks are losing money, they’ve had the chance to make money almost every week.”

By subscribing to One Ticker Trader today, you can discover the name and ticker symbol of Larry’s recommended ticker, including how that single stock could help you make money in up and down markets.

Larry Benedict’s Two Stock Trading Rules

Larry bases his trading philosophy on two trading rules. These trading rules sound contradictory to what other investment professionals recommend, which is why Larry’s trading philosophy is so unique.

Here are Larry Benedict’s two stock trading rules that fuel his recommendations in One Ticker Trader:

Rule #1: Diversification is for Dummies

When Larry calls his newsletter “One Ticker Trader,” you know he’s not a big fan of diversification. While other investing experts recommend diversifying to spread out risk, Larry claims only dumb people diversify. Instead, Larry is a big fan of investing in a single stock (or a small number of stocks) to magnify potential gains.

To justify his dislike for diversification, Larry cites investing experts like Warren Buffett:

“Diversification is protection against ignorance. It makes little sense if you know what you are doing.” – Warren Buffett.

Warren Buffett also compares diversification to running a basketball team with LeBron James. You wouldn’t pull LeBron James off the court for the 20th best basketball player in the world; instead, you’d play LeBron James as much as possible.

Larry also cites examples like Peter Thiel, who made over $1 billion from a single stock (Facebook), or Bill Gross, who exclusively trades bonds. These traders ignored diversification and earned huge returns as a result.

Rule #2: Use Options

Larry is also a big fan of options trading. Larry recommends using options trading to magnify gains. Instead of earning 10% returns on a single stock over a year, you could make 200% returns in a 24-hour period.

Larry has been trading options since the 1980s, and he got his start in the trading pits of the CBOE, the largest options trading exchange in the United States. He’s been trading options ever since.

Some of the reasons Larry likes options include:

All it takes is a small stock move in either direction to potentially make huge returns

You can use options trading to make money whether stocks go up or down

On November 1, 2021, Larry recommended one options trade; the underlying stock rose 18%, but the option delivered 300% returns in just four days, helping Larry’s followers earn 16x more returns in a fraction of the time

Larry lists other examples of options delivering magnified returns on investment; in one situation, Larry recommended a trade earlier this year where the underlying asset fell 5%, yet Larry’s recommended options trade delivered returns of 120% in 9 days

Larry also claims to have earned returns of 286%, 327%, and 703% on options trades “in just days”

According to Larry, options trading can multiply small moves in either direction by “5x, 10X, even 20x or more”, helping his followers “potentially make hundreds, thousands” or even “millions of dollars – very quickly.”

Larry is Predicting “5 Years of Famine” in Markets

Larry believes now is a better time than ever to implement his One Ticker Trader philosophy into your portfolio. Larry believes it will be a rough few years for markets.


Investors who learn to trade options can learn how to make money in up or down markets. Regardless of whether a stock goes up or down, you can earn returns by making the right options trade.

Here’s how Larry predicts the next few years of market movements:

“…I think we’re about to see a repeat of the late 70s and early 80s…This was a terrible time for investors…Inflation was rampant, so the Fed issued a series of rate hikes to tamp it down. This combination created wild volatility.”

The 1970s were a “lost decade” for investors. The S&P 500 dropped steadily throughout the late 1970s and early 1980s before jumping up. The economy was in a period of stagflation. Investors struggled to make money in the stock market – previously seen as a great moneymaking tool.

Investors who aren’t prepared “could lose a lot of money,” according to Larry.

Larry’s Top Ticker is QQQ

Larry is a big fan of QQQ, an ETF that tracks the top 100 non-financial companies on the Nasdaq. Larry claims he has used this ticker many times before.

In fact, Larry claims investors who trade QQQ today “could potentially double your money – in as little as 24 hours.”

By subscribing to One Ticker Trader today, you get a special report called The One Ticker Retirement Plan, where Larry explains further details about QQQ and how it works. He tells you why he likes QQQ, why you should buy the ETF, and why he believes it’s the only stock you need to survive today’s volatile market.

Here’s how Larry introduces the benefits of QQQ and why it’s one of his top-rated stocks:

“It’s my #1 pick for today’s volatile market…this isn’t a one-time thing. The idea isn’t to double your money once and call it good. I want to help people create a dream retirement – where they can potentially make money all year long, in all markets.”

Invesco QQQ is an exchange-traded fund (ETF) that tracks the Nasdaq-100 Index, which includes the 100 largest non-financial companies listed on the Nasdaq based on market cap. You can learn more about QQQ at the Invesco website.

QQQ is ranked in the top 1% of large-cap growth funds. Since its launch in 1999, QQQ has had a strong record, and it typically outperforms the S&P 500 Index, according to Invesco.

You can buy QQQ through any ordinary brokerage account. You buy QQQ just like any other stock, ETF, or bond.

One Ticker Trader is “A Game Changer” for Anyone At or Near Retirement

Larry primarily markets One Ticker Trader to those at or near retirement. Many people at or near retirement have seen their portfolios decline in recent months and are worried about making their retirement last.

According to Larry, a single ticker could help you “make all the money you need” regardless of whether markets go up or down over the coming months.

Some of the reasons Larry targets people at or near retirement include:

You don’t need to be a hedge fund manager

You don’t need a special account (you can make all of Larry’s recommended trades directly from your ordinary brokerage account)

You don’t need a lot of money (even a few hundred dollars is enough to get started)

Larry is “100% confident you could make all the money you need for a comfortable retirement” by subscribing to One Ticker Trader.

How Much Money Can You Make with One Ticker Trader?

The One Ticker Trader sales page and presentation are filled with stories of traders making significant returns by following Larry Benedict’s investment recommendations.

Although Larry and his team are careful to explain that past performance does not guarantee future results, he also claims the following testimonials are from real, verified customers who have genuinely made significant returns by following Larry’s advice.

Here’s how much some customers have made through One Ticker Trader, according to the official website:

One trader claims he made over 800% returns in just 24 hours by following Larry’s investment recommendation, giving him his biggest short-term return in over 20 years.

Another trader claims he made $12,000 in 3 hours by following Larry’s strategy, claiming Larry’s strategy is “the only thing I will need to retire comfortably.”

Larry claims people following his work “are seeing gains like 31% in 24 hours…106% in three days…79% in three days…68% in three days…120% in 11 days…and more”

Larry claims to have recommended options trades over the last year that have earned returns of 120% in 9 days and 300% in 4 days, among other impressive winners.

One customer claims he made over $7,000 by following Larry’s options trading recommendations, quickly closing his position using his E*Trade mobile app to lock in gains.

What’s Included with One Ticker Trader?

As part of a 2022 promotion, Larry is bundling bonus reports and other guides with all new subscriptions to One Ticker Trader.

By subscribing to One Ticker Trader today, you get all of the following:

Monthly Issues of One Ticker Trader: Larry sends a new issue of One Ticker Trader to your email inbox each month. You can discover Larry’s single recommended ticker for this month. He explains how to trade that ticker, what type of options trades to make, and when to sell the ticker for maximum profit. By following Larry’s buy and sell recommendations week after week and month after month, traders give themselves the best possible chance of earning high returns on investment.

Special Report: The One Ticker Trader Retirement Plan: Larry believes investors only need a single stock to fund their retirement. Larry is a big fan of investing in QQQ, for example, and using options trade to capitalize on small movements in larger stocks and ETFs. In this report, you can discover Larry’s single recommended ticker to trade to fund your retirement, including how to use a single trade to “potentially make all the money you need, in any market.”

Bonus Report: Larry’s Guide to Trading Options: Larry has been trading options since the 1980s and is a big fan of options trading today. In this report, Larry walks you through the ins and outs of buying and selling options, including how to trade options to maximize the chances of a successful return. Even if you’ve never traded an option in your life, you’ll be ready to get started.

Access to Larry’s Open Recommendations and Model Portfolio: All subscribers receive access to Larry’s model portfolio and open recommendations. You can see the stocks Larry has recently recommended buying, his buy-up-to prices, and full analysis informing his recommendations.

Frequent Updates: If Larry spots an opportunity in the market between monthly issues, he’ll send an update to subscribers. If there’s a movement in one of Larry’s recommended stocks, for example, he’ll send an update telling when to sell, what trades to make, and when to buy at the optimal prices, among other information.

One Ticker Trader Pricing

As part of the same 2022 promotion, all One Ticker Trader subscriptions are priced at just $19. You pay $19 today, then get a full year’s subscription to One Ticker Trader.

1 Year Subscription to One Ticker Trader: $19

After your first year expires, your subscription will renew at the ordinary retail price of $129 per year. You will continue to be charged $129 per year for your annual subscription to One Ticker Trader until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time.


One Ticker Trader Refund Policy

All One Ticker Trader purchases are backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If you’re unsatisfied with your subscription to One Ticker Trader for any reason, you can request a full cash refund within 60 days with no questions. You can even keep all of the bonus reports mentioned above as a thank you for trying Larry’s One Ticker Trader.

About Opportunistic Trader

Opportunistic Trader, also known as Omnia Research, LLC, is an online financial publishing company offering a range of free and paid newsletters, including One Ticker Trader.

Opportunistic Trader is led by Larry Benedict. Larry started his trading career in the pits of the CBOE, America’s largest options trading exchange, before eventually rising to manage a $900 million hedge fund after 30 years in the business.

Popular Opportunistic Trader newsletters include Trading With Larry Benedict, One Ticker Trader, The Opportunistic Trader, and The S&P Trader, among others.

You can contact the One Ticker Trader customer service team and Opportunistic Trader via the following:

  • Email: memberservices@opportunistictrader.com
  • Online Form: https://www.opportunistictrader.com/contact-us/
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483
  • Phone: 1-888-208-6550

Final Word

Larry Benedict and the team at Opportunistic Trader have launched a new promotion for One Ticker Trader.

Larry believes traders only need to trade a single stock to potentially make huge returns in any market conditions. By subscribing to One Ticker Trader today, you can discover the stocks Larry recommends buying, how to use options trading to maximize potential returns on that stock, and how to use a single stock to fund your retirement.

To learn more about One Ticker Trader or to subscribe today, visit the official website.



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